Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #56

September 2, 2002


Quilting Friends,


You’re seeing this newsletter a little sooner than usual because I have some last minute items that were sent to me after just after #55 left my desk.  As always, you can check my website: www.FloridaQuiltNetwork.com and click on “This Just In” to see important items that come in between newsletters. 


It's been a crazy two weeks:  my computer crashed BIG time two weeks ago and I had an important newsletter to get out for another organization.  As usual, my dear husband jumped to the rescue and we ended up with a new computer.  Fortunately, we do weekly backups and daily incrementals and no data was lost.  But I did have a lot of software to reload and reconfigure.  Except for the stress and sleepless nights, I think we’re back to normal.  For those of you who rely on your computer as I do, please do your backups, whether it be to a CD, another hard drive, a tape drive or even a few floppies.  It’s important insurance.


No time to surf the web this time, so how ‘bout we go straight to the calendar?




CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)


Sept 6-29 Quilt Show in Tampa lpjtpa@worldnet.att.net (#56)


Sept 7 SSQA Meeting in Deltona www.ssqa.org (#53)


Sept 17-20 Retreat in Leesburg jtoth002@tampabay.rr.com   (#54)


Sept 20-22 QuiltFest in Jacksonville www.quiltfestjax.com (#51)


Oct. 4-31 Quilt Exhibit in Tampa gablecat@tampabay.rr.com (#56)


Oct. 10-12 Shop Hop in West Central Florida pinsnneedles1@juno.com  (#55)


Oct 18-19 Quilt Show in Bradenton PattyRon1@aol.com (#50)


Oct. 18-19 Quilt Show In Clearwater harvestofquilts@earthlink.net (#51)


Oct 18-20 Quilt Show in White Springs scraphap@alltel.net (#56)


Oct 31-Nov 3 International Quilt Festival in Houston http://www.quilts.com/


Nov 7-10 Northeast Florida Shop Hop michelle@pelicanquiltworks.com  (#54)


Nov 7-10 Quilters Gathering in New Hampshire www.aquiltersgathering.com (#53)


Nov 14-16 Ami Simms Workshops in Tallahassee quilters@tfn.com


Nov 15-16 Quilt Show in Davenport db@ithink.net (#52)




Jan 17-18 Quilt Show in Largo dan1dee2@aol.com (#53)


Jan 20-23 Quilt Retreat In Brooksville pwarzyn@gte.net  (#53)


Jan 24-25 Quilt Show in Orlando www.FloridaCabinFever.com (#53)


Jan 31-Feb 1 Quilt Show in Lady Lake Rflint5630@aol.com  (#55)


Feb 6-9 Quilt Retreat in Jacksonville www.HoneyBeeQuilters.org (#56)


Feb 7-8 Quilt Show in Naples apataki6@earthlink.net   (#54)


Feb 14-15 Quilt Show in Vero Beach patles@sunet.net (#52)


Feb 14-16 Quilt Expo in Panama City www.thegiftshows.com (#53)


Feb 21-22 Quilt Show in Titusville 321-267-9194  (#55)


Feb 28-March 1 Quilt Show in St. Petersburg Tallulahst@aol.com (#55)


March 7-8 Quilt Show in Tampa Bay www.quiltersworkshop.org (#54)


March 7-8 Quilt Show in Sarasota taftlad@ewol.com (#55)


March 7-8 Quilt Show in Tavares Quiltshowinfo03@aol.com (#55)


March 8 SSQA Meeting in Jacksonville www.ssqa.org


March 14-15 Quilt Show in Crystal River charr@xtalwind.net (#52)


March 21-22 Quilt Show in Punta Gorda pmoore@sunline.net (#55)


May 3-4 Quilt Show in Gainesville MJensen396@aol.com


May 9-10 Quilt Show in Coral Gables http://gopbi.com/community/groups/QuiltFest/ (#55)






14th Annual Suwannee River Quilt Show & Sale

October 18-20, 2002.

Quilt show is in the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park

Highway 41, White Springs Fl. 32096, 386-2733.

Contact Jane Gruchacz scraphap@alltel.net






Come join us for four days of clowning around at the 14th annual Honeybee Quilting Retreat in Jacksonville.  February 6-9, 2003 are the dates to block out on your calendar for four days of quilting, contests, classes, bingo, and schmoozing with other quilters.  For this year’s retreat we have ten wonderful teachers ­ Lynn Provencher  (Country Crossroads), Joyce Snyder (Material Things), Martha Bainbridge (Calico Station), Michelle Ross (Pelican QuiltWorks), and from the world at large will be Faye Heyn, Suzy Komara, Jan Wildman, Louisa Smith, Dianne Hire, and the Ring Master David Walker. Registration starts September 1st, but you can check out the course offerings (and pictures from last year’s retreat) at www.honeybeequilters.org.






Tampa Bay's Surface Design Guild Group Show

Sept. 6-29, 2002

Beach Art Center

1515 Bay Palm Blvd.

Indian Rocks Beach, Fl


Opening Reception/Auction--Sept. 6, 2002   6-9PM

Silent Auction to benefit India earthquake artisans

Featuring German artists, Eigen-Art

Contact:  Leslie Jennings           lpjtpa@worldnet.att.net






Following Anthony Jones’s very successful one person show at the Tarpon Springs

Cultural Center (101 S. Pinellas AV) in October 2001, he was asked to return as a Guest Curator.  He determined that the students who keep the Bay Area quilt shop teachers "on their toes" needed recognition.


A second juried show in October 2003 has been scheduled for the Teachers!


The Exhibit opens on October 4, 2002 with a reception on October 5, and closes on October 31.  The hours are 9-4, Monday thru Saturday.  There is no admission.  The show has been juried.


Contact:  Jinene Harvey, Clearwater  (727-726-8961) gablecat@tampabay.rr.com






Two Bus Trips to choose from:


Cabin Fever Quilt Guild, Orlando: It's $730.00.leaves Orlando Oct 27th and returns Nov 4th. Interested parties should contact Laura Swarthout at 352-429-8421 or email her at swarthout@msn.com.


Flying Needles in Niceville Florida has a bus going to Houston from Niceville. We still have some openings. We are leaving on Wednesday the 30th of October and returning on Sunday, November 3rd. If anyone is interested they can contact our Road Trip Person, Georgette White @ manywhitecats@yahoo.com or can call her at 1-850- 729-2863.






[Editor’s note: because I receive so many requests for names of hand quilting services, I decided to include this information.  No affiliation, yada, yada]


Thought you might want information on our hand quilting service.  Our quilters could give your hands a break and allow for more gorgeous top creation!  We offer expert hand quilting and finishing by one of nearly 80 Amish and Mennonite women across the country. No Group Quilting. Your quilt will be completed by one woman with wonderful, even stitching. 


We Have Hand Quilted For Some Of The Best!


Mimi Dietrich

Nancy Martin

Marsha McCloskey

Susan McKelvey

Judie Rothermel

Elly Sienkiewicz

Pat Yamin



Richard & Georgina Fries

Bellwether Dry Goods

137 Bayard Road

Lothian, Maryland 20711

(410) 867-0665







September 3, Tuesday     

8:30am  #757 Human Quilt with Jackie Erickson

                         2:30pm  #323 Stripples with Donna Thomas


September 4, Wednesday                     

8:30am  #758 A gaggle of Geese with Linda Ballard

                         2:30pm  #324 Fabric Funnwith Debbie Mumm


September 5, Thursday   

8:30am  #759 Flannel Quilts with sandy Bonsib

                         2:30pm  #325 Shibori with Sara King


September 6, Friday           

8:30am  #760 Look at that Face with Charlott Warr Andersen

                         2:30pm  #326 Hot Cross Buns with Mary Ellen Hopkins


September 9 , Monday     

8:30am  #761 Spectacular Curves with Judy Dales

                         2:30pm  #401 Machine Needle lace with Judy Simmons


September 10, Tuesday  

8:30am  #601 Choosing a Quilt Design with Jean Wells

                         2:30pm  #402 Fractured Landscapes with Katie Pasquini


September 11, Wednesday                 

8:30am  #602 Nigerian Appliqué with Rachel Clark

                         2:30pm  #403 History of Women's lives in Patchwork with Kaye England


September 12, Thursday                        

8:30am  #603 19th Century Recreations with Jo Morton

                         2:30pm  #404 Block Party with Donna Poster


September 13, Friday       

8:30am  #604 Scrappy Quilt with Gloria Smith

                         2:30pm  #405 Trip Around the World with Blanche Young


September 16 , Monday 

8:30am  #605 Quilting 101 with Marianne Fons

                         2:30pm  #406 Butterfly Quilts with Beverly Dunivent


September 17, Tuesday  

8:30am  #606 Origami Quilts with Rebecca Wat

                         2:30pm  #407 Butter Blues with Carol Porter


September 18, Wednesday                 

8:30am  #607 Delectable Mountains with Gail Searl

                         2:30pm  #408 1800's Repro Fabric with Roxie Wood and Janey Edwards


September 19, Thursday                        

8:30am  #608 Patchwork ABC's with Liz Porter

                         2:30pm  #409 Gingerbread House with Diana McClun


September 20, Friday       

8:30am  #609 Beautiful Binding with Sally Collins

                         2:30pm  #410 Jazzy Jackets with Judy Murrah


September 23 , Monday 

8:30am  #610 Kaleidoscope with Paula Nadelstern

                         2:30pm  #411 3-D Patchwork Fun with Karen Combs


September 24, Tuesday  

8:30am  #611 Sets and Sashings with Phyllis Miller

                         2:30pm  #412 Neutrals with Carolee Hensley


September 25, Wednesday                 

8:30am  #612 Arabic Quilts with John Flynn

                         2:30pm  #413 Feed sacks with Annalue Cook and Jane Clark Staple


September 26, Thursday                        

8:30am  #613 Curved Seams with Anita Murphy

                         2:30pm  #414 Quilted Clothing with Mari Story


September 27, Friday       

8:30am  #614 Quilting with Kids with Kelly Gallagher-Abbott

                         2:30pm  #415 Fat Quarters with Mary Jane Best


September 30 , Monday 

8:30am  show info available soon

                         2:30pm  show info available soon