Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #89


September1, 2005


Quilting Friends,


Let’s save a tree this month, shall we?  Did you know that everything in this newsletter is ALSO on my website?  So instead of printing out this email, you can surf over to www.FloridaQuiltNetwork.com and poke around looking for something to do this weekend or any time in the near future, for that matter.


I know the victims of Katrina are foremost on your mind this week.  Please see the two articles after the Calendar Of Events.  Every quilter can be a part of the solution.


Here’s a website you should check with often:  http://www.quilt.com/Errata.html  They list “errata” or corrections that have been made to various books and magazines.  Good things to know before you start a new project out of a book.


I was surfing away the other day and found this useful website: http://www.marcusbrothers.com/features/tip_archive.html  They have collected lots of great quilting tips in one place.  Its almost too much to read at one time.


If you are a LONG-ARM MACHINE QUILTER or a QUILT APPRAISER, please let me know.  I get emails and calls all the time for referrals.  If you want, I can create a list on my website….free advertising for you!


As always, if your email address changes, please let me know: subscribe@FloridaQuiltNetwork.com.  Thanks 




CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)




Now till Oct 14 Quilt Exhibit in Vero Beach (#89)


Sept 1-Nov 30 Quilt Exhibit in Clearwater (#88)


Sept 3-5 Pioneer Days in Dade City www.pioneerfloridamuseum.org (#88)


Sept 10 Marlene Glickman Workshop in Clearwater 727-462-6800 (#89)


Sept 13-16 Handwork Retreat in Leesburg wjdill@bellsouth.net #86


Sept 15 Carol Wight Jones Lecture in Gainesville (386-454-8223) (#89)


Sept 16 Carol Wight Jones Workshops in Gainesville (386-454-8223) (#89)


Sept 17-18 Quilt Exhibit in Gainesville  (#88)


Sept 17-18 Esterita Austin Workshops in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#89)


Sept 17 Marlene Glickman Workshop in Clearwater 727-462-6800 (#89)


Sept 21-22 Esterita Austin Workshops in Orlando www.CFQG.com (#88)


Sept 23-25 QuiltFest in Jacksonville www.quiltfestjax.com (#83)


Sept 24 Marlene Glickman Workshop in Clearwater 727-462-6800 (#89)


Sept 28-30 Billie Lauder Workshops in Melbourne  www.RedRoosterQuiltworks.com (#89)


Oct 1-Nov 28 Quilt Exhibit in Tarpon Springs  www.westpascoquilters.org (#87)


Oct 6-9 Quilt Symposium in Daytona Beach www.ssqa.org (#87)


Oct 13 Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#89)


Oct 13-15 Shop Hop in Southwest Florida (#89)


Oct 16-18 Nancy Prince Workshops in Sarasota  joyabbott1@comcast.net (#88)


Oct 21-23 Quilt Show in White Springs 386/397-7009 (#87)


Oct 22 Nancy Prince Workshop  in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com  (#76)


Oct 23  Nancy Prince Workshop  in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com  (#76)


Oct 28 Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#89)


Oct 28-31 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com  (#88)


Oct 30-Nov 2 Jennie Rayment Workshops in Melbourne www.RedRoosterQuiltworks.com (#89)


Nov 3-6 Quilt Gathering in New Hampshire   www.aquiltersgathering.com (#89)


Nov 3-6 Quilt Retreat in Jacksonville www.oldegreencupboard.com (#89)


Nov 3 Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#89)


Nov 4-Dec 23  Quilt Exhibit near New Port Richey   (727) 845-7322 (#89)


Nov 5 Quilt Cruise larryjudy321@yahoo.com  (#83)


Nov 10 Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#89)


Nov 11-12 Quilt Show in Trenton www.springhousequilters.org    (#85)


Dec 2 & 3  Quilt Show in West Palm Beach debbie_38053@msn.com




Jan 13 & 14 Quilt Show in Ft. Myers nadinecc@aol.com (#88)


January 14-15 Mystery Quilt Workshop by Michele Shatz in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com  (#89)


Jan 15-21 Quilt Cruise www.SewManyPlaces.com (#88)


Jan 20-21 Quilt Show in Orlando quiltshow@cfqg.com


Feb 4 Quilt Show And Auction In Jacksonville katquil@yahoo.com (#89)


Feb 4 & 5 Farm Festival & Quilt Show curator@pioneerfloridamuseum.org


Feb 10-12 Quilt Show in Hudson www.westpascoquilters.org (#87)


Feb 11-18 Quilt Cruise http://www.quiltcruises.com (#87)


Feb 15 Joan Shay Workshop in Leesburg www.aquiltersdream.biz (#89)


Feb 17-18 Quilt Show in Port St. Lucie adams7856@bellsouth.net (#88)


Feb 23-25 Sewing And Quilt Expo In Clearwater www.sewingexpo.com (#89)


Feb 25-26  Galen Berry Workshop  in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com (#89)


Mar 3 & 4 Quilt Show in Palmetto  Mair50@juno.com    #86


Mar 3-4 Quilt Show in New Smyrna Beach 386-426-2941. (#87)


Mar 3-5 Quilt Retreat in Delray Beach Talacam@aol.com (#89)


Mar 9-10 Quilt Show in Mount Dora quiltshow@gmail.com (#87)


Mar 18-19 Quilt Show in Venice www.vaqg.com (#87)


April 7-8 Quilt Show in Sanford cmcquilt7@aol.com (#85)


June 9-12 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com  (#89)


June 10-Sept 4  Quilt Exhibit in Gainesville rg10001@bellsouth.net (#85)




May 23-27 TAS National Quilt Show & Convention  lbrooker@tampabay.rr.com (#89)






 Can you get this information out?  I am hoping to send 1000 quilts to the devastated areas.


Our 4 hurricanes last year were a small inconvenience compared to what the people in New Orleans and Biloxi (and surrounding areas) are going through.  They lost everything and they have no where to go.  I am hoping we can send some small comfort to the children and the elderly that must feel an even greater loss.


I have a challenge to all quilters  


I am asking every quilter to make at least one small quilt (minimum size 36x45) by September 24th.  It can be tied or quilted.  Almost everyone has cheater quilt / panels in their stash...what a way to use them up, or check out this website for a great suggestion on small quilts: http://kcprojectlinus.home.att.net/_qkquilt.html 


Please place a label on the back of your quilt:


"Name of Guild / Group / Bee"

"Town, FL"

"Your Name"


If every quilter would make 1 small quilt we would have over 500 quilts to send to the hurricane hit area, if we make 2 then it would be 1000.


Quicky idea if you don't like binding: 

Sandwich your quilt as follows,  With goods sides of top and back facing each other, then batting  pin together.  Sew all the way around the outside of the quilt leaving a hole, of about 6 - 7 inches to turn. Turn the quilt right side out, turning corners well, press and top stitch around the edge to help keep edges straight. Then "tie " or "quilt" approximately every 6".


I am making arrangements for delivery of our quilts into the devastated areas. 


Please pass this on to quilters that you know that don't have emails...THANK YOU


Debbie Sprague

Palm Beach County Quilters Guild

4115 Johnson Dairy Rd. #568

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410







All of us have watched in horror as Hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast this week. Quilters are always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. We are depending on that generosity as we launch AQS Quilters to the Rescue.


The American Quilter's Society will act as a repository for quilts to be donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This will be a long-term commitment. We will receive quilts into our warehouse and pack them to be shipped on to the disaster areas, when and where requested by the aid groups. Our Paducah, Kentucky location is the perfect launch point for the aid. We are asking for completed bed quilts and baby quilts only. Do not send quilting supplies, wallhangings, or unfinished quilts.


With colder weather just two months away, quilts made with loving care, will offer comfort to those facing winter and rebuilding their lives. As many as a million people may be left homeless due to this catastrophic disaster. It is likely that many people will be in shelters and other relocation facilities through much of the winter. Quilts will be needed! So spread the word!


Send donated quilts to:


AQS Quilters to the Rescue


c/o American Quilter's Society


5801 Kentucky Dam Road


Paducah , KY 42003


For those of you wishing to donate money instead, we suggest a donation to NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance). They will be providing long-term assistance on many levels. You may go to their Web site at www.trynova.org or send checks to NOVA, 510 King Street, Suite 424, Alexandria, VA 22314, or call them at 703-525-NOVA.


For an optional AQS Quilters to the Rescue quilt label, go to www.AmericanQuilter.com and download the PDF. The label will be available on line on Thursday, September 1 st.






May I ask that you remind any North East "snow-birds" that haven't left for warmer climes before November,  A Quilters' Gathering is being held in Nashua, NH, November 3-6, 2005 at the Sheraton Hotel. For complete information including class and lecture schedules are posted on our web site : www.aquiltersgathering.com


Thank you.........have fun the rest of your endless summer.

Piecefully, Jeanne Glenfield

Eastcoast Quilters Alliance






Good news from Red Rooster Quiltworks in Melbourne, Florida.  We are doubling our space!!  We also have Billie Lauder (easymade.com) teaching on September 28, 29 and 30. 

Jennie Rayment (jennierayment.com) will be here October 31, Nov 1 and 2.  Please (call/e-mail/check website) the store for details on lectures and classes from these nationally known teachers.  Reserve your space soon.


Thank you Mary-Jeanine for all your work on this newsletter.  The quilting community appreciates getting the news!


Mary Kilgore,  Red Rooster Quiltworks

4970 Stack Blvd B1-B2  Melbourne, FL   32901








Women in the Arts

The fall series features lectures about and workshops by women artists. We will explore their arts from the Renaissance through contemporary times with emphasis on women in the craft movement and those bad girls of art. Imagine the thought process that had to be realigned in both sexes so that women would be accepted in the art world, and so that they would be comfortable stepping through the threshold from craftswoman to artist.

Lectures, meetings and workshops take place in Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street, unless otherwise noted.

LECTURES: Free and open to the public except as noted; events start at 7 PM.

September 30, Friday, POETRY SLAM, $2, ACA Harris Black Box Theater, 1414 Art Center Avenue 

This project partnered with Tomoka Poets, Ormond Beach, and Poets’ Corner, New Smyrna Beach.

October 13, Thursday, Artistic Women in Renaissance to Now by Carmen Villa

October 28, Thursday, Women Wedge Their Way into Fine Craft Movement by Amber Bailey-Brown

November 3, Thursday, Those Black Girls by Lauren Austin

November 10, Thursday, Bad Girls of Art by Carly Gibran



Open on to ACA members and their guests; limited space requires RSVP.

October 14, Enrichment Tour -  M.C. Escher: Rhythm of Illusion, @Orlando Museum of Art, $15,  by ACA van for first 12 to sign up

November 18, Tour of Studio and Demo of Welding by Elsie Shaw

December 16, Enrichment Tour - Glories Of Ancient Egypt, @Museum of Arts & Sciences, Daytona Beach, $15, by ACA van for first 12 to sign up



October 1-2, A Weekend to Dye For

The FL/GA Regional meeting of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and guests.

Program includes lectures/workshops on artist’s statements and bios, professional presentation, roundtable discussions with professional artists, two dyeing techniques featuring Linda Dawson (Shibori) and Lauren Austin (Dye Painting), show ‘n tell, exhibition of fiber works, and mentoring sessions.  Appointments may be made with professional photographer Tariq Gibran, who will shoot artwork for a set fee. Room reservations on first come, first served basis.  Contact Mary McBride at 386-423-1753 or mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org for more information.

Workshops: $125

Room & Board (on-site at ACA): $150 approximately



September 6 – December 6, Tuesdays, Assorted Crafts (10 AM – 2 PM) – Harris House Volunteer League members meet weekly to create items for sale in the gift shop and boutique. Guests welcome.


Thursdays, Painting 101 (1:30 – 5:30 PM) with Trish Thompson – Register through DBCC (Daytona Beach Community College), classes start August 25.


Wednesdays, 6 weeks, September14, 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19

Open Workshops: Altered Furniture, Studio Drawing, or Embellishments

(10 AM – 2 PM) $25 a day or $125/$150 full session

Folk artist Ellen Clark will work with students who wish to take existing pieces of furniture to Altered Furniture works of art.  The Studio Drawing program, featuring Lauren Austin and other area artists, will include lessons taken from “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” and freewheeling through the rules of drawing. Goldsmith and surface design artist Helen Howell has revised her Embellishments program for the fall season to include fiber, metal, glass and found objects to embellish just about anything.



Morning meetings of ArtsEtc, Central Florida fiber and surface design artists, include a demo of the next month’s workshop (9:30 AM – 12 PM).  Afternoon workshops explore the process and provide materials to begin the development of a project.


August 27, Block Printing, Suzanne Giusti

September 24, Basket Making, Barb Doll
October 22, Weaving, Patti Gearson

November 26, 4x4 Challenge Exhibition and Reception

December – no meeting



September 17 – 18, Drawing & Painting on Fabric, Esterita Austin, $150/$175

International fiber artist Austin will share her award-winning techniques. No drawing experience necessary. No sewing skills required. Students will draw, create patterns, fuse fabrics and paint for 3-D effects. www.esteritaaustin.com Sponsored by Nella Shelton.


October 8, Mini Workshops,  $75/$85

Altered Furniture, Folk artist Ellen Clark will work with students in a crash course to alter existing pieces of furniture into works of art. 

Cyanotype Printing, ACA’s Community Artist in Residence Lauren Austin will teach a one-day workshop in cyanotype printing on cloth.


October 22 –23, A Painting Lesson, Jeanne Schubert, $150/$175

Esteemed local artist Schubert will share her techniques for still-life and landscape painting. Her work can be seen in Arts on Douglas Fine Art & Collectibles gallery.


November 12 –13, Plein Aire Painting, Patricia McCrudden Shistle, $150/$175

Award-winning artist Shistle will stroll the streets with students and pick out assorted views to draw and paint. Join us for a soiree at Arts on Douglas Fine Art & Collectibles gallery on Friday night to meet fellow artists for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and stimulating conversation surrounded by exciting art.


TEEN ART PROGRAMS (12–18 yrs old)

Wednesdays, 2:30 - 4:30 PM, Drawing, Printing, and Journaling, featuring various artists and teachers. The Harris House League sponsors this free program.


CHILDREN’S ART PROGRAMS (6-12 yrs old), 10 AM – 1 PM, $25/$30

Printing Series: Study of different methods of printmaking by Carly Gibran

September 10, Block Printing (carve design in block and make multiple prints)

October 15, Monoprinting (free-range designing of one-of-a-kind and ghost prints)

November 19, Screen Printing (create silk screens using photos or drawings)



November 12 – 13, Quilting a Story by Nella Shelton & Lauren Austin

Parent and child will write their own versions of a family story and illustrate it on fabric. No sewing or drawing skills required.  Students will “draw” with scissors on fabric that will be fused to a backing. Bring a sack lunch.






Palm Beach County Quilters' Guild:

January 14, and 15, 2006.....Mystery Quilt, Michele Shatz day and a half class


February 25, and 26, 2006.....Marbling on Fabric with Galen Berry, day and a half class (limited to 20 people)


workshop chair...Trudy Flynn   trudyf@aol.com





There will be a fine display of quilts at the Vero Beach Court House, now to Oct. 14, 2005. There are three floors of quilts, dolls, etc by the Sunbonnet Sue Quilters Guild. Plenty of parking, no admission fee, come during regular business hours, closed Sat & Sun.


Thanks Pat Lester






Just read your newsy news.  We are so busy in Florida!  Anyway, update on QUILTING NATURAL FLORIDA exhibit at the Museum of Natural History here in Gainesville.  The exhibit dates are June 10, 2006 through September 4, 2006.


All quilters are invited to participate in this exhibit.  Entry forms are on the SSQA website (www.ssqa.org).  The goal is to have quilts from all over the state depicting our natural environment.






I would like to offer the exhibit  [55 small quilts  ART oriented] to be shown at any Florida quilt show.  We are going to take them to Road To California  in January, 2006.


I would like to stay a bit closer to home after that.  The quilters are from ALL over..  2 from Australia & 2 from New Zealand.


See more info on our website: www.monkink.com

Patsy Monk



ps.. they are going to a show in Naples?  or Venice? in Jan 08






I was wondering if you could pass this information along to your fiber friends. I am trying to get the word out about my online classes I am teaching at www.joggles.com. This past couple of months I taught my Fiber Collage class and had a great response to it from people all over the globe. This Fall I am teaching a Monoprinting on Fiber class and hope it takes off too.

Joggles.com has posted its Fall online classes, starting in Sept. My Monoprinting class is starting Sept. 20th and will run for 6 weeks. Cost is 60.00 plus supplies. This is going to be a really fun class if you have never Monoprinted on fabric. A lot of the textures and tools are things you can find around the house or at a thrift store. I have been so inspired by creating the lessons for this class, that it has made me think of other ways to create fiber art pieces. Here is the link to Joggles online classes and sign up starts today. :) http://www.joggles.com/onlineclasses.htm


Susan R. Sorrell






Mark Your Calendars for Turtle Run 2005

West Coast Florida Quilt Shops are having a "Turtle Run" Quilt Shop Hop on October 13,14 and 15, 2005.  Join your quilting friends at A Quilter's Cottage in Englewood, Cotton Patch Quilt Shop in Sarasota, Deborah's Quilt Basket in Venice, Patches Galore in Parrish, Quilts n' More in Pt. Charlotte, and Quilter's Haven and More in Ellenton.  Your cost to join the festivities is $5.00 which includes a map and passport of the 6 participating shops.  The first 50 registering in any of the shops will receive a commemorative Turtle Run tote bag and door prize. Your completed passport will entitle you to will the grand Prize Sewing Machine or a Surprise Basket of Goodies, Gift certificates and various Fabric packets.  Join us for an enjoyable and fun 3 day event!






The Feather Princesses, the Tampa chapter of The Applique Society (TAS), is proud to announce that they will host the 2007 National Quilt Show and Convention.

Mark your calendars for this exciting applique extravaganza to be held May 23-26, 2007, at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. TAS's national coordinator Anne Bond and local coordinators Laura Brooker and Dorothy Johnson will chair the show that will feature appliqued quilts from TAS members across the United States and Canada, a vendors' mall and some of the top teachers in the world of applique.


The Feather Princesses meet the second Wednesday of each month from noon to 3 p.m. in the community room of the Jimmie B. Keel Library, 2902 W. Bearss Avenue in Tampa. For more information about the Tampa TAS chapter or the 2007 show, contact Laura Brooker at lbrooker@tampabay.rr.com






Sept 1-Nov 30: Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild show at the beautiful, new

Clearwater Main Library at 100 N. Osceola Avenue in the Osceola Gallery.

A variety of fiber and bead work will be shown. Opening reception and

demonstrations on Oct 6, Thursday, 7-8:30 pm. Call for library hours:



September workshops at HandMade in Florida Craft Gallery located at 1903

North 19th Street, Tampa Florida 33605, in Historic Ybor City

Voice: (813) 247-7902 Hours: 10 am - 6 pm Monday through Saturday.


10 September 10am-1pm "Collaged Fabrics and Designs" by Marlene Glickman

$45 (supplies included) Limited space. Call for reservations.

17 September 10am-1pm "Fabulous Foiled Fabrics" by Marlene Glickman $45

(supplies included)

24 September 10am-1pm "Stencil Creation and Application" by Marlene

Glickman $45 (supplies included)


First Thursday each  month 6-9pm: Creative Collaborators textile and

fiber study group






Joan Shay will be in Leesburg on February 15th teaching Nantucket Basket.  For more information go to www.aquiltersdream.biz


Connie Czernuch

A Quilter's Dream

703 W. Main Street

Leesburg, Fl 34748








We will be at Harbourview February 23-25 with all day classes on Wednesday, February 22.  Some of the fall classes will carry over to the spring but I won't have any final information until November or so.  I would love to speak to anyone interested in the Ambassador (volunteer) program now or at any time. Also, the fall shows can be viewed on our web site www.sewingexpo.com.  


Folks can also see information about the Ambassador program on the web site which is all new this season.


My toll free number for anyone who would like to call for information or to sign up to become an Ambassador is 1-888-400-7414.


Thanks, looking forward to Florida in February.


Terri Sheetz
14708 Pebblestone Drive
Colesville, Maryland 20905

301-613-8411 Cell






November 3 - 6 2005 is Camp "Holly" Day Retreat here in Jacksonville.

We will be in the Hilton Hotel on the water.  We have been given an entire wing of classrooms that are simply wonderful.  On one side of the hall you will look out over the St. Johns River and the other side you will see the skyline of downtown Jacksonville and it's bridges...simply beautiful 


The retreat runs $295 Double Room or $395 Single Room.  This fee includes all 3 nights, 4 days, breakfast each day, choice of 2 classes, make-it-take-it project, shopping spree at The Olde Green Cupboard, mini-holiday project on Sunday, Games, Door Prizes... we'll even have Spa Services that you may use (appointment only - your expense).   Our classes will be on our website soon www.oldegreencupboard.com for you to look at.  Your two choices may be from:  Peppermint Twist - Quilt, Christmas Kisses - Quilt, Holiday Apron & Oven Mitt, Star Christmas Tree Skirt (or wall hanging/table topper), Holiday Purses!! 


For further information, call 904-880-6656 and ask for a flyer.




The Olde Green Cupboard will work with any group in arranging a retreat at their shop.  It's over 10,000 square feet and full of fun, fabric, patterns, and a HUGE classroom that can accommodate up to 40 students.  If any guild or group is interested, please call Gloria Parsons, 904-880-6656.  Thanks!!!







Quilt Show and Auction

Saturday, February 4, 2006

 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Morocco Shrine Center

Jacksonville, FL

Admission $3 (Free Parking)


The Comfort for a Cure Quilt Show began when Arthritis Foundation volunteer and long-time quilter Kathy Minton came to the Foundation with the idea to have a quilt show to raise money for arthritis programs and research. We see a strong connection between our mission in providing comfort and hope for people with arthritis, and the comfort and support the quilting community creates through their quilting- working together to create beautiful quilts that provide comfort as well as a rich and generous history. Together, we can continue our efforts in providing comfort to others and in the process build on our heritage of generosity and hope.


We are asking quilt makers, of all levels of expertise, to submit their quilted article(s) to the Arthritis Foundation to be judged and then auctioned at the Comfort for a Cure Quilt Show and Auction. There will be three main categories: Wall Hanging, Bed Sized and Open Category.

Any colors and/or patterns are welcome. A brief explanation of the story behind the quilt, the creator’s inspiration, and any dedications are encouraged. A quilt heritage book will be created to document each quilt with a picture, quilter’s signature, the quilt’s story and any dedications.

All entries are a tax-deductible donation to the Arthritis Foundation. No quilted articles will be returned. All entries will be auctioned to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation. We will send you a receipt for tax purposes with the amount your quilt was valued at and auctioned.


Be a sponsor: Various sponsorship opportunities are available to meet your company’s interests. All sponsorship levels include vendor space and a program advertisement.

Vendor Space: $100 for a 10’ x 16’ Space: Includes two 8’ tables and chairs upon request.

Program Advertising: ¼ page: $50, ½ page: $75, full page: $100, Cover in Color: $200

The Arthritis Foundation is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization. Thanks to a private donor, 100% of funds raised from this show go directly to the Arthritis Foundation.


Marika Sevin                                                Kathy Minton

Arthritis Foundation                                    Chair, Comfort for a Cure

(888) 353-5770                                           (904) 529-9765

msevin@arthritis.org                                    katquil@yahoo.com






Quilters Of Alachua County Day Guild presents Carol Wight Jones


An accomplished quilter of 30 years, Carol is coming to us from Alaska.  Her work has appeared on the cover of Quilter’s Newsletter and in books by Elly Sienkiewicz and Louisa L. Smith.  A teacher, as well as judge, Carol specializes in the Baltimore Album style of appliqué.      Examples of her winning appliqué pieces can be viewed at:  www.akdye.com/challenge.htm.  Join us for an inspiring lecture/trunk show and classes.


Sept. 15, 2005 – Wearable art lecture/trunk show.

7 pm -reception; 7:30 pm–lecture.  Free admission                      


Sept. 16, 2005 –  Needleturn Applique    (9-12 am.;

               Cost: $20 – Members; $25 – Non-Members)         


Sept. 16, 2005 – Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag (1-4 pm.;

                Cost: $20 – Members; $25 – Non-Members)


Lecture and classes at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1521 NW 34th St., Gainesville, Florida.


Classes are limited to 20 students each.


Contact:  Karon (386-454-8223) for information and registration






The Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild presents the Keepsake Quilting Exhibit & More.  Ten years of 1st and 2nd place Keepsake Quilting Challenge quilts will be on display.  Day Guild challenges will also be featured.

Sept. 17-18, 2005; Sat. 10-5; Sun. 10-4; at the Best Western Gateway Grand, Gainesville, Fl.  (Contact Marilyn - 352-331-7379)






Art Quilt Exhibit:  "Recycled, Resynthesized and Remarkable" at the Pasco Arts Council, 5744 Moog Road, Holiday, FL.  This special solo exhibit features Teddy Pruett's story quilts, created from bits and pieces of recycled fabric and vintage needlework.  Dates are November 4 through December 23rd with an artist's reception and gallery walk on November 11.  The gallery is also featuring holiday art and gifts.  To verify dates and hours call (727) 845-7322.






Teddy Pruett finally has a website!  It features information on current lectures and fees, appraisals, commissions, and much more.  Take a gallery tour or just read about this and that.  The site is suffering construction pains at the moment, but she invites guilds and quilters to check back from time to time for good information.  WWW.TeddyPruett.com






This is a note from Glenda Irvine of Just sew Quilts,


We have 2 retreats scheduled for 2006. (the Oct retreat is now full)

March 3, 4 & 5th, 2006 in Delray, Fl

June 9, 10, 11 & 12th, 2006  in Leesburg, FL

For more information

call Glenda (352)635-7760

email     Talacam@aol.com

address:   1185 NE 130th Terr, Silver Springs, FL 34488




Simply Quilts September, 2005 Schedule

HGTV: Eastern Standard Time


Sep 01, Thursday        08:30 am        #741 The Quilter's Artist with Nancy Odom

Sep 02, Friday              08:30 am        #742 Silhouette Portraits with Elly Sienkiewicz

Sep 05, Monday           08:30 am        #1122 Design Embroidery Software w/ Charlotte Warr Andersen

Sep 06, Tuesday           08:30 am        #743 Eye of The Beholder with Ami Simms

Sep 07, Wednesday       08:30 am        #744 Quiltmaker's Gift with Nancy Loving-Tubesing

Sep 08, Thursday        08:30 am        #745 Medallion Quilts with Jenny Beyer

Sep 09, Friday              08:30 am        #746 New Lone Star with Jan Krentz

Sep 12, Monday           08:30 am        #1123 The Baby Show w/ Cindy Ramming

Sep 13, Tuesday         08:30 am        #747 Coxcomb Quilts with Anita Shackelford

Sep 14, Wednesday       08:30 am        #748 Bargello Quilts with Marge Edie

Sep 15, Thursday        08:30 am        #749 Cutting Curves with Debbie Bowles

Sep 16, Friday              08:30 am        #750 Chenille with Nannette Holmberg

Sep 19, Monday           08:30 am        #1124 Fusing Fun: Fast, Fearless Art Quilts w/ Laura Wasilowski

Sep 20, Tuesday         08:30 am        #751 Rad Swappers with Sharon Craig

Sep 21, Wednesday       08:30 am        #752 Real Fine Piecing with Barbara Barber

Sep 22, Thursday        08:30 am        #753 Dimensional Applique with Karen Kay Buckley

Sep 23, Friday             08:30 am        #754 Winner's Circle with Nancy Odom

Sep 26, Monday           08:30 am        #1125 Dimensional Quilts w/ Linda Johansen

Sep 27, Tuesday         08:30 am        #755 Medallion Quilts with Jenny Beyer

Sep 28, Wednesday       08:30 am        #756 Fantasy Fabrics with Bonnie McCaffery

Sep 29, Thursday        08:30 am        #757 Human Quilt with Jackie Erickson

Sep 30, Friday              08:30 am        #758 A Gaggle of Geese with Linda Ballard

Simply Quilts September, 2005 Schedule

DIY: Eastern Standard Time


Sep 01, Thursday        01:30 pm        #833 Stitch & Sing with Cathy Miller

Sep 02, Friday              01:30 pm        #834 Nickel Quilts with Pat Speth

Sep 05, Monday           01:30 pm        #835 Fabric Picture Books with Gwen Marsten

Sep 06, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #836 Block of the Month with Jan Schmidt

Sep 07, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #837 Quilted Diamonds with Linda Franz

Sep 08, Thursday        01:30 pm        #838 Felt Applique with Patty Eaton

Sep 09, Friday              01:30 pm        #839 Strip Piecing, Traditional Quilts with Marcie Baker

Sep 12, Monday           01:30 pm        #901 Mechanical Magic with Diane Gaudynski

Sep 13, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #902 A Century Of Quilting pt. 11 with Nancy Kirk

Sep 14, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #903 Smooth As Silk with Jim Kankula

Sep 15, Thursday        01:30 pm        #904 Burmese Beauties with Aie Rossman

Sep 16, Friday              01:30 pm        #905 Clothes To The Heart with Karen Boutte

Sep 19, Monday          01:30 pm        #906 Quilt's That'll Floor Ya! With Christine Porter

Sep 20, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #907 Child's Play with Cindy Taylor Oates

Sep 21, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #908 Quilting in The 21st Century with Sharla Hicks & Susan Fears

Sep 22, Thursday        01:30 pm        #909 Traditionally Influenced Quilts w/ Nancy Raschka-Reeves

Sep 23, Friday              01:30 pm        #910 The Sound of Quilting with Ricky Tims

Sep 26, Monday           01:30 pm        #911 The Full Spectrum with Joen Wolfrom

Sep 27, Tuesday         01:30 pm        #912 Warm Fuzzies with Fran Morgan

Sep 28, Wednesday       01:30 pm        #913 The Big Winner with Jean Biddick

Sep 29, Thursday        01:30 pm        #914 The Hidden Block with Lerlene Nevaril

Sep 30, Friday             01:30 pm        #915 Hula Hut with Lisa Boyer