Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #47

October 23, 2001


Quilting Friends,


For those of you in the Central Florida area who receive WCEU, PBS Channel 15, you might be interested to know that they have listened to our requests for more sewing shows.  WCEU is producing a 13 week series of sewing shows, called “The Sewing Hotline”.  It will be a live, call-in hotline type show, with a different sewing topic each week.  Air time is Thursday nights, at 7:30pm, and Sally Cowan will host the show.


My big news is that I will be on the Nov 8th show, "Fabric and Notions", as well as a pre-taped show on Nov 22, Thanksgiving show, talking about "Sewing for Children" and will be joined by my two adorable kids to show how to measure children. 


Tell your friends to watch on Thursday nights, and if you call in on the 8th, be kind to me!!


In case you’re one of those people that gets this newsletter forwarded from a friend, please know that I can send it directly to you, FREE!  I don’t sell or give away my email lists, and its good to know just exactly how many people actually read this.  So please, drop me a line and I’ll add your name: Mji@cfl.rr.com  (include your full name, guild name if any, town name, and phone # for backup purposes only).



With all the patriotic sewing we are all doing, I thought you might enjoy this easy description on how to cut out a five-point star:http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagstar.html


Correction: For those of you who have or will purchase Bethany Reynold’s Stack-n-Whackier book, AQS has published an errata (correction) sheet.  It can be found at: http://www.aqsquilt.com/errata.shtml


Another correction:  The EQA Show November 8 - 11 is not in New Hampshire, it is in Westford, Massachusetts.  I think that everyone from around New England knows this but Florida folks might not.




CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)


Nov 1-4 Houston International Quilt Show


Nov 8-11 Northeast FL Shop Hop michelle@pelicanquiltworks.com (#43)


Nov 8-11 - A Quilters' Gathering in New Hampshire  EQAquilter@aol.com (#39)


Nov 15-17  Judy Hooworth workshops in Hudson  junger@atlantic.net  (#43)


Nov 17 & 18 Quilt Show in  Palm Beach snow-bee@worldnet.att.net  (#45)


Nov 30 Studio Exhibition in Oakland Park www.studiofiberartists.com/news.html   (#47)


Nov 30-Dec 1 -  Quilt Show in Davenport gequack@gate.net (#42)




Jan 1-31 Quilt Exhibit in Plant City sayrah@tampabay.rr.com   (#45)


Jan 18-19 Quilt Show in Ft. Myers 941-461-5099  (#45)


Jan 19 Shirley Adams in Miami fitravel@bellsouth.net  (#47)


Jan 25 Ricky Tims Lecture in Sarasota  bettejimb@aol.com  (#47)


Jan 25-26 Quilt Show in Orlando quiltmagic2002@hotmail.com  (45)


Feb 1-3 Quilt Retreat in Orlando ourbusyfingers@aol.com  (#47)


Feb 2-3 Quilt Show in Hudson Quiltstar2002@aol.com  (#46)


Feb 7-10, Honeybee Quilt Guild Retreat in Jax, www.honeybeequilters.org (#45)


Feb 8-9 Quilt Show in Naples gailquilts@aol.com(#46 (#46)


Feb 8-9 Quilt Show in Anthony RachJ131@aol.com    (#46)


Feb 14-17 Quilt Expo in Panama City Beach <www.thegiftshows.com>


Feb 22-23 Quilt Show in the Keys Mary Ellen (305)451-3777.  (#47)


Feb 22-23 Quilt Show in Pensacola PQG2002@aol.com (#47)


Feb 23-24 Quilt Show in Amelia Island http://www.homestead.com/AIQ/SHOW1.html (#46)


Feb 27-Mar 3 Applique Seminar   in Delray Beach see below  (#46)


February 28-March 10 Creative Arts Exhibit in Orlando  cff@centralfloridafair.com   (#46)


March 9-10  Quilt Show in Eustis 9:30-4p  Brassellm@aol.com


March 9-10 Quilt Show in Venice  March 9 and 10  Quilt Show in Venice, contact VHKier@aol.com or ingei@aol.com  (#44)


Mary 15-16 Quilt Show in Ocala salmh@worldnet.att.net (#46)


March 15-17 Quilt Show in Ft. Lauderdale  www.onceuponaquilt.com (#45)


April 5-6  Quilt Show in Melbourne TTQS2002@Worldnet.att.net  (#44)


April 12-13 Quilt Show in Coral Gables  quiltfest@gopbi.com  (45)


April 24-25  Pat Campbell in Ocala  judie4qlts@aol.com 





Hearts,Hands,and Homes of Wilton Manors Fla, quilting bee is planning on  making a flag wallhanging for everyone of the firefighters that have died in  the New York attack. We are in need of fabric donations. We need solids or  small star prints of red or white or blue fabric. Please send donations to  Janet Fredricks  125 NE 20 Street, Wilton Manors, Fl 33305. or you can email

Quilthoney@aol.com. Thank you for your kindness.






Just to let you know that on Nov. 12 at 2:30pm, HGTV will air program #715 on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson. We did stained glass together which was lots of fun and quite an interesting experience. She's quite a gal both on and off screen. First segment is about a lady rep. for the state of CA (who is a quilter) and the other three segments are on stained glass in fabric.






by Marjorie L. Russell

Managing Editor, AQS


The tragedy of terrorist activities in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania has

left us all reeling.


On Tuesday, Sept. 11, as the horrible news unfolded, AQS staff members quietly gathered in

our conference room, held hands, and prayed. We asked for help for the victims, their

families, rescue workers, and even ourselves as we struggled to comprehend. It was the

only thing, and the best thing, we could do at that moment.


The goal of terrorism is to strike fear ? to threaten personal and national security.

Throughout the incredible hours of September 11, like so many people, I took a fresh look

at the source of my security. As I did, over and over the chorus to an old hymn played

through my heart:

In times like these, you need an anchor,

In times like these, you need a savior.

Be very sure, be very sure,

your anchor holds,

and grips the Solid Rock.


What has happened is frightening, but thank God, even in times like these, an anchor is

available. As 1 John 4:18 states: "There is no fear in love. But perfect love casts out

fear..." We are challenged to not give in to fear and to hold  fast to the One who is

perfect love.


We return to our foundational values in times of crisis ? to the faith that sustains us.

>From that basis an idea began to form. Perhaps we could use the quilting we love to

declare that our anchor holds.


We're inviting every quilter to make one red, white and blue block that will be a finished

9" size. Your block can be of any design, original or traditional. Let that one block (any

technique) be a positive statement of your anchor ? your hope, and the love you will not



Make sure your name, city, and state or country is written or stitched permanently in a

small (2 1\2" x 1" or less) area of what will be the front of the finished 9" block. Then

send your block to AQS before December 31, 2001. If you would like to do so, please also

enclose a 25 word or less message of hope and faith. These messages will accompany

finished quilts.


We are also asking guilds and other groups to volunteer to assemble the blocks into quilt

tops and finish them early in 2002. If your group is willing, let us know. AQS will donate

or auction the finished quilts and use the proceeds as donations for needs related to the



We need God's help and we need each other. As the AQS staff prayed, a sense of peace,

love, comfort, and even security welled up within us. Our hope for this project is that

the blocks and finished quilts reflect the same. Please join us in declaring that your

anchor holds by sending a block to AQS.


Log onto www.AQSquilt.com, the AQS website, for details and updates, or call AQS Member

Services at (270) 898-7903. Blocks should be shipped to: Anchor Project, AQS, 5801

Kentucky Dam Rd., Paducah, KY 42003.






January 25, 2002   The Friendship Knot Quilters Guild is hosting  Ricky Tims in Sarasota.  He will be performing on the piano and presenting his video program "Celebrate the Century- An Historic Perspective of Quilts and Music".  The  concert/lecture will be held at the Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, 4041 Bahia Vista St., Sarasota from 7:30PM-9:00PM.  Seating is limited.  Buses welcome.  Hotel and restaurant information available on request.


Tickets:  $12.00 at the door (if available)

           Prepaid  $10.00  Send check made out to FQKG along with SASE to:    

            Bette Behanna, 5137 Sunnydale Circle W., Sarasota, FL 34233

Tickets must be ordered before January 15

Info:  941-924-2774  or email:  bettejimb@aol.com






Sponsored by The Miami Chapter Of The American Sewing Guild

Saturday, January 19th, 2002


Shirley Adams, inspirational host of the nationally televised series “The Sewing Connection,”  brings her classroom and wardrobe to Miami. 


The Sewing Connection series 1 through 15 have been completed and this seminar will display a huge collection of garments representing the best-plus a preview of things to come!


Spend the day with Shirley to learn from her inspiring bounty of sewing knowledge and have an opportunity to examine, first-hand, hundreds of garments that she has created.


Contact fitravel@bellsouth.net for more info.






November 30, 2001  "Hurricane Supplication"  5:30pm - 9:00pm

Fiber Art Studio, 3556 NE 12th avenue, Oakland Park , FL 3334 (954) 567 1112


Hurricane supplication day is a uniquely Caribbean holiday. It marks the official end of

the storm season in the tropics which threatens havoc and destruction each year. At the

end of hurricane season we give a collective sigh of relief and celebrate our thankfulness

at having survived yet again. Our exhibition is organized with this celebration in mind.

Check out www.studiofiberartists.com/news.html






    Can you tell me of any shops that sell ready made quilts? I live in Cape

Canaveral so anything within 30-40 miles would be good. I have a friend who's

looking for a wall quilt.    Thank you. Beth O'Neill  HRON41@aol.com






The Center for the Quilt Online (www.quiltcenter.org/) is America's Quilt Home on the Internet.

This virtual resource center is the first stop on the road for information about what's happening in quilt documentation, preservation and interpretation.






Gold Coast Quilters Guild has published a cookbook called "A Patchwork Palate." This is a collection of our best recipes, all tested by other members. We are selling it for $10 plus $3.50 shipping, or it can be picked up in Boca Raton, FL. Please send your check, made out to GCQG, to Liz Locke, 4130 Georges Way, Boca Raton, FL 33434. You can contact Liz at (561) 994-4609 or locke@prodigy.net.






The International Quilt Study Center is on TV! In the February of 2001, Simply Quilts, a quilt program that appears on Home & Garden Television (HGTV), visited the    International Quilt Study Center http://quiltstudy.unl.edu/.  The IQSC, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, was created to encourage the interdisciplinary study of all aspects of

quiltmaking and to foster preservation of this worldwide tradition through collection, conservation and exhibition of quilts and related materials. The results from the taping are four programs that feature the Center and prominent collectors in the area.  We hope that you will take the opportunity to watch the following shows so that you can see the Center you have heard so much about.  If you have any questions regarding the Center,

please contact Alta at aottoson2@unl.edu.  For questions regarding your local listings, please refer to the Simply Quilts web site at http://www.hgtv.com/.


Simply Quilts

African Masks

Episode QLT-716


The Simply Quilts cameras visit an exhibit of the Robert and Helen Cargo

Collection of African American quilts recently donated to the University of

Nebraska. Then quiltmaker Karen Boutte shows how to create an African mask

using ultrasuede and decorative machine stitches.


Air Time

October 29, 2001    2:30 p.m. EST



Remaining to be scheduled in November


Simply Quilts

Heirlooms, Past, Present and Future

Episode QLT-722


The Simply Quilts cameras visit the amazing quilt storage facility at the

University of Nebraska and learn how they keep their valuable quilts in good

condition. Then, quilt appraiser Nancy Kirk joins host Alex Anderson in

studio to discuss making a "new heirloom" quilt. Nancy also demonstrates

making a reduced-sized clone of a quilt, working with old fabrics and

combining old and new fabrics. Nancy helps Alex give advice to a call-in

viewer with an old quilt that needs rescuing.



Simply Quilts

Fanciful Flowers

Episode QLT-736


Simply Quilts visits the botanical quilts exhibit at the Textile Museum in

Washington D.C. to see how important a role flowers played in women's lives

several centuries ago. Then, quilter Carol Armstrong joins host Alex

Anderson in studio to share an innovative way of using quilt lines to

resemble piecing.






Feb. 22 & 23, 2002.  The Florida Keys Quilters will be hosting their bi-annual quilt show at the Lions Club at mile marker 99.5 (oceanside). The hours are 10am til 5pm. There will be a mini quilt auction on Saturday at 2 pm. Admission: $5.00 per person with group

discount or husband discount. Lunch will be available. There will be demonstrations and a country store throughout the day. For more information: Mary Ellen (305)451-3777.






The Pensacola Quilters' Guild will sponsor Pensacola Quilts! Palindromes 2002.  It will be held in Pensacola at 80 E. Right Place, one Right Street on Feb. 22 & 23, 2002.  The cost is $3.00/adult.  We will have a judged "members only" show, a boutique, vendors mall, opportunity quilt, silent quilt auction, fashion show on Saturday, souvenir blocks and quilting demonstrations by members.   I will have a map and directions for those interested.   My home address is 119 Countri Lane, Cantonment, Fl. , 32533.  Thanks so much again.  C. Hicks  (Email: PQG2002@aol.com, Phone: 850-937-0150 )





Grab your toothbrush and jammies and join us at Canterbury Retreat in Oviedo for a weekend of chocolate, fun, chocolate, door prizes, chocolate and actually complete a quilt top Feb. 1 - 3, 2002.  The cost is $300 and includes 2 nights lodging (double occupancy only), all meals (from Fri. dinner to Sunday lunch), mystery pattern, instruction and lots of fun.  Send your $150 deposit check to:   


Busy Fingers Quilt Shop, Inc.  

460 North C.R. 427  Suite 112

Longwood, FL 32750


Questions?  Call us at 407-767-5123 or e-mail ourbusyfingers@aol.com

This will make an awesome Christmas present.  So ladies, put a bug in your families ears.  We have gift certificates to make it very easy for them.






Oct 23, Tuesday

8:30am         #511 Sharing Your Quilt w/ Paula Reid

2:30pm         #455 Trick or Treat Quilting w/ Saundra Seth


Oct 24, Wednesday

8:30am        #512 Folded Applique w/ Anita Shackelford

2:30pm        #712 Prairie Flower w/ Barbara Brackman


Oct 25, Thursday

8:30am        #513 Tesselations w/ Jinny Beyer

2:30pm        #713 All Around the World w/ Leela Cherian


Oct 26, Friday

8:30am        #514 Adoption Quilts w/ Joanie San Chirico

2:30pm        #714 Revisiting The Revolution w/ Terry C. Thompson


Oct 29, Monday

8:30am        #515 Folk Art Wedding Quilt w/ Robyn Pandolph

2:30pm        #716 African Masks w/ Karen Boutte


Oct 30, Tuesday

8:30am        #516 Strip Piecing w/ Eleanor Burns

2:30pm        #717 For The Birds w/ Jaynette Huff


Oct 31, Wednesday

8:30am        #517 Flourishes w/ Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins

2:30pm        #718 Hand Applique By Machine w/ Beth Ferrier