Ok, here it is, the first newsletter from  ....  Florida Quilt Network

January 7, 1999


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Here is some info on quilt happenings in Florida, send us yours!!




Pamela Morris (pam.m@home.com) of Friendship Knot Quilt Guild says:


I am looking for guilds to book Hollis Chatelain, protege of Caryl Bryer Fallert and a winner everywhere including Paducah.  She is teaching in Sarasota September 16-21 and is available before and after for teaching gigs.  She teaches drawing for quilters, unique fabric painting, and elaborate machine quilting for effects.  She can be reached at:  HolisArt@aol.com, tel. 919-732-5119 or fax 919-732-5730




Mary-Jeanine (mji@mpinet.net) of Central Florida Quilters Guild says:


Klaudeen Hansen is flying into Central Florida on May 18, 1999, Tuesday.  She will lecture for us on Thursday (20th) evening, and teach workshop(s) on Friday and/or Saturday.  Therefore, she is available to you on May 19, all day, and May 20, the first half of the day.   Klaudeen is the editor of Quilt Art Calendar and the brand new Miniature Quilt Address Book.  Her work and articles have appeared in numerous magazines and she has taught workshops from California to Florida, from Billings to Boston and lots of places in between.  Her phone (no email) is 608-837-2298.  She does have a fax machine, tho.


Roberta Horton can fly in as early as September 24, 1999, and is available to teach and lecture for you from the 25th to the afternoon of the 30th.  We will be engaging her from Sept 30 (eve) to Oct. 2.   A quilt maker since 1970, Roberta has taught and lectured extensively throughout the US and Canada, as well as Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.  She was recently selected as one of the eighty-eight most influential quilt makers in the world by Nihon Vogue, publisher of Quilts Japan.  Roberta designs fabrics and has written five books, the newest being The Fabric makes the Quilt.    Her phone (no email) is 510-526-5086.  She does have a fax machine, tho.


Once I have CFQG classes set up for these two gals I'll post the info in case we have class openings for non-CFQG members.


Cindy Blackberg is teaching two classes for CFQG: Feb 26, 1999 is Friday  - A Medley of Little Stars  One of Cindy's most popular Vintage Collections patterns comes to a workshop with three companions!  Using speedy machine techniques students choose from one of four quilt settings.  The hardest part is trying to decide which quilt to make!


On Feb. 27th is Saturday- Vintage One Patch Scrap Quilts.  Students choose from eight different design choices.  Through a series of exercise participants learn to choose fabric and unlock the keys to making a successful one patch scrap quilt.  This project as well as process class is great for beginners as well as advanced quilt makers. A delight for scrap lovers!  The project chosen can be machine or hand pieced.


Cost for either of the above two classes for non-CFQG-members is $40 each.  Please email mji@mpinet.net for more info or to be added to the waiting list (registration for non-members begins Feb 1st.).




Kate Swenson (kate@warmcompany.com) of ABC Quilts and The Warm Company says:


 In the near future, ABC Quilts and The Warm Company (we make Warm & Natural) are planning to launch a nationwide quilting contest.  It will be a little different than other contests out there and we would greatly appreciate any input we can get from you and your guild.  We are still in the planning stages and will certainly incorporate your ideas into the structure of the contest.


 Since 1989, ABC Quilts has successfully donated 40,000 quilts a year to babies who are born with HIV/AIDS or with drug addictions.  You have probably donated to this wonderful program yourselves.


 A very important aspect of ABC Quilts is their use of quilt making as a  tool for teaching AIDS prevention.  Children and teenagers who work  together on making an ABC quilt learn invaluable lessons about social responsibility.  ABC Quilts has developed an educational program that helps teachers bring this rewarding and educational activity into the classrooms.


 So, where do you come in?  We were hoping that quilt guilds across the country would adopt a school, or class, or youth group, and help them make quilts to enter in the contest.  We have teaching tools available and are sending information to more the 180,000 schools.


 Does this seem like something that a guild might be interested in participating in?  Prizes would be given to the guild whose sponsored group or school produced a winning quilt.  What would be the ideal situation or circumstances that would make you want to participate?


 Please send any ideas, comments, or suggestions to kate@warmcompany.com.  If you would like you may contact me at 1-800-234-WARM (9276) X121.  I look forward to working in cooperation with you on this rewarding project.


 Warm Regards - Kate Swenson




Clare Jones (jonesck@acceleration.net) of Tree City Quilters says:


The Tree City Quilters have 2 shows coming up this spring:


Keepsake Quilting, the Challenge Collection: The first and second place winning Quilts from ten Challenge Contests  will be presented by The Tree City Quilter's Guild at  Westminster Church, 1521 NW 34th St., Hours: Saturday, Jan.  9th, 9 a.m., to 5 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 10th, 12 to 5 p.m.


"Nostalgia Till Now"

Presented by the Tree City Quilters

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 1

12 to 5 p.m. Sunday, May 2

Admission $3, Free Parking

Best Western Hotel ( I-75 Exit 77)

4200 NW 97th Blvd.  Gainsville, FL

Quilt Exhibit -Vendors - Donation Quilt - Quiltique - Demonstrations

Silent Auction