Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #29

July 5, 2000




I'll be heading out in a few days for a 3 week odyssey in our Odyssey (Honda).  I plan on hitting lots of wonderful quilt and fabric shops and I'm REALLY looking forward to finally getting to Mary Jo's in Gastonia.  Any other quilt shop suggestions for the SouthEast??


Feel free to continue to email to me your news, I'll gather it all up and mail it out in August.


I received this post recently:


Our quilt club is not interested in holding a quilt show

and is having a hard time supporting speakers/teachers. 

Any suggestions as to how our guild can make money

to support our programs?


I'd like to suggest that if you would like to discuss this and other timely Florida Quilt topics, there is a list service just for you.  Check out http://www.egroups.com/community/FloridaQuilters to sign up.  The quilter who sent me the above post will be looking forward to your suggestions.  How does your guild make money?


If you picked up SSQA business cards at the Gainesville meeting, on the SSQA business card, Betty Slaughter's area code should be 863....


Here's a website that not only lists quilts that are lost or stolen, but also has an incredible index of links to other quilt related sites:  www.lostquilt.com.  Check out "Link Categories" on the bottom left side.


This next website is handy; it allows you to print out pages that you color to plan your next quilt.



I just received a great looking Seminar brochure from Jinny Beyer.  If 5 days of quilting with Jinny at Hilton Head sound like your kind of vacation, check out www.jinnybeyer.com/seminar. They will be putting the 2001 info up on the website soon.  (It's Jan 31-Feb 4, 2001)






July -entire month - Surface Design Guild Exhibit in Bradenton Library


July 15 Joanne Goldstein Lecture in Pompano Beach <joanne850@aol.com>


July 18 Quilt Guild Meeting in Boca Raton <gavjs@worldnet.att.net.>


July 24 The Applique Society Meeting in Crystal River mjtoth@hitter.net


August - entire month - Applique Society Exhibit in Crystal River Library < mjtoth@hitter.net>


August 5 & 7 Katie Pasquini Masopust workshops in Orlando <smithquilt@aol.com>


August 28 The Applique Society Meeting in Crystal River mjtoth@hitter.net


Sept.22,23,24. Quiltfest 2000 in Jacksonville dbld@mediaone.net>


Sept 25 The Applique Society Meeting in Crystal River   mjtoth@hitter.net


Oct 14-15 Bead Festival  in Orlando <beadshows.com>


Oct 20-22 Quilt Show  in Clearwater  Omielke@aol.com


Oct 20, 21 Fall Fantasy in Palmetto Qmaker99@aol.com

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Jan 3 thru 6 Quilt Workshops  in Marco Island clemens35@mediaone.net


Jan 26 & 27 Quilt Show in Orlando <quiltshow2001@aol.com>


Jan 20-27 Quilters Dream Cruise <AnnapTvlr@aol.com>


Jan 22-25 Quilters Escape II in Brooksville (see text in Newsletter #28)


Feb 3-4 Quilt Show in Lady Lake <dianadare@mpinet.net>


Feb 9-10 Quilt Show in Titusville <Jhopem@aol.com>


Feb 22-23 Quilt Show in Punta Gorda MCrosby908@aol.com


Feb. 23-24 Quilt Show in Tampa  Laurajbr@aol.com


Feb 23-24 Quilt Show in Ocala <CWash3266@aol.com>


Feb 17-18 Quilt Show in Vero Beach <patles@sunet.net>


Mar 2-3 Quilt Show in Brandon hobbienut@msn.com


Mar 9-10 Quilt Show in Sarasota <bettejimb@juno.com>






Do any of you have a quilt made before 1990 that is either a lemoyne star or variable star pattern using pastels, preferably solids? Of particular interest are quilts with NO sashing (stars are touching), set in straight blocks (not on point), and each star is a single color.  Pictures or the quilt itself will do.  An importer is claiming this pastel design is hers, and has taken it to court.  If this person wins, this creates serious problems for us as quilters as we will have limitations placed on our color choices.  If you or anyone you know has a quilt that fits this description, pleas contact Bonnie Browning at AQS, Phone # 270-898-7903 or email at <showchm@aqsquilt.com>.


Pass the word for the search for this type of quilt.  Since pastels do not photograph well, there are not many pastels documented in the literature.  Quilters throughout the country will appreciate the help. This issue goes to court in October 2000, so quick action is needed.

        Thanks to everyone for your help.


If you know of lists in other states, pass this on...thanks a lot.     Kathy Ward






The Florida Gulf Coast Surface Design Guild (meeting in Sarasota) will have it's FIRST exhibition in Bradenton...  (the library) South Manatee 6081 26th St West Bradenton, FL 941-755-3892  regular library hours  the entire month of JULY




The group meets at the Selby Library, Sarasota, FL.., Most times, the fourth Thursdays of the month at the Selby Library, 1331 First Street, near Main St.,Sarasota, 7:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m.







Country Road Quilters of Ocala will have a quilt show "Through a Country  Garden" February 23 & 24, 2001.Tickets are available for the opportunity quilt - "Grandmother's  Garden Quilt"  - Donation $1.00.  There will be vendors, a boutique, miniature auction, demos and more. Admission $3.00. Hours are 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Location: Ocala City Auditorium, 836 NE Sanchez

Ave., Ocala, FL. For more information CWash3266@aol.com or KCARINI@gate.net

or write: Country Road Quilters, P.O. Box 4082, Ocala, FL 34478.






Our local Chapter, "The Heart and Hand Chapter" of The Applique Society in Crystal River, Fl. have been invited to display some of our work at the Citrus County Central Ridge Library,524 W. Roosevelt Blvd, Beverly Hills, Fla.

We will be showing a variety of wall hangings and two quilts (these will change each week during the month.)

This display will be for the entire month of August, 2000.

This is a public library. The public is welcome to come and view our work.   Contact Mabel Toth mjtoth@hitter.net  with any questions.






On one of the quilt listservs I belong to, a quilter told us about the Smithsonian in DC. 


"Twice a month they take a limited number of people (I think either 8 or 12) behind the scenes into the storage room where they keep the quilts on a private tour.


To call and sign up for the tour, call (202) 357-1889.  If you can't get in, but are in DC on a Tuesday, try going to the Museum of American History, find the information desk on the Constitution Avenue side (the north side), and ask about the behind the scenes quilt tour.  We only had four people signed up, and I think there might be a good chance you could get into the tour."






Space Coast Quilters of Titusville, Fl  is having a show Feb. 9-10,2000.  'Quilting from the Heart Again'.  This is our 5th show, held at Brevard Community College, Titusville Campus.,  Contact Justine Mollenkopf  < Jhopem@aol.com>






Brandon, Florida

March 2 and 3, 2001

Brandon Quilt Expo 2001, Piecemakers:  A Ten Year Review

Show Hours are:  March 2, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. and March 3, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  


The Piecemakers Quilt Guild f Brandon will be holding their quilt show at the Baylife Church in Brandon, 1017 North Kingsway Road.  This is a juried show featuring large bed quilts, wall hangings, miniature and wearable art categories.  The show will also include various quilt related vendors, a silent auction, handmade boutique items, many door prizes and the drawing of the guild's raffle quilt.  Admission:  $3.  Contact:  Rita O'Loughlin, (813) 684-1901, mailto:hobbienut@msn.com  






Florida Cabin Fever Quilters Guild of Orlando has openings for nonmembers in

these two Katie Pasquini Masopust workshops:


Workshop - Saturday, August 5, 2000, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Isometric     



Workshop - Monday, August 7, 2000, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 3 Dimensional       



Fees for these workshops are $40 each.  For more information on these

workshops and Katie's Painting on Cloth lecture, Monday, Aug. 7, 7 p.m.


Katie, is also giving a slide lecture, Painting with Cloth, on Monday, August

7, 2000, 7:00 PM, Marks Street Senior Complex, Orlando, the ticket price is

$5 for nonmembers. 


Please contact Diane Smith 407-895-1732 or smithquilt@aol.com for additional

information on the workshops and to order tickets.






The Gold Coast Quilter's Guild's next meeting is Tuesday, July 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Boca

Raton Community Center, 150 Crawford Blvd. in Boca.  For more information,please call (561) 392-3703 or e-mail gavjs@worldnet.att.net.






Mon. July 3     9:30 am #541    Jacobean Rhapsodies

                2:30 pm #327    Civil War Quilts

Wed. July 5 9:30 am #542    Snail's Trail

                2:30 pm #213    Feathered Star Quilt

Fri. July 7     9:30 am #543    Snippet Sensations

                2:30 pm #214    LeMoyne Star block, Software

Mon. July 10    9:30 am #544    Row Your Boat quilt

                2:30 pm     #215    Scrapbook, Photo Transfers

Wed. July 12    9:30 am #545    Stylish String Quilts

                2:30 pm #216    Scrap Quilt, Friendship Star,

                                    Quilt Collection

Fri. July 14    9:30 am #546    Fabrics of the '50's

                2:30 pm #217    Olympic Quilts

Mon. July 17    9:30 am #547    Prison Quilting,

                                    Pieced Face Quilt Blocks

                2:30 pm #328    Trapunto Techniques

Wed. July 19    9:30 am #548    Piece of My Heart Quilt

                2:30 pm #222    Design Variety

Fri. July 21    9:30 am #549    Museum of Appalachia

                2:30 pm #221    Kids & Quilts

Mon. July 24    9:30 am #550    Traditional Dahlia Quilt

                2:30 pm #222    Quilt Show

Wed. July 26    9:30 am #551    Mini Baltimore Album

                2:30 pm #223    Wedding Quilt

Fri. July 28    9:30 am #552    Shuttle to the Stars quilt

                2:30 pm #224    Decorative Clothes

Mon. July 31    9:30 am #553    Delightful Dresdens

                2:30 pm #225    Small Quilts

Wed. Aug. 2 9:30 am #554    Hand Piecing

                2:30 pm #226    Shelburne Collection

Fri. Aug. 4 9:30 am #555    A Whole Lotta Huppa

                2:30 pm #401    Machine Needlelace

Mon. Aug. 7 9:30 am #556    Shooting Star Quilt

                2:30 pm #402    Fractured Landscape

Wed. Aug. 9 9:30 am #557    Quilt Collecting Basics

                2:30 pm #403    Women In American History

Fri. Aug. 11    9:30 am #558    Frank Lloyd Wright Quilts

                2:30 pm #404    Mini Quilt Guild, Beginners

Mon. Aug. 14    9:30 am #559    Tahitian Applique

                2:30 pm #405    Quilt History, Sunshine & Shadow

Wed. Aug.16 9:30 am #560    Glorius Quilts

                2:30 pm #406    '30's Quilt, Butterfly block

Fri. Aug. 18    9:30 am #561    Wearable Art Wonders

                2:30 pm #407    Quilts & Recipes Married

Mon. Aug. 21    9:30 am #101    Bears Paw, Oregon's Show

                2:30 pm #408    1800 Reproductions, Jacob's Ladder

Wed. Aug 23 9:30 am #102    Blockbender Quilts

                2:30 pm #409    Gingerbread House

Fri. Aug. 25    9:30 am #103    Applique Technique

                2:30 pm #410    Tumbling Blocks

Mon. Aug 28 9:30 am #104    Card Trick Block

                2:30 pm #411    3-D Patchwork Fun

Wed. Aug 30 9:30 am #105    Amish Traditions, Basket

                2:30 pm #412    Neutral Fabric Beauty, Beginner

                                    Log Cabin block, Wedding Quilt