Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #21                                                                                

February 2, 2000


If your guild is ever interested in a well written Mystery Quilt series, I can highly recommend the company we purchased ours from.  It was low cost ($2.50 per person) and we all enjoyed it very much. It was well written and no errors were found.  The company is Schoolhouse Enterprises, the mysteries were written by Merry May: (http://www.planetpatchwork.com/store/dept.asp?dept%5Fid=1800)  It looks as if you can download ongoing mysteries off the website:< http://www.planetpatchwork.com/mystery.htm>


If you attended the Orlando Quilt Show in January, you probably saw a few of the resulting quilts from our guild's Mystery Quilt Project.  It was really interesting to see how they compared and contrasted.  We did Case #104, so if you've seen the results at our show, you'll want to do a different case.




VERY EXCITING….The next newsletter should bring news of my new website!   Among other things, it will contain all the back issues of the FQN newsletters.  Also, lots of cool links, pics of my quilt and family, recipes, etc.  Although I've been programming computers for a loooong time, this is my first foray into web site creation.






Feb 5&6  Sew Many Quilts 2000” in Hudson WPQuilters@gte.net



Feb 11&12 “"Stitches in Time 2000" in Naples <rjmoll@aol.com>


Feb 15 Ami Simms lecture and workshop in Boca Raton GAVJS@worldnet.att.net


Feb 17th Carol Meyers Lecture in Naples  <pptquilt@juno.com>


Feb 18 & 19 Carol Meyers Workshops  in Naples  <pptquilt@juno.com>


Feb 18,19, 20 “TIMELESS TREASURES 2000” in Inverness <bobbimcph@worldnet.att.net>


Feb 26 Bethany Reynolds workshop in Orlando, lbeard5913@aol.com


Feb 26, 27 “Quilting by the Gulf viii” in Venice <SIOUXJAN@aol.com>


Feb 28 The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


Mar 3,4 Heirlooms of the Century Quilt  Show and Sale in Trenton <afn65247@afn.org>


Mar 10,11 FANtastic Quilt Show in Eustis barnes9876@aol.com


Mar 11&18 Judi Ziozios class in Kissimmee 407-846-7998


March 16 Ricky Tims Lecture in Naples  <pptquilt@juno.com>


March 17&18 Ricky Tims Workshops in Naples  <pptquilt@juno.com>


Mar 17,18  "Timeless Treasures 2000" in Melbourne  lbax@worldnet.att.net


Mar 18,20 Paula Nadelstern classes in Sarasota, Bette at 941-924-2774


Mar 21 Susanne McCoy Lecture in Boca Raton Jane (561)499-6277


Mar 25 Susanne McCoy Workshop in Boca Raton (561) 994-2037


Mar 27 The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


March 31 Libby Lehman class in Kissimmee 407-846-7998


March 31-April 1 “QuiltFest 2000” in Coral Gables



April 7&8  Trudie Hughes lecture in Ft. Lauderdale jlquilt@aol.com


April 7&8 SSQA Meeting in Green Cove Springs andir@gateway.net


April 12 - 17 Trip to Paducah <WPQuilters@gtemail.net>


Apr 24  The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


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Sept.22,23,24. Quiltfest 2000 in Jacksonville JoanMatt@aol.com




For those of you in the Orlando/ Longwood area, we have a new quilt shop to call our own!  Check out:


Busy Fingers

460 N. County Road 427

Longwood, FL  32750



And from the owner:


The "Busy Fingers" quilt store will be opening on 14th of February, Valentine's Day.  We will be offering 25% off on red fabrics.  There will be free gifts and refreshments.

  Store hours on opening day: 10am - 8pm

   Regular store hours: Mon.-Fri. 10am - 6pm

     Thur.10am - 8pm

     Sat. 10am - 4pm

     Sun. closed




Mary-Jeanine mji@cfl.rr.com of Central Florida Quilters Guild says:


Bethany Reynolds is coming to Orlando on February 26, Saturday (from 9 to 4) for a unique workshop.  She is teaching a stack-n-whack technique that References: <20000120030518.AAA2478@mail.cfl.rr.com@homerunner> <20000201173610.AAA2384@mail.cfl.rr.com@homerunner>

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Is NOT in the book.  The workshop fee is $40 for non-guild members, and a few seats are still available, so act now!  Call LaVerne at 407-302-9133 or email her at <lbeard5913@aol.com>.



References: <20000120030518.AAA2478@mail.cfl.rr.com@homerunner> <20000201173610.AAA2384@mail.cfl.rr.com@homerunner>

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Pamela Morris pam.m@home.com of Friendship Knot Quilt Guild says:


I would like to know the national teachers coming to Florida in 2000-2001-2002.  Maybe we can share teacher traveling expenses.


In Sarasota we are having Paula Nadelstern in March 2000.  We are having David Walker in October 2001.




Springhouse Quilters Guild presents

Heirlooms of the Century Quilt  Show and Sale 

March 3 and 4 10 AM to 4 PM daily

Woodmen of the World Building

SR 26 Trenton, Florida

$1 donation


Door prizes, demonstrations. 

Suwannee River Early Ford Club Car Show on Saturday. The car club will be parking cars.


From I-75: take SR 26 west from Gainesville through Newberry and Trenton, then approximately 4 miles on left.


From US 19: take SR 26 east in Fanning Springs (North of Chiefland,  South of Old Town) then approximately 6 miles on the right.


For Additional Information Contact:

    Springhouse Quilters Guild

    P.O. Box 305

    Trenton, FL 32693

   Quilt Show Chairman: Lois Schroeter (352)463-1467

Guild President: Lois Scott (352)463-2207

Email to: lyliston@svic.net (Ruth Nott) or

Michel Du Mont at afn65247@afn.org



Jane Gavlick GAVJS@worldnet.att.net says:


The Gold Coast Quilter's Guild will have Ami Simms lecture and demonstrate "Photo Transfer" at the meeting on Tuesday, February 15, at 7:30 p.m. at the Boca Raton Community Center at 150 Crawford Blvd., Boca Raton.  Ms. Simms is the author of several books on quilting, has been featured in several national magazines, has been exhibited in juried competition in many states, and has been teaching and lecturing for quilting guilds in the U.S. as well as many foreign countries.  Recently, she has brought her talent to national television, which includes being on "Simply Quilts" on HGTV.  For further information, please call (561) 499-6277 or



Gold Coast Quilters Guild ­ March 21 meeting

Contact Person: Jane (561)499-6277


Susanne McCoy will lecture for the Gold Coast Quilter's Guild on March 21, 2000, at the Boca Raton Community Center at 150 Crawford Blvd, Boca Raton.  Susanne uses traditional patterns in innovative ways, or creates original designs.  Most all her work is by machine. She has exhibited in national and regional quilt shows and has participated in group quilting projects and fund-raising quilts. Susanne has done commission work for various private collections in several states. She has taught at local guilds in Washington, DC and the Ft. Lauderdale area and at Quilters Marketplace in Delray Beach.


Tuesday, March 21, 7:30 p.m.- Susanne McCoy Lecture "Cutting Loose ­ How I Got Here" for the Guild's regular meeting. . The Guild meeting will also have the usual monthly activities such as Block of the Month, Show & Tell, Quilts for Caring, Quilt Library, etc.


Saturday, March 25, Susanne McCoy Workshop ­ 9:30 a.m. ­ 3:30 p.m. ­ "Log Cabin Stew", which uses log cabin blocks as a take-off point to combine fabric in new ways. The price for this class is $30 for members and $35 for non-members and sign-up is required.  Call (561) 994-2037 for further information. 




For those of you looking for someone who handquilts for pay,

Check out :http://www.angelfire.com/co3/teddysplace   A nice web site, and she'll handquilt your quilt too!




Mabel  L. Toth mjtoth@hitter.net of The Applique Society says:


The "Heart and Hand Chapter" of The Applique Society in Crystal River, Fla. meets every month on the fourth Monday at St. Annes Episcopal Church, 9870 Fort Gulf Island Trail (W44)  in Crystal River. Location: l.2 miles West of Hwy. l9. We love visitors- they usually become members after a visit!!

For information contact: Mabel Toth : mjtoth@hitter.net or  352-746-9861.




From Patricia Taylor pptquilt@juno.com  of Naples Quilt Guild says:


In March we're hosting Ricky Tims at our regular meeting on March 16 - when his presentation is entitled "The Music in My Quilts" and will present 2 full-day workshops;  Friday March 17th -"Harmonic Convergence, AKA Strip Tease"  - fabric kits are available but not mandatory for $40 -

must reserve a kit at time of registration.  Second workshop on Saturday, March 18th "Sprouting Wings and Learning to Fly"  Again, each  workshop is $30 each and fee for meeting is $5.


Anyone interested in any workshop should contact me directly either e-mail pptquilt@juno.com or at (941-642-2917.



Louise Hall is teaching more classes:


February - three classes: Creative Vest, Bog Jacket, Shell/Top & 1 Seam

Pants, at Sew-Lutions Shop & ASG members in Sarasota.


Six Classes in March: Mar, 3 & 6 Painting-On-Fabric, in Venice; Mar.

7th,- Serged Coat, Mar. 21st.- Bog Jacket, in Sarasota;Mar. 28 &

30th, Bias Blouse & Skirt, in Venice.


Any questions call: Louise Hall at 941-925-4806 or e-mail: crelou@sunline.net




February and March Schedule for Simply Quilts


For those of you on the web, I found the next two month's Simply Quilts Listing at:

<http://www.alexandersonquilts.com/>    and click on the TV symbol.


February 2,Wednesday 9:30am  #117 Plaids and Stripes with Roberta Horton

2:30pm #544 KP Kids with Kristi Parry and Lori Konshuck


February 4, Friday 9:30am #118 Garden Trellis with Mary Hickey

2:30pm #545 String Quilts with Bobbie Aug and Sharon Newman


February 7,  Monday 9:30am #119 Sunflowers with Jean Wells

2:30pm #328 Valentines Quilt with Diana McClun and Laura Nownes


February 9, Wednesday 9:30am #565 Valentine Hankies with Sharon Rexroad Ericson

2:30pm #555 Huppas with Suzanne Nuesner


February 11, Friday 9:30am #121 Big Stitch with Billie Lauder

2:30pm #223 Double Wedding Ring with John Flynn


February 14,  Monday 9:30am #122 Hand dyes with Sandra Seth

2:30pm #546 Rockin 50's with Karin Sheard


February 16, Wednesday 9:30am #123 ˝ Log Cabin with Sharon Craig

2:30pm #547 Prison Quilters with Lani Longshore


February 18, Friday 9:30am #124 Mini Groups with the SOB Sisters

2:30pm #548 Piece of My Heart with Nancy Odem


February 21,  Monday 9:30am #125 Machine Quilting with Sue Rasmussen

2:30pm #549 Folk Art Quilts with Sandy Bonsib


February 23, Wednesday 9:30am #126 Finishing a Quilt with Billie Lauder

2:30pm #550 Dahlia Quilt with Marti Michell


February 25, Friday 9:30am #301 Batting with Harriet Hargrave

2:30pm #551 Miniature Baltimores with Marlene Peterman


February 28,  Monday 9:30am #302 Old is New Again with Terry Holt

2:30pm #552 Astronaut Quilter with Jan Davis


March 6,  Monday 9:30am #305 Tessellation's with Jackie Robinson

2:30pm #556 Shooting Star with Becky Smith and Linda Jenkins


March 8, Wednesday 9:30am #306 Foundation Piecing with Carol Doak

2:30pm #557 Quilt Collecting with Eileen Trestain


March 10, Friday 9:30am #307 Folded Pineapple with Donna Poster

2:30pm #558 Frank Lloyd Wright Quilts with Jackie Robinson


March 13,  Monday 9:30am #308 Wearable Quits with Rachel Clark

2:30pm #559 Tahitian Applique with Di Di McElroy


March 15, Wednesday 9:30am #309 Celtic Applique with Philomena Durcan

2:30pm #560 Glorious Quilts with Liza Prior Lucy


March 17, Friday 9:30am #310 Wedges of Sunflowers with Cheryl Phillips

2:30pm #561 Wearable Art with Rachel Clark


March 20,  Monday 9:30am #311 Community Quilts with Susan Irving,

Candance Baker and Karol Mills-Marbury

2:30pm #458 Quilters Garden with Cathy Rawitt


March 22, Wednesday 9:30am #312 Imagery on Fabric with Jean Ray Laury

2:30pm #314 Japanese Quilts with Joan Colburn


March 24, Friday 9:30am #313 Quilt Restoration with Nancy Kirk

2:30pm #315 Block Party with Billie Lauder, Joann Fox, Shirley Andersen

and Mary Hubbard


March 27,  Monday 9:30am #501Angels in our Quilts with Mary Lou Weidman

2:30pm #316 1930's Quilts with Pepper Cory


March 29, Wednesday 9:30am #502 Stash Quilts with Carol Doak

2:30pm #317 Kansas Connection with Mary Ellen Hopkins


March 31, Friday 9:30am #503 Quilts with a view with Faye Labarnaris

2:30pm #318 Fiber to Fabric with Harriet Hargrave and Billie Lauder