Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #91


November 1st, 2005


Quilting Friends,


I read an article today that really spoke to me.  It was about creating balance in our lives; we need a little of everything, and if you are doing too much of just one thing, that is the biggest stress producer there is.  The funny thing is, we wear this stress on our sleeve as a badge of honor.  Why don’t more people share the fact that their lives are in balance?  That they are committed to personal AND professional improvement?  That they are committed to work AND family?  That they are giving back to the community in their own way?


I’d like to think I live a pretty balanced life, giving myself to family, church, community and work, eating healthy and exercising regularly.  OK, I did it, that’s my badge of honor.


Here is your COMPUTER TIP:  Did you know that the function key “F1” is a fast way to get to the help screen?  Then when you get there, click on the INDEX tab on the left to be able to type in the word/topic you need help with.  Of course, in my opinion, knowing the word for what you want to do is half the battle, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.


As always, if your email address changes, please let me know: subscribe@FloridaQuiltNetwork.com.  Thanks 




CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)




Sept 1-Nov 30 Quilt Exhibit in Clearwater (#88)


Oct 1-Nov 23 Quilt Exhibit in Tarpon Springs  www.westpascoquilters.org (#90)


Oct 30-Nov 2 Jennie Rayment Workshops in Melbourne www.RedRoosterQuiltworks.com (#89)


Nov 3-6 Quilt Gathering in New Hampshire   www.aquiltersgathering.com (#90)


Nov 3-6 Quilt Retreat in Jacksonville www.oldegreencupboard.com (#89)


Nov 3 Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#89)


Nov 4-Dec 23  Quilt Exhibit near New Port Richey   (727) 845-7322 (#89)


Nov 5 Quilt Cruise larryjudy321@yahoo.com  (#83)


Nov 5 Quilt Show in Newberry www.floridastateparks.org/dudleyfarm(#90)


Nov 10 Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#91))


Nov 11-12 Quilt Show in Trenton www.springhousequilters.org    (#85)


Nov 12 Quilt Art Meeting  in Ft. Myers (239) 410-5093 (#91)


Nov 12-13 Quilt Workshop in New Smyrna Beach  mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#91)


Nov 12 – Jan 8 Fiber Art Exhibit in Melbourne www.adventurequilts.com (#90)


Nov 17 Quilt Workshop  in Lakeland teddy2@gate.net (#91)


Nov 17 Art Lecture in New Smyrna Beach  mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#91)


Dec 2 & 3  Quilt Show in West Palm Beach debbie_38053@msn.com




Jan 10-11 Michele Shatz Workshop in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com (#89)


Jan 13 & 14 Quilt Show in Ft. Myers nadinecc@aol.com (#90)


January 14-15 Mystery Quilt Workshop by Michele Shatz in Palm Beach debbie_38053@msn.com


Jan 15-21 Quilt Cruise www.SewManyPlaces.com (#88)


Jan 20-21 Quilt Show in Orlando quiltshow@cfqg.com  (#90)


Feb 2-5 Quilt Retreat  in Jacksonville www.honeybeequilters.org (#91)


Feb 4 & 5 Farm Festival & Quilt Show  in Dade City curator@pioneerfloridamuseum.org


Feb 9-11 Quilt Show in Panama City Beach www.thegiftshows.com (#91)


Feb 10-12 Quilt Show in Hudson www.westpascoquilters.org (#87)


Feb 11-18 Quilt Cruise http://www.quiltcruises.com (#87)


Feb 15 Joan Shay Workshop in Leesburg www.aquiltersdream.biz (#91)


Feb 17-18 Quilt Show in Port St. Lucie adams7856@bellsouth.net (#88)


Feb 23-25 Sewing And Quilt Expo In Clearwater www.sewingexpo.com (#89)


Feb 25-26  Galen Berry Workshop  in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com (#89)


Mar 3 & 4 Quilt Show in Palmetto  Mair50@juno.com    (#86)


Mar 3-4 Quilt Show in New Smyrna Beach 386-426-2941. (#87)


Mar 3-5 Quilt Retreat in Delray Beach Talacam@aol.com (#89)


Mar 9-10 Quilt Show in Mount Dora quiltshow@gmail.com (#87)


Mar 18-19 Quilt Show in Venice www.vaqg.com (#87)


April 7-8 Quilt Show in Sanford cmcquilt7@aol.com (#85)


April 21-22 Quilt Show in Melbourne www.s-piecemakers.com/ (#90)


June 9-12 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com  (#89)


June 10-Sept 4  Quilt Exhibit in Gainesville rg10001@bellsouth.net (#85)


June 11-15 Machine Quilting Conference in Colorado www.harriethargrave.com/celebration (#91)




May 23-27 TAS National Quilt Show & Convention  lbrooker@tampabay.rr.com (#89)






I would like you to know about our retreat in February 2006.  Honeybee Quilters Guild puts on a retreat every February.  This year’s instructors are Rachel Clark, The Joined at the Hip Girls and Jane Sassaman plus many local teachers.  Registration has already opened and information can be gotten at www.honeybeequilters.org. The dates this year are February 2nd through the 5th.

We have a wonderful time. the hotel is very accommodating and gives a special rate for the retreat.






Ladies of the Lakes Quilt Guild will be hosting Louisa Smith, author of  Strips and Curves.

Date: November 17, 2005

Place: Fabric Warehouse

    Corner of North Florida and Griffin Ave

    Lakeland, FL

Time: 7pm

Cost: $15

Contact Info: Jacqui Anderson  863 858-1630 or

    email:   teddy2@gate.net






The 2006 Machine Quilting Celebration Conference site is up!!


Don't miss out on Harriet Hargrave's 3rd Annual Machine Quilting

Celebration... the only machine quilting conference that is dedicated solely to home-sewing-machine machine quilting!  The conference is for all skill levels of quilters from beginner to advanced!  Harriet Hargrave and Sue Nickels are there for getting beginners on there feet, Sue and Lee Cleland will take you into new techniques and introduce you to feathers. Hari Walner is there to teach you all about trapunto, Barbara Chainey and Joanie Poole teach creating your own quilting design, and making commemorative quilts and Diane Gaudynski teaches all the tips and tricks for advanced quilters.


The conference will be June 11-15, 2006 at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.


Check out Harriet's website: www.harriethargrave.com/celebration to get all the information about the confernce, registration the teachers and their classes.


While you are at Harriet's website don't forget to check out Harriet's small personal retreats she does based on her three books, Heirloom Machine Quilting, Mastering Machine Appliqué and The Art of Classic Quiltmaking! www.harriethargrave.com/retreat.asp ­ we have several upcoming retreats and more in the scheduling process for 2007!!  These make great quilting getaways with your friends!!


Also keep your eye out after the new year your information about Harriet’s new conference The Art of Precision Piecing which will features teachers like Marsha McCloskey, Judy Martin, Sally Collins and Marti Michell from who you will learn all kinds of tip and trick for making perfect quilting without using paper.


If you have questions about any of these events please do not hesitate to contact me, and I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!!


Carrie Hargrave

Black Swan Quilting Conferences and Retreats

PO Box 897

Laramie, WY 82073








Name of Event:  Gulf Coast Quilt Expo 2006, "Quilting on the Beach"

Dates:  February 9, 10, 11, 2006

Address:  Boardwalk Beach Resort Convention Center

                   9600 S. Thomas Drive

                   Panama City Beach, FL   32408

Contact:   Norm Gulkis

Phone:  850-763-8618

E-Mail:  quiltexpo@aol.com

Website:  www.thegiftshows.com

Description: Quilts by local and regional artists will be featured in this judged competition.  Monetary prizes, as well as ribbons, will be awarded. Lectures, demonstrations, classes, a vendors' mall, and the quild's boutique round out the event. Admission is $5 daily or $10 for the three days.  Please visit the website for detailed information.






Art Lecture: November 10, Thursday, Those Black Girls

Lauren Austin, Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street

Free and open to the public; lectures start at 7 PM

As well as being one of "Those Black Girls," years of working in the

Community Folk Museum in Syracuse NY gave Austin, the ACA Community

Artist-in-Residence, first hand knowledge of the art work of Black women in

her community.


Art Lecture: November 17, Thursday, Bad Girls of Art

Carly Gibran, Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street

Free and open to the public; lectures start at 7 PM

Gibran, an arts educator and co-owner of Gibran Studio in DeLand, is a "Bad

Girl of Art," shocking the Stetson University community with her senior

thesis. Perhaps mellowed a bit now, she still takes delight in exploring the

art of women.


Special Parent/Child Program: November 12 - 13

Quilting a Story with Nella Shelton & Lauren Austin

10 AM - 2 PM, Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street, New Smyrna Beach

Per family: $50 member/$60 nonmember (scholarships available)

Parent and child will bring their own versions of a family story and illustrate it on fabric. No sewing or drawing skills required.  Students will "draw" with scissors on fabric that will be fused to a backing.

         Shelton and Austin are both storytellers and story quilt makers. Members of various quilting and artist's groups, they wish to bring this important program to the families to teach the importance of telling stories about the family and keeping a record of those events through drawing and quilting.  If the program meets with some success, it will continue in the spring.

         Students should bring a lunch both days. All items needed are supplied except for the family’s stories!

         To register for classes, please phone 386-423-1753, email Mary

McBride at mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org or go to the Harris House Annex at 123 Douglas Street.  Fees are due upon registration.  If there are

fewer than six students per class, the program will be cancelled.


Children's Art Program: November 19(6-12 yrs old)

Screen Printing with Carly Gibran

10 AM - 1 PM, Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street, New Smyrna Beach

$25 members/$30 nonmembers (per session)

The Third Program in the Printing Series with Carly Gibran, a Blue Lake Elementary art instructor and co-owner of Gibran Studio, DeLand.

         Print on paper, cloth and T-Shirts with silk screens using photos, drawings, and various textural items including rubber molds of fish and leaves. Students wishing to print on T-shirts should launder the shirt before bringing it to class. All other materials will be supplied.

         To register for classes, please phone 386-423-1753, email Mary

McBride at mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org or go to the Harris House Annex at 123 Douglas Street.  Fees are due upon registration.  If there are fewer than six students per class, the program will be cancelled.


Adult Art Programs: November 12

Altered Furniture with Ellen Clark

Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street, New Smyrna Beach

$75 member/$85 nonmember

Clark will work with students in a crash course to alter existing pieces of furniture into works of art.

         Clark is a well-know folk artist in West Volusia and has had her work at both Disney and at Timothy's Gallery in Orlando. She held a very successful class this past summer at ACA during Adult Summer Camp and also taught snake carving and painting to the children in their camp program.

         To register for classes, please phone 386-423-1753, email Mary McBride at mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org or go to the Harris House Annex at 123 Douglas Street.  Fees are due upon registration.  If there are fewer than six students per class, the program will be cancelled.


Adult Art Program: November 12 -13, Saturday & Sunday

Plein Aire Painting with Patricia McCrudden Shistle

Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street, New Smyrna Beach

$150 member/$175 nonmember

Award-winning artist Shistle and participants will stroll the streets and select views to draw and paint. Join us at 6 PM for a soiree at Arts on Douglas on Friday night for drinks, hors d'oeuvres and stimulating conversation surrounded by exciting art.

         Shistle, a 2005 IMAGES: A Festival of the Arts participant, is well known in the Orlando area for her oils and watercolors. She works with portraits and still-lifes as well as landscapes. She has shown in various galleries throughout Florida, won a Sargent Medal from The American Society of Portrait Artists, and consistently shows in the International Masters of Fine Art for GreenhouseGallery.com .

         To register for classes, please phone 386-423-1753, email Mary

McBride at mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org or go to the Harris House Annex at 123 Douglas Street.  Fees are due upon registration.  If there are fewer than six students per class, the program will be cancelled.






Joan Shay will be at A Quilter's Dream to teach her Petal Play Technique

on Feb. 15, 2006.  Deadline to sign up is Dec 15th. A $20.00 non

refundable deposit is required.  Cost of the class is $60.00.


Connie Czernuch

A Quilter's Dream

703 W. Main Street

Leesburg, Fl 34748








Art Quilters Unlimited will meet  at 1 p.m. Saturday, November 12 in Room

102 of the Alliance for the Arts, 10091 McGregor Boulevard, Ft. Myers.

Jacqueline Murphy-Zolno will talk about new products of interest to art

quilters. The public is invited. For information, call (239) 410-5093.




October 27, 2005


Dear Quilters,


It is with deep regret that we are informing you that the "Comfort for a

Cure" Quilt Show and Auction has been canceled.  We feel that recovering from the hurricane tragedies this summer has a higher priority in our communities.


If you planned to donate a quilt to our show, please, do send it in.  We are considering an on-line auction process in May which is National Arthritis Awareness Month.  A silent auction at our annual fund raising dinner in October, 2006, is also being considered.


Thank you for your interest and please check our website for updates and new medical information about Arthritis!  www.arthritis.org.



Kathy Minton

Chair, Comfort for A Cure


Marika Sevin

Development Director

Arthritis Foundation

Florida Chapter, Northeast Region

314 Palmetto Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202

O. 904.353.5770

F. 904.353.7508




Join us for the 2nd annual Georgia vs. Florida Charity Softball Game,

Friday, October 28th at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville!





Simply Quilts November, 2005 Schedule

HGTV: Eastern Standard Time


Nov 01, Tuesday                     08:30 am         #1007 Ribbon Applique with Wendy Grande

Nov 02, Wednesday         08:30 am       #1011 Ancestral Spirit w/ Dr. Carolyl Mazloomi and Michele David

Nov 03, Thursday         08:30 am         #1012 Easier Attic Windows w/ Susan Cleveland, Jinny Beyer and Cheryl Phillips

Nov 04, Friday              08:30 am         #1013 True Value in Quilts w/ Evelyn Sloppy

Nov 07, Monday           08:30 am         #1131 Landscape Quilt Challenge

Nov 08, Tuesday            08:30 am         #1014 Creative Machine Stitching w/ Patricia Nelson

Nov 09, Wednesday        08:30 am         #1015 By the Letter w/ Mary Lou Hallenbeck

Nov 10, Thursday         08:30 am         #1016 Inking Art Quilts w/ Lura Schwarz

Nov 11, Friday                08:30 am         #1017 The Quiltmaker's Journey w/ Beth Ann Williams

Nov 14, Monday              08:30 am         #1132 Sunflower in a Square Jennie Rayment

Nov 15, Tuesday            08:30 am         #1018 Three-Dimensional Feather Stars w/ Russell Scott, Rachel Clark and Linda Johanson

Nov 16, Wednesday        08:30 am         #1019 Quick Quilt Projects w/ Tom Russell

Nov 17, Thursday         08:30 am         #1020 Tennessee Waltz w/ Eleanor Burns

Nov 18, Friday              08:30 am         #1021 Handy Dandy w/ Jinny Beyer

Nov 21, Monday             08:30 am         #1133 Quilted Duvet w/ Laura Nownes

Nov 22, Tuesday            08:30 am         #1023 New Batiks w/ Jan Bode Smiley

Nov 23, Wednesday        08:30 am         #1023 New Batiks w/ Jan Bode Smiley

Nov 24, Thursday         08:30 am         #1028 Quilt on Your Sleeve w/ Rami Kim

Nov 25, Friday              08:30 am         #939 Let It Snow with Susan Thomson

Nov 28, Monday               08:30 am         #1134 3D Art Quilts w/ Esterita Austin

Nov 29, Tuesday            08:30 am         #726 Holiday Applique with Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins

Nov 30, Wednesday        08:30 am         #1025 Warm Woolen Quilts w/ Cindy Thury Smith


Simply Quilts November, 2005 Schedule

DIY: Eastern Standard Time


Nov 01, Tuesday            01:30 pm         #937 At Second Glance with Tammy Tadd

Nov 02, Wednesday        01:30 pm         #938 Mommy & Tea Quilt w/ Marinda Stewart

Nov 03, Thursday         01:30 pm         #939 Let It Snow with Susan Thomson

Nov 04, Friday              01:30 pm         #801 Stack the Deck w/ Karla Alexander

Nov 07, Monday           01:30 pm         #802 Log Cabin Block w/ Bonnie Browning

Nov 08, Tuesday            01:30 pm         #804 Welsh Whole Cloth w/ Marjorie Horton

Nov 09, Wednesday        01:30 pm         #804 Welsh Whole Cloth w/ Marjorie Horton

Nov 10, Thursday         01:30 pm         #805 Uncle Sam Show w/ Linda Everhart

Nov 11, Friday              01:30 pm         #806 Hanky Quilts w/ Cindy Brick

Nov 14, Monday            01:30 pm         #807 HOPI Quilting w/ Carolyn O'Bagy Davis

Nov 15, Tuesday            01:30 pm         #808 Clever Quilts w/ Susan Dissmore

Nov 16, Wednesday        01:30 pm         #809 Collage Quilts w/ Joanne Goldstein

Nov 17, Thursday         01:30 pm         #810 Divide & Conquer Quilts w/ Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan

Nov 18, Friday               01:30 pm         #811 Nimble Thimble w/ Thimblelady

Nov 21, Monday            01:30 pm         #812 Behind the Shadows Quilts w/ Laurie Shifrin

Nov 22, Tuesday            01:30 pm         #813 Garden Block w/ Diana McClun

Nov 23, Wednesday        01:30 pm         #814 Braided Borders w/ Joe Flynn

Nov 24, Thursday         01:30 pm         #815 Dream Saving Space w/ Myrna Giesbrecht

Nov 25, Friday              01:30 pm         #816 Enchanted Views with Dilys Fronks

Nov 28, Monday             01:30 pm         #939 Let It Snow with Susan Thomson

Nov 29, Tuesday            01:30 pm         #817 Teenage Quilters with Brett & LeAnna Christopher

Nov 30, Wednesday        01:30 pm         #818 Stellar Journeys with Gail Garber