Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #60

February 1st, 2003


Quilting Friends,


In case you need some inspiration, here’s a website that lists the free quilting patterns available on the internet. (notice I didn’t say “ALL the free quilting patterns”; unlike the guy in the commercial, I don’t think we’ll ever finish surfing the web!). http://www.freequiltpatterns.info


I picked up a jigsaw puzzle last month with a very nice quilt image.  And then I found the source for more of her beautiful quilt images (enjoy!):



For those of you living anywhere near Central Florida, you may be familiar with the Pioneer Settlement in Barberville.  They are offering some classes on Feb 14 and 15 they call “Pass it on Folk Art Days”, which means they are teaching some very old techniques, like Blacksmithing, Papermaking, Baking with Whole Grains and BATIKING !!  The Deadline for reservation is Feb 8th, and you can call 286-749-2959 for more info.  Wish I could go, but I’ll still be recovering from the HoneyBee retreat, I think!




CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)


Jan 31-Feb 1 Quilt Show in Lady Lake Rflint5630@aol.com  (#55)


Feb 6-9 Quilt Retreat in Jacksonville www.HoneyBeeQuilters.org (#56)


Feb 6-8 Quilt Shop Hop in N. Central FL a_quilters_dream@earthlink.net (#59)


Feb 7 Pat Yamin Lecture in Mt. Dora 352-383-9956  (#60)


Feb 7-8 Quilt Show in Naples apataki6@earthlink.net   (#54)


Feb 13  Lecture by Jacqueline Tobin  in Coral Springs wv5653@bellsouth.net (#59)


Feb 14-15 Quilt Show in Vero Beach patles@sunet.net (#52)


Feb 14-15 Quilt Show in Sebring Ellensquilt@mpinet.net  (#59)


Feb 14-16 Quilt Expo in Panama City www.thegiftshows.com (#53)


Feb 21-22 Quilt Show in Titusville 321-267-9194  (#55)


Feb 21-22 Quilt Show in Ocala  quiltocala@aol.com  (#59)


Feb 22-23 Quilt Show in Sugarloaf Key Lupeloera@aol.com (#57)


Feb 27-March 9 Creative Arts Exhibit in Orlando cff@centralfloridafair.com (#57)


Feb 28-March 1 Quilt Show in St. Petersburg Tallulahst@aol.com (#55)


Feb 28-March 2 Quilt Retreat in Oviedo Ourbusyfingers@aol.com (#57)


March 1-2 Felt Workshop in St. Pete www.fiberandfigures.com/Feltworkshop.html (#60)


March 4-29 Quilt Exhibit in Dunedin (#60)


March 7-8 Quilt Show in Tampa Bay www.quiltersworkshop.org (#58)


March 7-8 Quilt Show in Sarasota taftlad@ewol.com (#60)


March 7-8 Quilt Show in Mt. Dora  Quiltshowinfo03@aol.com (#58)


March 8 SSQA Meeting in Jacksonville www.ssqa.org


March 20-23 Quilters’ Escape in St. Augustine FayeHeyn@hotmail.com (#57)


March 21-22 Quilt Show in Crystal River charr@xtalwind.net (#59)


March 21-22 Quilt Show in Punta Gorda pmoore@sunline.net (#55)


March 21-23 Quilt Show in Ft. Lauderdale www.browardquiltexpo.com (#57)


March 28-29 Quilt Show in Key Largo tsledd@gate.net (#57)


March 28-30 Felt Workshop in St. Pete www.fiberandfigures.com/Feltworkshop.html (#60)


April 5-6 Felt Workshop in St. Pete www.fiberandfigures.com/Feltworkshop.html (#60)


April 11-13 International Quilt Show in Chicago www.quilts.com (#60)


May 3 – 24 Quilt Exhibit in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#58)


May 3-4 Quilt Show in Gainesville MJensen396@aol.com


May 9-10 Quilt Show in Coral Gables http://gopbi.com/community/groups/QuiltFest/ (#55)


June 18-22 SSQA Symposium in Leesburg    artcallinan@earthlink.net (#58)


June 19-21 NQA Quilt Show in Columbus, Ohio www.nqaquilts.org/columbus/  (#58)







Presented by

Friendship Knot Quilters’ Guild

Sarasota Municipal Auditorium

801 N. Tamiami Trail

Sarasota, Florida

March 7, 2003---9:00am to 6:00 pm (Friday)

March 8, 2003---9:00am to 4:00pm (Saturday)



Judged Entries--Opportunity Quilt--Door Prizes

Small and Mini Quilt Auction--Merchants Mall

Special Traveling Exhibits



Buses Welcome--To Prepay contact Joy Abbott 941-371-3043


Food on Premises



SASE: Lou Taft

235 Bahia Vista Drive

Englewood, FL 34223   941-473-0083


email: taftlad@ewol.com






I will be driving to Paducah in April, as I have done for the past twelve years.  On two occasions, I had riders, and the trip was enjoyable and just flew by.  However, because of my schedule of helping Xenia Cord set up the Legacy Quilts booth, and staying after the show for continuing education with the other appraisers, I am leaving Monday the 21st and coming home on Monday the 28th.  That doesn't fit with the schedules of most people who attend the AQS show.  But if anyone is interested in driving to Lake City, then riding with me, I wouldn't mind talking to them.  Contact aprayzer@hotmail.com


Teddy Pruett is currently working on a new lecture about great ideas for decorating with quilts, called "How Many Quilts Can You Cram in One House, Anyway?"   She is looking for slides or photographs of imaginative ways to use quilts in home décor.  If you have done something noteworthy with quilts, she would love to hear from you or receive a photograph that she can have made into a slide.  Don't be bashful!!  Contact aprayzer@hotmail.com. 






Melba Rilott will be exhibiting over 60 of her doll beds complete with

miniature and small quilts at the Dunedin Historical Society museum, 349

Main St. Dunedin March 4 - 29th 10-4p.m. (closed Sun. & Mon.)

...plus...additional prize winning quilts from her private collection. 

Special exhibit admission will benefit the Children's programs at the

Dunedin Historical Society.  Demonstrations by Melba on National Quilting

Day March 15h.  Children's classes (pre-registration required) on March 8th.

Contact Vinnie Luisi  727-736-1176.  Dunedin has wonderful restaurants,

antique shops, clothing, and other plus Rainbow's End walking distance from

the museum and Quilts 'n Bears just down the road in Clearwater.

Aileen Kline






                    Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts in Ludlow, VT is offering the following classes in 2003:

June 17-19      Beginning Applique` with Folk Art Shapes                   Barbara Pearson

June 20-22       6” Crazy Quilt Purse or Block & Punch Needle                  Victoria Brown

July 7-11             Quilter’s Finishing School                                                                Deb Tucker

July 12-13         Vermont Foliage                                                                                           Deb Tucker

July 14-18         Carolina Lily                                                                                                       Mary Ryan

July 19-20         Quatrefoil Lap Quilt                                                                                                     Nola Forbes

Jul 28-Aug 1   Easiest Ever Applique`-Baltimore Style                         Barbara Pearson

Aug 9-10              Mariner’s Compass                                                                                    Mary Ryan

Aug 11-15          Quilter’s Finishing School                                                                Deb Tucker

Aug 16-17          Dizzy Geese                                                                                                        Deb Tucker

Aug 18-22          Feathered Star Medallion                                                                Mary Ryan

Aug 18-22          Quilter’s Finishing School                                                                Deb Tucker

Aug 25-29          Quiltmaking by Hand                                                                             Emily “Mimi” Strack

Aug 25-29          Hand Applique`                                                                                            Barbara Pearson


                    Tuition:  $95 for two days; $135 for three days; $230 for five days plus a one-time registration fee of $15 ($25 after May 15).  Meals/lodging also available on-campus.  For additional information or to request a catalog call:  (802)22808770 or visit our website:







Friday, February 7th

7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Quilts & Other Comforts, Mt. Dora, FL


Nationally known Pat Yamin travels from New York to show you her collection of antique quilt tops dating as far back as the late 1890's.  Many of the tops have never been shown before.  It is a rare look at our history of fabric, patterns and sewing skills.  Cameras are welcome.  Everyone attending will receive a free, signed book by Pat Yamin.


Lecture Fee:  $10.00






April 11-13, 2003


Due to popular demand from attendees at the annual fall International Quilt Festival in Houston (which attracts more than 50,000 quilt artists, lovers, and collectors each year), we are proud to announce the first spring edition of the show! 

While it will retain many of the elements that have made the Houston Festival so popular, there will also be classes, exhibits, vendors, and events exclusive to this edition, so don’t miss out! Spring Quilt Festival will also feature the debut within Festival of Embellishment®, a show for lovers of beads, buttons, polymer clay, and jewelry! Special exhibits, classes, lectures, and a special area for vendors will be part of this exciting new venture.

So make plans to join tens of thousands at the first-ever spring International Quilt Festival. 
We hope to see you there!


Special exhibits, 120+ Hands-on Classes, 9 Lectures, 40 Faculty Members


For more information, go to www.quilts.com






Handmade felt is emerging in its interest to quilt artist and wearable artist alike.  Handmade felt creates interesting textures and an awesome surface to embellish. No two felt pieces are the same.


Three felting workshops will be held this winter, each different and each attracting a different fiber enthusiast.


March 1-2, 2003  Fine Felt Fabrics,  St. Petersburg

March 28-30, 2003  Roving Rags and Riches, St. Petersburg

April 5-6, 2003  3D Felt Doll, St. Petersburg


Please visit the following website and find out further details of each workshop.  http://www.fiberandfigures.com/Feltworkshop.html




Schedule: Eastern Standard Time



Feb 03, Monday         

09:30 am                             #306 Foundation Paper piecing, Mix and Match Blocks


01:30 pm                              #565 Romancing The Quilt



Feb 04, Tuesday       

09:30 am                              #307 American Quilt Museum, Foldy Stuff Technique


01:30 pm                              #716 African Mask Quilt



Feb 05, Wednesday                        

09:30 am                              #308 Collection Vest, Bonded Fibers Fashion Show


01:30 pm                              #830 Trip to Ireland



Feb 06, Thursday    

09:30 am                              #309 Celtic Art Applique Block


01:30 pm                              #707 Raw-Edge Applique



Feb 07, Friday             

09:30 am                              #628 Watercolor Quilts w/ Dina Pappas


01:30 pm                              #708 Fantasy to Fabric




Feb 10, Monday         

09:30 am                              #555 A Whole Lotta Huppa with Suzanne Nuesner


01:30 pm                              #831 Denim Fray_Edged Quilts with Bonnie Snider and Bonnie B. Buttons



Feb 11, Tuesday       

09:30 am                              #453 Mother's Day Quilt with Jean and Valori Wells


01:30 pm                              #709 Romance with Chintz with Brenda Papadakis



Feb 12, Wednesday                        

09:30 am                              #328 Valentine's Heart Quilt with Jennifer Sampou


01:30 pm                              #832 Reversible Quilts with Sharon Pederson



Feb 13, Thursday    

09:30 am                              #629 Ergonomic Quilting w/ Susan Delany Mech


01:30 pm                              #710 Painted Silk with Sheila Raven



Feb 14, Friday             

09:30 am                              #565 Romancing The Quilt


01:30 pm                             #711 I Love a Challenge with Billie Lauder




Feb 17, Monday         

09:30 am                              #661 Celebrating Americana with Michael Buckingham and Bonnie Browning


01:30 pm                              #833 Stitch & Sing with Cathy Miller



Feb 18, Tuesday       

09:30 am                              #310 Wedges of Sunflowers with Cheryl Phillips


01:30 pm                              #712 Civil War Women with Barbara Brackman



Feb 19, Wednesday                        

09:30 am                              #602 Nigerian Applique with Rachel Clark


01:30 pm                              #834 Nickel Quilts with Pat Speth



Feb 20, Thursday    

09:30 am                              #311 Community Quilting with Susan Irving


01:30 pm                              #713 All Around The World with Leela Cherian



Feb 21, Friday             

09:30 am                              #312 Imagery on Fabric with Jean Ray Laury


01:30 pm                              #714 Revisiting the Revolution with Terry Clothier-Thompson




Feb 24, Monday         

09:30 am                              #313 Quilt Health with Nancy Kirk


01:30 pm                              #835 Fabric Picture Books with Gwen Marsten



Feb 25, Tuesday       

09:30 am                              #314 Japanese Quilts with June Colburn


01:30 pm                              #715 Stained Glass Quilts with Marie Morel-Seroskie



Feb 26, Wednesday                        

09:30 am                              #315 Block Party with Billie Lauder


01:30 pm                              #836 Block of the Month with Jan Schmidt



Feb 27, Thursday    

09:30 am                              #316 1930's Quilts with Pepper Cory


01:30 pm                              #642 African Story Quilts w/ Theresa Polley-Shellcroft



Feb 28, Friday             

09:30 am                              #317 Kansas Connections with Mary Ellen Hopkins


01:30 pm                              #706 Japanese Quilts with Kitty Pippen