Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #25                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

April 8, 2000




As soon as I sent out my last newsletter, I received lots of late-breaking info to report ASAP.  So here we go….




Now thru April 17 Connecting Threads: American Jazz & Quilts

in Ft. Lauderdale ediebarb@bellsouth.net


Now thru April 22 Judy Niemyer's trunk show Tomorrow's Treasure's

Quilt Shop in Cyrstal River


April 1-30 Quilt Shop Hop www.fabshopnet.com


April 8-9 Trudie Hughes workshop in Ft. Lauderdale 954-434-1507


April 9-May 3 Quilt Show in Sarasota fabart@ij.net


April 12 - 17 Trip to Paducah WPQuilters@gtemail.net


April 15 Kris Hebert workshop in Panama City <pweg@aol.com>


April 18 & 19 Pepper Cory workshop in Boca Raton gavjs@worldnet.att.net


April 24 The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


April 26 Ellen Lindner's lecture in Satellite Beach elindner@juno.com


May 4 The Applique Society meeting in Ocala salmh@worldnet.att.net


May 22 The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


May 26,27,28 Florida Folk Life Festival in Tallahassee bobbimcph@worldnet.att.net


June (Thursdays) Kids' Sew Fun Camp  in Orlando <margie@cfl.rr.com>


June 23 Mary Sorensen Class in Ft. Lauderdale jlquilt@aol.com


June 26 The Applique Society meeting in Crystal River <mjtoth@hitter.net>


July 15 Joanne Goldstein Lecture in Pompano Beach <joanne850@aol.com>


Oct 14-15 Bead Festival  in Orlando <beadshows.com>


Oct 20-22 Quilt Show  in Clearwater  Omielke@aol.com


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Sept.22,23,24. Quiltfest 2000 in Jacksonville JoanMatt@aol.com


Jan 3 thru 6, 2001  Quilt Workshops  in Marco Island <clemens35@mediaone.net>




WORKSHOP in Panama City


The St. Andrew Bay Quilters' Guild has a workshop scheduled with Kris Hebert on 15 April, the dreaded TAX day.  Kris Hebert is a shop owner/teacher.  The workshop will be in Panama City at the Best Western across from the mall.  She will teach a foundation piecing class, several different fish designs.  A few spaces are available.  Anyone interested should contact me (pweg@aol.com) for more information.






Our regular meeting of TAS in Crystal River will be April 24, May 22 and June 26. Contact Mabel Toth   mjtoth@hitter.net.   Phone 352-746-9861.




TRUNK SHOW in Crystal River


Judy Niemyer's trunk show will be in Tomorrow's Treasure's Quilt Shop the first three weeks in April.  This is to celebrate our second anniversary of opening the shop.  The quilts include A Garden for my Wedding Ring, A Wedding Star and Shattered Glass.  She may be sending more.


Tomorrow's Treasure's Quilt Shop is at 650 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal River, Fl. Hours are M-Sat 10 to 5.  Phone 352-795-2600.  Bayfest is the 8th and 9th and the street will be closed.  So people will need to walk in on those two days.






In January 2001, the Art League of Marco Island will have a gallery show of quilts made by the Tennessee Valley Quilters, a guild of 700 members in east TN.  There will be four daylong workshops given by their members, from January 3 through January 6. (subjects will be announced shortly). There will be a reception and lecture, open to the public, on Sunday, January 7th. Lois Brater, chair of the event has asked me to contact our guild, since she does not "do" e-mail.  She will be happy to talk to anyone needing more info, and will gladly send along any more information you might want.


Lois, who lived in Oak Ridge for many years, has a longtime relationship with the TN Valley Quilters, and has planned several trips for the guild. This summer, they are going on a two-week tour of New England to see quilts and to shop. The trip will leave from Knoxville, TN, and there are a few vacancies on the bus,  if anyone is interested. I just decided to add this info, I do not know the dates until Lois is back in town.  They can contact Lois Brater at 941-394-1829. (She is currently out-of-town, will be back 4/08)


Donna Clemens  clemens35@mediaone.net




WORKSHOP in Ft. Lauderdale


Trudie Hughes will be teaching the Feathered Star block in Ft Lauderdale on April 8th & 9th.  Cost is $50. Classes are the same on both days Contact Jacquie Leggett @ 954-434-1507




WORKSHOP in Boca Raton


So. FL area quilters might be interested in knowing that Pepper Cory, a nationally known quilt teacher and published author, will speak on "The Art of Real Scrap Quilting" to the Gold Coast Quilter's Guild on Tuesday evening, April 18th at 7:30 p.m. at the Boca Raton Community

Center on Crawford Blvd. Ms. Cory will give a workshop on the hand and machine quilting of Drunkard's Path on Wednesday, April 19.  For more information, call (561) 392-3703 or e-mail gavjs@worldnet.att.net.




WORKSHOP in Satellite Beach


April 26, 9:30 AM: Ellen Lindner's lecture "Adventures in Color" in Satellite Beach.  Ellen recently won a first place award at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, with her quilt "Cut Glass". elindner@juno.com


Guests welcome.