Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #16

Nov 30, 1999


Hello quilter!


Iíve been adding lots of new members to FQN, so I again want to mention that if your copy of this newsletter is garbled or badly formatted, please let me know so I can send you subsequent newsletters without the formatting codes.


Please encourage teachers and quilt shops to join FQN so we can hear from them too.


Hereís a Christmas-time tip I hope you can use:


I make Christmas gift bags for most of the gifts I give each year.This is how I accomplish this: I buy beautiful Christmas fabric when it is at least 60 percent off, even more after the 25th (usually 3-4 yards off each bolt).To save time, I donít pre-wash the fabric as it will probably never be washed as a final product.I keep the fabric folded like it came from the bolt and cut squares and rectangles, all sizes.I use my serger to chain stitch 3 sides of each bag. The drawstring holes used to be buttonholes, but I discovered my very old eyelet tool and now use that.I use a pretty rattail for the drawstring, but you can use a simple package string too.†† I just fold the fabric over the string and sew the top down to form a tube for the drawstrings.I try to make 50-60 bags right after Christmas and pack them away with the Christmas stuff.It is so nice to have these done when I go to wrap gifts the following year.I make tags on my computer with card stock paper and punch a hole in each one to thread it through the drawstring.Iíve been doing this for about 10 years, and its great to see my bags being recycled each year!


Hereís the latest info:




Carol Crago, owner of the NEW Good Home Quilt Company in Orlando is announcing her grand opening on Wed Dec 1- 3.The shop will be offering a 15% storewide discount for those 3 days.


The shop address is 5600 W Colonial Drive Suite 309 Orlando, FL 32808 407-523-3612

It is located at the intersection of Kirkman and Colonial Drive

Hours are 9:00-5:00 MTWFS

†††††††††††††† 9:00-8:00 Thurs




Bethany Reynolds says:




As many of you know, I have a project going which I hope will involve 1000 whacky quilters! For the past few months, I have been collecting sets of fabric squares and signature squares from students in my classes and quilters worldwide who have read about this project on-line, in guild newsletters, and who-knows-where. Each set consists of three 2 1/2" squares* - a main print used in Stack-n-Whack quilt, an accent or background fabric used with it, and a muslin signature square with the quilter's name, town/city, and state or country. The signature can be straight or diagonal, and should be in permanent pen, with a 1/4" margin left for the seam allowance. I piece the two quilt fabric squares together into a half-square triangle, so that the finished top will have

2000 triangles. In the finished quilt, each person's signature square will be on the back of their quilt square.


(*For those with long memories, yes, I originally asked for 3" squares, but have discovered that 2 1/2" is easier to work with for this project.)


As of this writing, I have about 725 squares from 46 states and 12 countries. I still need 275 more, though, and now the pressure is on. No, I'm not going to panic if I don't get them by Dec.31 (though that would be great)...but AQS has asked about displaying the finished quilt at the

AQS 2000 show in Nashville at the end of August!(Hey, you can tell your friends you're exhibiting at an AQS show!)


If you'd like to help out and get in on this semi-historical project, you can send squares to me...only one set per person, please- some of you on this list could almost finish off that 275 but I'd like 1000 different signatures! My address is:

Bethany Reynolds

PO Box 1374

Ellsworth, ME 04605

Please note your e-mail addy, and let me know if you'd like a sig square and/or charm square in return.You are also welcome to pass on this request to friends, guild members, etc. If I get more than 1,000 I'll just have to make a second quilt!


2,000 Thanks!!! :)





Lynda Miller lyndaquilts@eolusa.com of Castle Quilters says:


Please distribute information about our new guild, Castle Quilters.We meet the first Thursday of each month at 9:30 at the First Baptist Church of Pine Castle (we're not church affiliated).


We've had 3 meetings so far, and have approximately 15 registered members.Dues are $15 annually.We've just begun to collect dues for 2000.Our mission is to expand the art of quilting through whatever means possible, but right now we're on a limited budget as we are just getting started.†† We have selected officers and publish a monthly newsletter.


We are looking for any program ideas at little or no cost.Our Dec. 2 meeting is a Christmas covered dish brunch.We will also unveil our new, mini-quilt nametags.All new quilters are welcome, but they do need to RSVP to me at lyndaquilts@eolusa.com or 407-851-7026.This is only needed to maintain a headcount for the brunch.I don't know if it's too late to publish this or not.


The Jan. 6, 2000 meeting will feature a video of the AQS Quilt Show in Paduach (1998), along with our regular Show & Tell.



Bonnie Askowitz bonniebanks@email.msn.comof Ocean Waves Chapter, NQA says:


Ocean Waves Chapter will be presenting an exhibition for New Year's Eve only called "Every Quilt Has a Story."It is part of a larger celebration of the New Year geared to families, First Night Miami Beach, and will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center.This event, with emphasis on the visual and performing arts, can be accessed via the web at www.firstnightmiamibeach.org/ or look for information on our site http://community.gopbi.com/QuiltFest2000/ .


The Ocean Waves committee will select quilts, mainly wall hangings, that fit the title and expect to reach a large audience of people who are likely to be unfamiliar with contemporary quilting.




Bonnie Askowitz, Coordinator

"Every Quilt Has a Story "

Ocean Waves Chapter, NQA




Starting September 27, 1999, there was a major scheduling change, as SIMPLY QUILTS moved to Mon/Wed/Fri at 9:30 am and 2:30 pm, Eastern time.(Note, the "new" series of shows (#500 series) are usually on at 2:30pm). There are also holiday specials all during December, none specifically on Quilting, but very interesting to watch. Check the HGTV web site for more info on these.So set those VCRs & happy viewing!!


Dec. 19:30††† #455††† Remembering Loved Ones

†††††† †††††2:30††† #330††† Wedges, Holiday Kaleidoscopes, Quiltraits

Dec. 39:30††† #456††† Christmas Table Runner, Projects & Treats

††††††††††† 2:30††† #523††† A Quilter's Habitat

Dec. 69:30††† #347††† Log Cabin Blocks

††††††††††† 2:30††† #524††† Machine Quilting

Dec. 89:30††† #424††† Two-Color Quilts, Sashing Around Blocks,

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Button Tufting

††††††††††† 2:30††† #219††† Christmas Quilts & Stockings, Alpine Star Quilt

Dec. 10 9:30††† #425††† Building Blocks

††††††††††† 2:30††† #525 †††Carrie Hall Historic Blocks

Dec. 13 9:30††† #426††† Border Basics

††††††††††† 2:30††† #526††† Tools of the Trade

Dec. 15 9:30††† #329††† North Pole Bakery Block, Quilter Gifts

††††††††††† 2:30††† #409††† Gingerbread House

Dec. 17 9:30††† #427††† Critter Quilts

††††††††††† 2:30††† #564††† Calendar Mini Quilts

Dec. 20 9:30††† #428††† Buckeye Quilters

††††††††††† 2:30††† #527††† Wildflower Applique

Dec. 22 9:30††† #429††† Quilt Embellishment, Designer Buttons

††††††††††† 2:30††† #528††† Baby Tumbling Blocks

Dec. 24 9:30††† #430††† Preserving Traditions, Painting Fabrics

††††††††††† 2:30††† #529††† Maverick Quilts & Louisa May Alcott Block


(The Nov.-Dec. program guide only goes to Dec. 26!!) Happy New Year! :)