Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #88


August 1, 2005


Quilting Friends,


I hope your summer is going swimmingly.  We touched down from 3.5 weeks of camping through New England and still haven’t caught our breaths.  Cherry Picking in Lancaster County, PA, whitewater rafting in Maine, Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor and Jinny Beyer’s shop in Great Falls, VA , the Vermont Quilt Show, two days in NYC, two days in DC…..just some of the great wonderful memories we created.  Oh yes, and THREE Quilt Museums, too.  I feel lucky.


You’ve probably heard of Jessica Porter in Hudson, FL.  She’s the 19 year old who pledged to send a quilt to each family who has lost a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan.  She still needs help, and no matter what your feelings of the conflicts and America’s hand in those conflicts, everyone can make a quilt!  Check out her flyer for more info: http://westpascoquilters.org/ohfq_flyer.htm


One comment I’ve heard lately is, "I used to get your newsletter, do you still send them out?"  I do try to send out a newsletter about once a month, although during the summer I might skip a month.  If you quit receiving the newsletter, there can be several reasons.  If your mailbox is full, it generates a bounce, and after 3 months of bounces I manually must unsubscribe you (otherwise my ISP would get mad at me for creating so much extra work for them).  If your ISP is down and email fails, you may be unsubscribed.  Also, if you have certain types of filters set up, it will bounce the mail back to my server and you will be unsubscribed.  So if think you’re missing a newsletter, please visit the website read the old ones and then resubscribe. 


Also, I do not sell or lease out my list of FQN email database to anyone.  The mailing list is completely opt-in – I only add names of people who have asked or sent me email. I feel very strongly about privacy and security and would never do anything to compromise your trust in me.


OK, here is your COMPUTER TIP: if you find yourself on the internet handing out your email address to every website, Dick and Harry that asks for it, you’re in for way too much unsolicited email.  Here’s what I do: I have created a “junk email” address that I give out instead.  Some ISPs allow each household up to 5 or 6 email addresses so you can use one of those, or you could sign up for a free yahoo.com or hotmail.com account and get all that junk email sent there.  Don’t forget to jot down those new usernames and passwords in your new “password file” (see last month’s computer tip).


As always, if your email address changes, please let me know: subscribe@FloridaQuiltNetwork.com.  Thanks 




CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)




August 1-30 Quilt Exhibit in Melbourne 321-768-2060. (#88)


August 13-14 Quilt Show in North Carolina 828 743-1033 (#87)


August 19-21 Mystery Shop Hop in Central Florida (#88)


August 26-27 Mary Stori Workshops in Central Florida (#88)


Sept 1-Nov 30 Quilt Exhibit in Clearwater (#88)


Sept 3-5 Pioneer Days in Dade City www.pioneerfloridamuseum.org (#88)


Sept 13-16 Handwork Retreat in Leesburg wjdill@bellsouth.net #86


Sept 17-18 Quilt Exhibit in Gainesville  (#88)


Sept 21-22 Esterita Austin Workshops in Orlando www.CFQG.com (#88)


Sept 23-25 QuiltFest in Jacksonville www.quiltfestjax.com (#83)


Oct 1-Nov 28 Quilt Exhibit in Tarpon Springs  www.westpascoquilters.org (#87)


Oct 6-9 Quilt Symposium in Daytona Beach www.ssqa.org (#87)


Oct 16-18 Nancy Prince Workshops in Sarasota  joyabbott1@comcast.net (#88)


Oct 21-23 Quilt Show in White Springs 386/397-7009 (#87)


Oct 22 Nancy Prince Workshop  in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com  (#76)


Oct 23  Nancy Prince Workshop  in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com  (#76)


Oct 28-31 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com  (#88)


Nov 5 Quilt Cruise larryjudy321@yahoo.com  (#83)


Nov 11-12 Quilt Show in Trenton www.springhousequilters.org    (#85)


Dec 2 & 3  Quilt Show in West Palm Beach debbie_38053@msn.com




Jan 13 & 14 Quilt Show in Ft. Myers nadinecc@aol.com (#88)


January 14-15 Mystery Quilt Workshop by Michele Shatz in Palm Beach debbie_38053@msn.com


Jan 15-21 Quilt Cruise www.SewManyPlaces.com (#88)


Jan 20-21 Quilt Show in Orlando quiltshow@cfqg.com


January 14-15 Mystery Quilt Workshop by Michele Shatz in Palm Beach debbie_38053@msn.com


Feb 4 Quilt Show And Auction In Jacksonville (#88)


Feb 4 & 5 Farm Festival & Quilt Show curator@pioneerfloridamuseum.org


Feb 10-12 Quilt Show in Hudson www.westpascoquilters.org (#87)


Feb 11-18 Quilt Cruise http://www.quiltcruises.com (#87)


Feb 17-18 Quilt Show in Port St. Lucie adams7856@bellsouth.net (#88)


Mar 3 & 4 Quilt Show in Palmetto  Mair50@juno.com    #86


Mar 3-4 Quilt Show in New Smyrna Beach 386-426-2941. (#87)


Mar 3-5 Quilt Retreat in Delray Beach Talacam@aol.com (#88)


Mar 9-10 Quilt Show in Mount Dora quiltshow@gmail.com (#87)


Mar 18-19 Quilt Show in Venice www.vaqg.com (#87)


April 7-8 Quilt Show in Sanford cmcquilt7@aol.com (#85)


June 9-12 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com  (#88)


Summer Quilt Exhibit in Gainesville rg10001@bellsouth.net (#85)




Central Florida Quilters Guild is having the following teachers. 

 If anyone is interested in attending any of the classes please contact:  Art Callinan, at artcallinan@earthlink.net or call her at 386-774-6474.


Unique Beading Tricks and The Bright Side on August 26, 2005 cost $30.00 plus kit cost $11.00

Goose Feather Christmas Tree on August 27th cost $30.00 plus kit cost $25.00

With the kits you get the beads you will need to do the work for each class.  

You can see her web site at www.quilt.com/MaryS and then click on workshops.



Painting for Illusion on September 21st cost $30.00 plus Kit $17.00  (the kit includes: original patterns, necessary papers, photo, my new brand of light weight fuse, transfer paper, paint and the use of brushes and paint tray.) She will also have emergency fabrics for $3.50 per quarter yard if necessary.

Creating the illusion of Depth on September 22nd cost $30.00 plus kit $16.00 (Kit includes original pattern, necessary papers, the new misty white fuse, transfer paper, paint, uses of brushes and paper good.  And $3.50 extra if you would like her to supply the fabric.






Mark your calendars for August 19, 20, and 21... The Tropical Mystery Shop Hop will be that weekend. There are 8 participating shops...Bernina Sewing Center in Orange City, Busy Fingers, Material Girl in Apopka, Queen Ann's Lace, Quilt Shop of Deland, Quilting Friends in Mt. Dora, Sewing Gallery and The Good Home Quilt Company. There will be great prizes...visit all 8 shops and you are eligible to win one of TWO sewing machines... A Bernina 220 valued at $999 and a Jem Gold 2 valued at $399...there will be mystery sales in each of the shops...visit 1 or more shops and you are eligible to win $25 gift certificates & gift baskets. Sign up starts June 15, $5.00 includes you passport and you will receive a tote bag on the first day of the hop. This will be lots of fun...Mark your Calendars!






I love your Newsletter and read it every month.  I organize QUILT RETREATS and would love you to add them to your list of happenings in Florida


10/28/05 to 10/31/05 I am holding a 4 day/3night retreat at the Methodist

Retreat Center in Leesburg in Central Florida


3/3/06 to 3/5/06 I an holding a 3 day/2 night retreat at the Duncan Center in

Delray Beach in South Florida


6/9/06 to 6/12/06 I am holding a 4 day/ 3 night retreat at the Methodist

Retreat Center in Leesburg


All enquiries to Glenda Irvine at Talacam@aol.com  or call (352)625-7760






Dirty Dozen Exposed! II


During the month of August, Boutique 4 Quilters, in Melbourne, will host an exhibit of over 25 art quilts, made by the Dirty Dozen Art Quilters.


The exhibit, “Dirty Dozen Exposed! II” will feature original quilts made with a variety of techniques and materials, including a very innovative group project.  You’re invited to a reception on August 6th, from 1-3 PM.  Come enjoy light refreshments, meet the artists, and see what these innovative gals have been up to.  You can also view the exhibit during regular store hours, throughout the month of August.


Boutique 4 Quilters is located in the old Willow ‘n Hare location, 1800 W. Hibiscus Blvd.,  (behind Melbourne Square Mall.)  Store hours are M-F 9:30-6, Sa 9:30-4.  Phone 321-768-2060.




For “From Fabric to Pixels: Storytelling in the Digital Age” Exhibit

 Florida quilters and quilt owners are invited to participate in a juried quilt exhibit to be hosted at the Orange County Regional History Center in downtown Orlando from December 2005 to March 2006. The exhibit, titled "From Fabric to Pixels: Storytelling in the Digital Age" will feature historic quilts as well as original/contemporary creations by selected
quilters or quilt owners that tell a universal story of community and diversity through the textiles and an accompanying story. Part of the exhibit will feature an interactive installation titled "The Digital Story Quilt" by Michelle Barrett Ferrier which will allow patrons to participate in the creation of a virtual community quilt that immediately becomes part of this dynamic exhibit that explores the themes of community, identity, storytelling and memory.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Both quilters and quilt owners may submit entries for the exhibit. Because of the limited space for such an exhibit, a select number of quilters or quilt owners will be invited to submit their actual quilts.

 Quilters: Interested quilters must submit a full-color slide or 8 x 10 photograph, or other print-ready materials of the quilt along with a no more than 500-word story about the quilt and what it displays. Quilters should also submit a 50-word artist's statement about his or her work. In addition, the quilter should submit a print-ready, 3 x 5" photograph of himself/herself. Submitted materials should be clearly labeled with the name of the quilt owner, the quilt owner’s address and county, telephone number, fax number, email address and any other contact information, along with a description of the quilt and its dimensions.

 Quilt Owners: Quilt owners may submit materials for a quilt that is a family heirloom or that was expressly made for their personal use. Interested owners must submit a full-color slide or 8 x 10 photograph, or other print-ready materials of the quilt along with a no more than 500-word story about the quilt and what it displays or means to the owner along with description of how the quilt was acquired. In addition, the quilt owner should submit a print-ready, 3 x 5" photograph of himself/herself. Submitted materials should be clearly labeled with the name of the quilt owner, the quilt owner’s address and county, telephone number, fax number, email address and any other contact information, along with a description of the quilt and its dimensions.

 ENTRY FEE: $20 per quilt.

 Submitted materials must be postmarked by September 1, 2005. Send materials to: History Center Exhibit, c/o Michelle Barrett Ferrier, 6213 Tortoise Creek Lane, Port Orange, FL 32128.

NOTIFICATION: Submitted materials will be used to judge the entries. Quilters or quilt owners selected to participate in the exhibit will be notified by September 20, 2005 and must be prepared to ship the actual quilt by October 17, 2005 for display during the exhibit dates. Quilters or quilt owners not selected to participate as part of the exhibit may have their submitted materials included in other print materials related to the theme of the exhibit. By submitting materials for consideration for the exhibit, the quilter/owner consents to allow subsequent use of the materials. Materials submitted for consideration for the exhibit cannot be returned.

CONTACT: For more information, contact Michelle Barrett Ferrier, exhibit curator, at digitalquilt@excite.com. If you would like a flyer of this information, contact Michelle at digitalquilt@excite.com.







JAN 15 - 21, 2006


Port Everglades   -    Freeport   -   Grand Cayman    -   Cozumel   -   2 Days @ Sea


Introducing Carnival Cruise Line’s New Mega Ship Carnival Liberty


Quilt with our professional quilt educators:

Joan Shay    Charolotte Angotti    Linda Poole  Anne Kistenfeger


PACKAGE INCLUDES: Accommodations onboard the ship, all port charges, all taxes, all meals, personal quilting instruction from two of our professional educators (kits available at additional charge), fun mid-week mixer of games and demonstrations, private cocktail party, quilt blanket donations for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, sit & stitch quilting opportunities using White sewing machines, silent auction, fat quarter swap, show and tell, special quilting gift, an autographed copy of The Essential Little Cruise Book, special pricing for non-quilting companion and personally escorted by cruise director and author, Jim West!


The ENTIRE cost of this 7-Day Western Caribbean Quilt cruise is only

$885.00 per person (based on double occupancy)


(877) 887-1188

 Mention this email and recieve $50 off!!

This will be one of the greatest quilting events of your life!


Space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Insurance, airfare and transfers are additional.








Friendship Knot Quilters Guild in Sarasota, FL, is hosting the following workshops with Nancy Prince:


    Oct. 16    Simple Thread Painting  (1-4 pm, half-day workshop)

    Oct. 17    Thread Painted Landscapes (full-day workshop)

    Oct. 18    Fabric Painting Made Easy (full-day workshop)


Contract:  joyabbott1@comcast.net






1 September-30 November, 2005: Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild's show at the Clearwater Main Library near Coachman Park in downtown Clearwater located on Drew and Osceola in the Osceola Gallery (near the library cafe on the first floor).  A variety of artquilts and other textiles showing a variety of techniques will be on display for educational purposes as well as for sale.  Call the library for hours and special events connected with the show.






The Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild presents the Keepsake Quilting Exhibit & More.  Ten years of 1st and 2nd place Keepsake Quilting Challenge quilts will be on display.  Day Guild challenges will also be featured.

Sept. 17-18, 2005; Sat. 10-5; Sun. 10-4; at the Best Western Gateway Grand, Gainesville, Fl.  (Contact Marilyn - 352-331-7379)






The Crazy Quilter's of Port St Lucie will host "An Album in Time" quilt show

Friday February 17 and Saturday February 18, 2006 at the Polish American Club at 343 NW Prima Vista Blvd in Port St Lucie from 10am to 5pm each day. There will  be 16 vendors, food to purchase and raffle tickets for a wall hanging and queen size quilt.  Admission will be $5.00 per person.  Hope to see you there.


Susan Adams, President    adams7856@bellsouth.net






Florida Celebrates Quilts 2006

"Colors of the Sun"

Jan 13th and 14th

Lee Civic Center Fort Myers FL


A reminder to get those Colors of the Sun challenge quilts finished! Challenge should be mailed to (A change here) Nadine Tourtillott 24381 South Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs, FL 34134 starting Nov 1st to Dec. 15 2005  


Please visit our web site for all show information at http://www.swfqg.com/ All information from vendors to program advertising can be found there, and will be updated regularly. Our show is open to FL quilters, but only to quilts never before shown in SW FL.


Contact nadinecc@aol.com





Travel Through Time
31st Annual Pioneer Days Festival
Pioneer Florida Museum & Village
September 3, 4, and 5th, 2005
Open all weekend 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
One mile north of Dade City off Highway 301 North, east on Pioneer Museum Road

Music, Arts and Crafts, Civil War Re-enactment,
Cane Grinding, Other Exhibits. True Crafters, Story Tellers, Children Activities, Antique Cars


Admission Is $6.00 Adults And 12 & Under $2.00   Free Parking







Contemporary Quilt Artist of Sebring


We are a newly formed group interested in Art Quilts.  Our focus is to develop a small interactive group to share projects, discuss techniques and explore varied materials. We would hope all members would be willing to actively participate by exchanging ideas and being creatively productive.


Beginning August 31 we will meet on the last Wednesday of each month from 9am to 1 pm. If you are interested in more information please contact Sandy at spice@strato.net






Comfort for a Cure Quilt Show and Auction benefiting the Arthritis Foundation.
February 4, 2006
At the Morocco Shrine Auditorium 3800 St. Johns Bluff Road, South
Jacksonville, FL 32245
For information call Marika Sevin at (888) 353-5770.




Simply Quilts August, 2005 Schedule

HGTV: Eastern Standard Time

Aug 01, Monday            08:30 am        #1118 Trash To Treasure Quilt Challenge

Aug 02, Tuesday         08:30 am        #743 Eye of The Beholder with Ami Simms

Aug 03, Wednesday       08:30 am        #724 Quilting with Kids with Barbara Eikmeier

Aug 04, Thursday        08:30 am        #725 No Dragons with Jean Ray Laury

Aug 05, Friday            08:30 am        #726 Holiday Applique with Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins

Aug 08, Monday            08:30 am        #1105 Victoria and Albert Quilts w/ Kaffe Fassett

Aug 09, Tuesday         08:30 am        #727 The Perfect Stitch with Didi McElroy

Aug 10, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #728 Applique Artistry with McKenna Ryan

Aug 11, Thursday        01:30 pm        #729 Quick Quilts with Nancy Martin

Aug 12, Friday            08:30 am        #730 Strips & Curves with Louisa Smith

Aug 15, Monday          08:30 am        #1119 Get Chopping! Sneaky Piecing Tricks w/ Beth Ferrier

Aug 16, Tuesday         08:30 am        #731 Log Cabin with Attitude with Darra Duffy Williamson

Aug 17, Wednesday       08:30 am        #732 Decorating with Quilts with Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan

Aug 18, Thursday        08:30 am        #733 La Conner Quilt Museum, Piecing w/ Ruth McDowell     

Aug 19, Friday            08:30 am        #734 Race For The Border with Paulette Peters

Aug 22, Monday            08:30 am        #1120 Artist Trading Cards w/ Patricia Bolton

Aug 23, Tuesday         08:30 am        #735 Prairie Flower Quilt with Barbara Brackman

Aug 24, Wednesday       08:30 am        #736 Fanciful Flowers with Carol Armstrong

Aug 25, Thursday        08:30 am        #737 Geometry of Quilts with Mary Sue Suit

Aug 26, Friday            08:30 am        #738 Flower Pounding with Amy Sandrin & Ann Frischkorn

Aug 29, Monday            08:30 am        #1121 Folk Quilts w/ Sue Spargo

Aug 30, Tuesday         08:30 am        #739 Re-Piecing History with Joe Cunningham

Aug 31, Wednesday       08:30 am        #740 Valuable Lessons with Susan Preglow & Kathy Slattery

Simply Quilts August, 2005 Schedule

DIY: Eastern Standard Time

Aug 01, Monday            01:30 pm        #810 Divide & Conquer Quilts w/ Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan

Aug 02, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #811 Nimble Thimble w/ Thimblelady

Aug 03, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #812 Behind the Shadows Quilts w/ Laurie Shifrin

Aug 04, Thursday        01:30 pm        #813 Garden Block w/ Diana McClun

Aug 05, Friday            01:30 pm        #814 Braided Borders w/ Joe Flynn

Aug 08, Monday            01:30 pm        #815 Dream Saving Space w/ Myrna Giesbrecht

Aug 09, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #816 Enchanted Views with Dilys Fronks

Aug 10, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #817 Teenage Quilters with Brett & LeAnna Christopher

Aug 11, Thursday        01:30 pm        #818 Stellar Journeys with Gail Garber

Aug 12, Friday            01:30 pm        #819 Mosaic Quilts with Tammie Bowser

Aug 15, Monday          01:30 pm        #820 Scanned Fabric with Caryl Bryer Fallert

Aug 16, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #821 Magical Hexagons with Martha Thompson

Aug 17, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #822 Dimensional Quilting with Velda Newman

Aug 18, Thursday        01:30 pm        #823 Log By Log with Wendy Etzel

Aug 19, Friday            01:30 pm        #824 Mixed Media with Sandy Donabed

Aug 22, Monday            01:30 pm        #825 Two Block Quilts with Claudia Olson

Aug 23, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #826 Quilting A Coat with Rachel Clark

Aug 24, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #827 Novelty Dresden Plates with Sharon Stroud

Aug 25, Thursday        01:30 pm        #828 Thread Painted Landscape with Nancy Prince

Aug 26, Friday            01:30 pm        #829 Free Form Machine Quilting with Kathy Sandbach

Aug 29, Monday            01:30 pm        #830 Trip to Ireland

Aug 30, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #831 Denim Fray_Edged Quilts with Bonnie Snider and Bonnie B. Buttons

Aug 31, Wednesday       08:30 am        #832 Reversible Quilts with Sharon Pederson