Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #14

October 27, 1999


The first piece of business is that my email address has changed:

From mji@mpinet.nettomji@cfl.rr.com

You help is much appreciated: if you see the old address listed on quilt web sites, please let me know, so I can have it changed.


Secondly, it seems that the amount of quilt related news has dwindled just a mite.As a reminder, here are some ideas for news that is worthy to print:

*†† upcoming quilt shows, museum quilt shows or special TV quilt shows

*†† national teachers coming to Florida (we can help fill his/her schedule, or a workshop)

*†† announcements of lost or stolen quilts

*†† cool quilt related web sites

*†† new/improved quilt shop openings

*†† quilt challenges, symposiums, retreats

*†† new quilt guilds, societies, or organizations starting up in Florida


Iím sure you get the ideaÖ.anything quilt related going on in Florida or on the web is fair game.Please donít hesitate to drop me a line, keep us all postedÖ.its FREEEEEEEE†† !!!


Believe it or not, Iím leaving the country again, this time to England.Kind of a surprise trip thanks to my husbandís job.I hope this time to actually do a bit of fabric shopping.(Yes, Marjie, Iíll send you a post card.)


To take a gander at a picture of a stolen quilt (and maybe help out the owner!), look at http://members.aol.com/user196221/index.html

Ocean Waves' QuiltFest 2000 has a web site!http://community.gopbi.com/QuiltFEst2000/




From: Kathy Millick kmillick@cillnet.com says:


I am doing a millennium quilt and one of the goals is fabric from all 50 states. Would you swap a six-inch square from Florida?I have fabric from Illinois (my home state) Missouri I live an hour from St. Louis, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and of course Paducah, Kentucky.I would be glad to swap fabric from any of these states.Are you or anyone you know in Florida doing a millennium quilt with 2000 squares of fabric in it?I started with 11 swap packs from our Tuesday night quilt group for a project that not everyone did and I have been swapping and begging fabric ever since.Would be interested to hear about Florida quilting.My snail mail address is 907 Big Four Ave, Hillsboro, IL 62049.My name is Kathy Millick.I am 50 and have been interested in quilts for almost 20 years but joined a real quilt group about 8 years ago.I have done a tote bag, a couple of jackets and a lot of different squares but this is my first big project.Hope to hear from you.†††††




Nov. 1†††† 9:30# 415Fat Quarters Pinwheel Quilt

†††††††††††††† 2:30#331†† Thanksgiving, Drag Along

Nov. 3†††† 9:30#416†† Ribbon Applique

†††††††††††††† 2:30#563†† Hanukah Quilting

†††††††††††† 10:00 pm†† Special "Quilts Threads of Our Heritage"

Nov. 4†††† 1:00 am†††† Special "Quilts Threads of Our Heritage"

Nov. 5†††† 9:30#317†† Magic Stack ' Whack

†††††††††††††† 2:30#515†† Folk Art Wedding Quilt

Nov. 8†††† 9:30#330†† Wedges, Holiday Kaleidoscopes, Quiltraits

†††††††††††††† 2:30#516†† First Lady of Quilting

Nov. 10†† 9:30#418†† Finishing Touches, Prairie Points

†††††††††††††† 2:30#456†† Christmas Table Runner, Projects & Treats

Nov. 12†† 9:30#219†† Christmas Quilts and Stockings, Alpine Star Quilt

†††††††††††††† 2:30#517†† Applique Expertise

Nov. 15†† 9:30#419†† Star of Bethlehem

†††††††††††††† 2:30#518†† Police Officer Quilting

Nov. 17†† 9:30#420†† Story & Theme Quilts

†††††††††††††† 2:30#519†† Sashiko Tote Bag

Nov. 19†† 9:30 #331†† Thanksgiving Quilt, Drag Along Quilt

†††††††††††††† 2:30#457†† Log Cabin Blocks

Nov. 22†† 9:30#409†† Gingerbread House

†††††††††††††† 2:30#520†† Chronicle Quilts

Nov. 24†† 9:30#421†† "Pickles & Petals"

†††††††††††††† 2:30#521†† New York Beauty

Nov. 25 10:00 pm†††† Special "Quilts Threads of Our Heritage"

Nov. 26†† 1:00 am††††† Special "Quilts Threads of Our Heritage"

Nov. 26†† 9:30#423†† Spouse Advice, Cold Night Quilts

†††††††††††††† 2:30#329†† North Pole Bakery Block, Quilter Gifts

Nov. 29†† 9:30#563†† Hanukah Quilting

†††††††††††††† 2:30#330†† Wedges, Holiday Kaleidoscopes, Quiltraits




Maria Elkins maria@lostquilt.com says:


The Lost Quilt Come Home Page, http://www.lostquilt.com/, is a not-for-profit Web page dedicated to providing a place to display and view lost or stolen quilts and to supplying information on how to protect the quilts we currently own.


I would also appreciate you passing this website address on to anyone you think would be interested.




Bobbi McPharlin Peter.McPharlin@gte.net of Cracker Quilters Guild says:


Cracker Quilters Guild, Citrus Co. invites you to attend their quilt show entitled TIMELESS TREASURES 2000 on February 18 and 19 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM and February 20 from Noon to - 4:00 PM. Admission is $3.00 .Buses welcome (let us know in advance).Attractions include: Quilt exhibit, Demonstrations, Silent Auction, Boutique, Vendors, A CURE FOR CANCER quilt, QUILTING TODAY'S traveling quilt show, a donation quilt for CASA (Citrus Abuse Shelter Assoc.) and many other attractions.


For more information contact:

Bobbi McPharlin††† e-mail- peter.mcpharlin@gte.net††††† 352-465-4914

June Rogers††† e-mail - jrog@hitter.net††† 352-746-6122

†††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††or

SASE to Cracker Quilters Guild, PO Box 640083, Beverly Hills, FL 34465-0083



Marilyn Cunningham bobhrd@fair.net of SSQA says:


SSQA Web Site

Your member web site is now in the development stages.We need all members to consider submitting information to be included on the site. Please consider any of the following: quilt related announcements for the member bulletin board or calendar, quilt tips and techniques, book or product reviews, original pattern you might like to share, humorous articles or experiences, informational articles, photos and stories of quilts you have made, and other related material.Please forward all material to Marilyn Cunningham, web site contact person.




JoAnn Abbott josco@theriver.com says:


Hi! My name is JoAnn Abbott, and I have been quilting for about 10 years so far.I am sponsoring a quilters challenge, and am trying to contact as many guilds as I can to invite them to join it.I found your e-mail address on the www.quiltguilds.com page.The rules of the challenge are below, please share them with as many people as you can, and feel free to give them my e-mail address, josco@theriver.com so they can contact me with any questions.Thank you for taking the time to read this.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Pages of the Bible Challenge

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Pages of the Bible challenge.The idea for this came from a desire to find a book with a lot of biblical quilts in it, but not having much success.I also am a Christian, and saw this as a way to combine two things I love (God and quilting) into a testamony to others.Only problem I had was that it is a big book, and I cannot do it alone!I already have a dozen UFO's as it is.

Quilt size.You will be making a rather small wall hanging type quilt, measuring 14 inches by 24 inches in the center and then adding a 2 inch black border.The "page" can be horizontal or vertical.Any method of quilting is fine: piecing, applique', as well as whatever embellishments you want.No seam allowances- the center, before adding the border should be exactly 14 by 24, then cut 2 inch wide strips and put them around the center.Batting, backing and quilting styles are up to you.

The theme:verses and stories from the Bible, both old or new Testaments.I went through my Bible and wrote down all the verses and stories I thought would make interesting quilts, then cut them up and put them in a baggie for a random draw. I found over 300!You can either (1) contact me for a random verse, (2) find a verse at random yourself, or (3) use your favorite verse/story.Just let me know which you are doing so that I can cross it off the list, that way we don't have 15 Noah's arks and no David and Goliaths.

When you are done: send me a photo of the finished quilt, with your name and address on the back, and indicate if you would like it to be included in a book.You will keep the quilt and retain ownership of it.This challenge goes from now until December of 2000, plenty of time to do one....or more.Once I get at least 20 photos I will sent the book proposal to a publisher; probably the one that does Quilters newsletter magazine.I was published in it last March, in an article titled "Egyptian Tent Applique". I'm hoping Jeannie Spears, the editor will put in a good word for me.If the book proposal is accepted and you wish to be included, the quilts will have to be professionally photographed, probably by a staff photographer there, but we can worry about that after the book is OK'd.

The photo's will also be used for goodies- I have books, FQ's, quilting templates and other neat doo-dads to give away, which will be randomly drawn from the stack of pictures.If the response to this is great enough I will also try to arrange for the collection of quilts to be displayed at museums and shows (I dream big sometimes, I know)

Afterwards....you can keep the quilt, or donate it to your church, or offer it to a charity for an aution, or sell it....it will be yours to do with after all.Me, I'm just going to sit back in my comfy chair with a good light source and happily look at a Bible made of quilts ;o).

Thank You

JoAnn Abbott

107 B Evans St

Ft Huachuca, AZ 15813

or, after June 2000

14814 Bryan Ct

Dale City,Va. (I forgot the zip, sorry)



Michelle Ross <mross370@aol.com> at Pelican Quiltworks in South Daytona Beach says:


Calico Station, Material Things, My Favorite Quilt Shop and Pelican Quiltworks will be conducting the First Annual Northeast Florida Shop Hop on Nov 6 & 7,1999. The 4 shops above will have trunk shows and each contribute a grand prize valued at $100. The Shop-hoppers have to visit all 4 shops during the Sat & Sun Dates. The shops will be open 10-6pm and the first 500 hoppers to register will receive a totebag with goodies. There will be drawings throughout the day at all shops. You must visit all 4 shops to be eligible for the grand prize drawing. I will keep you informed on the progress and we would appreciate any mention you could give us in your newsletter or at your guild meetings. If you have any questions...don't hesitate to email me