Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #22                                                            

February 18, 2000


There is LOTS of new information in this one, be sure to read to the end!!  I've changed the format a bit, hope it makes it more readable.


Just a bit of administrative detail:  if you have me in your E-address book, please change my email address from mji@mpinet.net  to  mji@cfl.rr.com.  I'm trying to close down the old email address as soon as possible!!






Feb 18,19, 20 “TIMELESS TREASURES 2000” in Inverness <bobbimcph@worldnet.att.net>


Feb 20 Applique Artists of Southeast Florida Meeting ediebarb@bellsouth.net


Feb 24-26 Martha Pullen Sewing Show in Kissimmee www.marthapullenco.com


Feb 26 Bethany Reynolds workshop in Orlando, lbeard5913@aol.com


Feb 26, 27 “Quilting by the Gulf viii” in Venice <SIOUXJAN@aol.com>


Feb 28 The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


Mar 2 The Applique Society meeting in Ocala salmh@worldnet.att.net


Mar 3,4 Heirlooms of the Century Quilt  Show and Sale in Trenton <afn65247@afn.org>


Mar 10,11 FANtastic Quilt Show in Eustis barnes9876@aol.com


Mar 11&18 Judi Ziozios class in Kissimmee 407-846-7998


Mar 14-16 Original Sewing & Craft Expo in Clearwater 1-800-699-6309


Mar 16-18 American Stitches in Ft. Lauderdale www.americanstitches.com


March 16 Ricky Tims Lecture in Naples  <pptquilt@juno.com>


March 17&18 Ricky Tims Workshops in Naples  <pptquilt@juno.com>


Mar 17,18  "Timeless Treasures 2000" in Melbourne  lbax@worldnet.att.net


Mar 17,18 Pensacola Quilts 2000 in Pensacola - Tina 1-850-587-2361


Mar 18,20 Paula Nadelstern classes in Sarasota, Bette at 941-924-2774


Mar 21 Susanne McCoy Lecture in Boca Raton Jane (561)499-6277


March 23-April 17 Quilt Exhibit in Ft Lauderdale - Kendall at 954-462-9191


Mar 24,25 Quilt Show in Ocala salmh@worldnet.att.net


Mar 25 Susanne McCoy Workshop in Boca Raton (561) 994-2037


Mar 27 The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


March 31 Libby Lehman class in Kissimmee 407-846-7998


March 31-April 1 “QuiltFest 2000” in Coral Gables



April 1-30 Quilt Shop Hop www.fabshopnet.com


April 1,2,3 Libby Lehman Workshops in Orlando smithquilt@aol.com


April 3 Libby Lehman Lecture in Orlando <smithquilt@aol.com>


Apr 6 The Applique Society meeting in Ocala salmh@worldnet.att.net


April 7&8  Trudie Hughes lecture in Ft. Lauderdale jlquilt@aol.com


April 7&8 SSQA Meeting in Green Cove Springs andir@gateway.net


April 12 - 17 Trip to Paducah <WPQuilters@gtemail.net>


Apr 24  The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


May 4 The Applique Society meeting in Ocala salmh@worldnet.att.net


May 26,27,28 Florida Folk Life Festival in Tallahassee bobbimcph@worldnet.att.net


Oct 14-15 Bead Festival  in Orlando, FL <beadshows.com>


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Sept.22,23,24. Quiltfest 2000 in Jacksonville JoanMatt@aol.com




EXHIBIT from Barbie Swanson ediebarb@bellsouth.net:

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Just found out & wanted to let you Floridians know about an exhibit opportunity in Fort Lauderdale for the Gold Coast Swing Festival time period, March 23-April 17.  ARTSERVE is looking for contemporary/innovative quilts to be hung and draped in their gallery.

Quilts would need to be received by March 20 for arrangement.  If you are interested please contact Kendall at 954-462-9191 or Kosh at 954-491-1596 for more details and possible acceptance.




LEGAL INFO from Andi Reynolds andir@gateway.net of SSQA:


If your guild or sewing circle sells tickets for raffle, opportunity or donation quilts to raise money, it must register with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs. It does not matter how the group is organized. Florida Statute 496 requires anyone who solicits funds directly or indirectly for charitable purposes to register. The cost is $10/year for groups receiving less than $25,000. For more information, call the Solicitations of Contributions section of the Department at 1-800-HELP FLA (1-800-435-7352) or 850-410-3705. Guilds or groups who belong to the Sunshine State Qulters Association are covered by an amnesty plan that waives penalties if they register with the Department by March 1. To join SSQA, contact membership chair Betty Slaughter at mpharmacy@aol.com or 941-646-3426. -






To help in SSQA's booth at the Florida Folk Life Festival to be held Memorial day week-end, May 26, 27 & 28.  We will be working in 2-3 hr. shifts from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.  We will be selling raffle tickets for our quilt which is currently in the works and selling items in the boutique.  Bring something to stitch.  Overnight accommodations will be available for those who need to stay. You will be responsible for your food. Please join us and enjoy the festival!

Contact: Bobbi McPharlin

Volunteer Coordinator at

bobbimcph@worldnet.att.net   or phone  (352)465-4914






For those looking for someone who hand quilts:  Marion Fisher lives in DeLand, FL and is a member of the Piece & Patch Quilt Club there.  She can be contacted at (904) 985-3245 or write to her at: 3401 Quail Roost Dr.,DeLand, FL 32720.






A festival of a "Star-Spangled Crew of Bead Vendors" in several locations this year.


First ever in Atlanta - Dixie Intergalactic Bead Festival:  Feb 19-20

Open to public, Sat 10a-6p, Sun 10-5p Admission $4 good for both days.

April 15-16, Newark, DE

May 13-14 Nashville, TN

May 20-21 Asheville, NC

June 10-11 Cincinnati, OH

June 17-18 Cleveland, OH

July 29-30 Hillsborough, NC

Aug 5-6 Atlanta, GA (guess it's there twice in one year?)

Aug 19-20 Newark, DE (ah, other places twice...)

Sept 23-24 Cincinnati, OH

Oct 14-15 Orlando, FL

Nov 11-12 Nashville, TN

Nov 18-19 Asheville, NC


1-888-729-6904  or website: beadshows.com





LECTURE INFO from Diane Smith smithquilt@aol.com:


Libby Lehman Lecture


Snow, Squirrels and Sulky:  The Evolution of an Art Quilter


Monday, April 3, 2000, 7:00 pm

Marks Street Senior Center, Orlando, FL

nonmember tickets $5

send check and SASE to Florida Cabin Fever Quilters,

P. O. Box 891, Orlando, FL 32802.


    Workshops - open to nonmembers mid March.

            Threadplay I, The Basics, Saturday, April 1,

                9:00 am to 4:00 pm

            Threadplay II, Prima Donnas, Sunday, April 2,

                9:00 am to 4:00 pm

            Bring on the Bobbin, Monday, April 3, 9:00 am

                to 4:00 pm


Contact Diane Smith, 407-895-1732 or smithquilt@aol.com for Lecture or Workshop information.






Pensacola Quilts 2000! -Turning the Century - will be held Friday and Saturday, March 17-18 from 9-5 each day at The Wright Place, 80 E. Wright Place in downtown Pensacola.  Admission is $3.  We have 135 quilts entered in the judged show, with a selection of antique quilts, demonstrations, a boutique, a gorgeous opportunity quilt, special exhibits and a merchants'

mall.  A fashion show  of quilted, pieced and appliqued clothing will be held at 2 on Saturday, narrarated by a local TV personality.  Y'all come, hear? Tina Tuttle (1-850-587-2361) 6755 Hwy. 99, Molino, Fl 32577




APPLIQUE SOCIETY MEETING from Barbie Swanson ediebarb@bellsouth.net


Applique Artists of Southeast Florida

A Florida Chapter of the Applique Society


Next Meeting is February 20, 2000  1-4PM


MARK YOUR CALENDAR  -  Here is the schedule for 2000.  All meetings are NOT on the fourth Sunday.  January 30th; February 20th; March 26th; April 30th at Barbie's Home/studio in Pompano Beach; May 28th; June 25th; July 23rd; August 27th; September 24th; October 22nd; December 3rd.  Until further notice meetings will be at Quilters Marketplace in Delray Beach


Have you joined The Appliqué Society?

It is a requirement of our chapter that all local members must also be members of The Appliqué Society.






First Virtual Fab Shop Hop Begins April 1


                         VANCOUVER, WA--Imagine a fabric store housing thousands and thousands of bolts of fabric, notions, books and patterns. Then imagine being able to shop (even in your pajamas) 24 hours a day, seven days a week without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.  That dream becomes reality April 1-30, 2000 when sewers begin their first Virtual FabShop Hop around cyberspace.


        The Fabric Shop Network Retailers Association is organizing its member shops into a "web ring" and inviting consumers to visit each store. People who register and visit every site become eligible to win thousands of dollars in prizes by month's end.  "We think it's a great way for sewers to find their way around the web while having access to more than seventy stores," says Laurie Harsh, owner of event sponsor The Fabric Shop Network.


        The majority of sewers in the United States live in towns and cities without independent fabric shops; however, the World Wide Web has now made it possible for them to shop, share and communicate with others. With over 10,000 web sites relating to sewing

and quilting on the web today, consumers with similar interests are brought together through  specializing mailing lists featuring fashion sewing, quilting, vintage fabrics, and more.


        The Virtual FabShop Hop will take consumers on a tour of independent fabric shops throughout the country.  "Each fabric store has its own unique personality and it shows in their web sites," says  Harsh. "On the Hop, if the first shop you visit isn't your cup of tea, its possible the next one on the superhighway is.


        Shoppers begin their tour by registering at the fabshophop.com web site.  They then begin visiting sites by following a web ring that allows them to visit shops in sequence or skip around.

Lists posted on fabshophop.com will help them select shops based on geographic region or  specialty, or by special offers and coupons.  Those who register will click a button located at each site to show that they have visited. Another click will take them to the next site.  FabShopNet members who have web sites have found that many sewers and quilters are visiting their sites after 11:00 pm., says Harsh.  "From personal experience, I can tell you that's often the only time a busy woman has time to herself without the interruptions of family and business. It makes sense that this would also extend to cyber sewing."


        Registration begins March 1, 2000 at www.fabshophop.com.  For more information on this first of its kind Virtual FabShop Hop, contact The Fabric Shop Network at fabshophop@aol.com or PO Box 4128, Vancouver, WA 98662.


For More Information Contact:  Laurie Harsh  (360) 892-6500 fabshopnet@aol.com www.fabshopnet.com






Classes being taught by Louise Hall in March, 2000

  Mar. 3rd, Fri., 9:30-4:00 p.m., Painting-On-Fabric, Deborah's Quilt Basket, Venice

  Mar. 5th, Sun., 1:00-4:00 p.m., Silk Screen Works, Visual Arts Ctr., Sarasota

  Mar. 6th, Mon,9:30-4:00 p.m., Painting-On-Fabric, Deborah's Quilt Basket, Venice

  Mar. 7th, Tues., 9:30-3:30 p.m., Serged Coat, Sew-Lutions Sewing Ctr., Sarasota

  Mar. 17th, Fri, 9:30-4:00 p.m., Painting-On-Fabric, National Sewing Ctr., Sarasota

  Mar. 21st, Tues., 9:30-3:30 p.m., Bog Jacket, Sew-Lutions Sewing Ctr., Sarasota

  Mar. 28th, Tues,10-3:00 p.m, Bias Blouse & Skirt, Deborah's Quilt Basket,Venice

  Mar. 30th,Thurs,10-3:00 p.m, Bias Blouse & Skirt, Deborah's Quilt Basket,Venice


 Classes being taught by Louise Hall in April, 2000

  Apr 1st, Sat., 9:30-4:00 p.m., Bog Jacket, National Sewing Ctr., Sarasota

  Apr. 7th, Fri., 1:30-3:30 p.m., Trunk Show: Quilt & Color Study, Nat'l Sew. Ctr.

  Apr. 18th, Tues., 1:00-3:00 p.m., Trunk Show: Art-To-Wear, ASG, Palmetto, FL

  Apr. 27th., Thurs., 5:00-6:00 p.m., Color Study, Full Measure Fabrics, Ocoee, FL

  Apr. 28th., Fri., 9:00 - 4:00 p.m., Bog Jacket, Full Measure Fabrics, Ocoee, FL

  Apr. 29th, Sat., 9:00 - 4:00 p.m., Spectacular Scraps, Full Measure Fabrics, Ocoee


Classes being taught by Louise Hall in May, 2000

  May 13th, Sat,1:30-3:30 p.m.,Trunk Show: Art-To-Wear, Nat'l Sew tr, Sarasota

  May 15th, Mon, 9:00-4:00 p.m, Bias Blouse & Skirt, Friendship Knot Guild, Sara.


Any questions Call or FAX: Louise Hall (941) 925-4806 or e-mail: crelou@sunline.net





BUS TRIP From Louise Hall crelou@sunline.net


Bus Trip to Paducah, KY, 16th Annual AQS Quilt Show. April 11 thru. 17th.  $379.00 includes all breakfasts and several trips by bus to & from KenLake State Park Lodge and Quilt Show, daily.  Return trip will stop for Lunch at Opreyland Hotel and there will be a "Surprise" in the evening.  Bus will leave from McDonald's Rest., near I-75 & Exit 35, at 7:00 a.m.. Call Louise Hall at: (941) 925-4806 or e-mail: crelou@sunline.net




QUILT SHOW from SALLY HERRINGTON salmh@worldnet.att.net


Quilt Show, Friday and Saturday, March 24 & 25, 2000 at the Ocala Shrine Club, 4301 S.E. Maricamp Rd., (Rt 464), Ocala, FL.  Third bi-annual show presented by The Belleview Busy Bees Quilt Club, Belleview, FL.  Contact Sally Herrington, salmh@worldnet.att.net or 352-245-0050


Lots of door prizes, vendors, charity quilt, "Beehive" boutique by members of club, approx. 60 large quilts and lots of small ones.   Club President: Mary Jane Raines, 352-854-2484


 Thanks Mary-Jeanine Ibarguen for all your hard work on behalf of all the quilters in Florida. Our notice in the Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter about the Organization of a chapter of the Applique Society in Belleview, FL brought us members we wouldn't have been able to contact otherwise. 


Our chapter is "Quilts in Bloom" and meets the first Thursday of each month, the next meeting is March 2, 2000.  Sally Herrington, Summerfield, FL salmh@worldnet.att.net