Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #93


January 3rd, 2006


Quilting Friends,


Seems like everyone is clearing out the old to make room for the new.  I’d like to tell you about a gem of an idea I ran across a while ago: FreeCycle.org.   It is a way to connect with people who want the stuff you have to get rid of, re-using it instead of tossing it in the landfill.  The catch is that EVERYthing is free, no money changes hands.  But if you’re like me, you just want the stuff gone…to a good home.  You can also obtain some nifty things that others are offering.  Every time my husband wants to toss something, its “Wait, let me try freecycling it” and it works like a charm!  Someone is willing to drive over and pick it up.  Check it out at www.Freecycle.org, choose your state and your area.  I recommend starting with one or two email groups/areas closest to your home, so no one will have to drive too far.


Have you heard?  Simply Quilts is on the chopping block.  If you want to voice your concern and ask HGTV to continue taping new episodes, go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/simplyquilts or you can send an email to comments@hgtv.com. 


Here’s a new website for quilters - www.quiltinformation.com

The site features: over 800 links, over 125 quilting events, the ability to search links and events, the ability to add new links or events, every link is tested weekly, every event shown is current, nothing is for sale.


Computer Tip: if you get lots of email, you may want to sort it as it downloads, so it doesn’t get overwhelming to read.  For example, all your Freecycle mail could sort into your Freecycle mailbox, and your favorite quilt list email could go into its separate mailbox.  I even found a way to filter some of my spam right into the Trash mailbox.  I use Eudora, so I create Filters and Mailboxes.  If you use Outlook (not Outlook Express), the magic words are Tools/Rules and Folders.


Don’t miss out….if your email address changes, let me know….mji@FloridaQuiltNetwork.com



CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)




Jan 1st – Jan 31st Online Quilt Auction  http://www.westpascoquilters.org (#93)


Jan 12 Pamela Allen Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#93)


Jan 13 & 14 Quilt Show in Ft. Myers nadinecc@aol.com (#90)


Jan 14 Art Quilt Meeting in Ft. Myers (#93)


Jan 13-15 Pamela Allen Workshop in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#93)


January 14-15 Mystery Quilt Workshop by Michele Shatz in Palm Beach debbie_38053@msn.com


Jan 14-17 Dottie Moore Workshops in Sarasota  www.friendshipknotquiltersguild.com (#93)


Jan 15-21 Quilt Cruise www.SewManyPlaces.com (#88)


Jan 16-17 Pamela Allen Workshop in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#93)


Jan 20-21 Quilt Show in Orlando quiltshow@cfqg.com  (#93)


Jan 20-21 SSQA Quilt Meeting in Orlando www.ssqa.org (#93)


Jan 21-22 Pamela Allen Workshop in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#93)


Jan 24 Lauren Austin Workshop in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#93)


Jan 28 Peggy Brown Workshop in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#93)


Feb 2-5 Quilt Retreat  in Jacksonville www.honeybeequilters.org (#91)


Feb 4 & 5 Farm Festival & Quilt Show  in Dade City curator@pioneerfloridamuseum.org


Feb 4-6 Jan Krentz Workshops in Orlando LSK418@aol.com (#93)


Feb 4-5 Shop Hop in North Central Florida (#93)


Feb 9-11 Quilt Show in Panama City Beach www.thegiftshows.com (#91)


Feb 10-12 Quilt Show in Hudson www.westpascoquilters.org (#87)


Feb 10-12 Workshops in Hudson www.westpascoquilters.org (#92)


Feb 10-11 Jane Burch Cochran Workshop in Ft. Myers 239-541-0226 (#93)


Feb 10-11 Quilt Show in Naples  www.naplesquiltersguild.com (#93)


Feb 10-12 Shop Hop in Central Florida (#93)


Feb 11-18 Quilt Cruise http://www.quiltcruises.com (#87)


Feb 16 Textile Lecture in Melbourne (#93)


Feb 17 Textile Lecture in Melbourne (#93)


Feb 17-18 Quilt Show in Port St. Lucie adams7856@bellsouth.net (#88)


Feb 17-18 Quilt Show in Ocala Bolingles@wmconnect.com (#92)


Feb 18-21 Gail Garber Workshops in Sarasota www.friendshipknotquiltersguild.com (#93)


Feb 23-25 Sewing And Quilt Expo In Clearwater www.sewingexpo.com (#92)


Feb 25-26  Galen Berry Workshop  in Palm Beach trudyf@aol.com (#89)


Mar 3 & 4 Quilt Show in Palmetto  Mair50@juno.com    #86


Mar 3-4 Quilt Show in New Smyrna Beach 386-426-2941. (#87)


Mar 3-5 Quilt Retreat in Delray Beach Talacam@aol.com (##89)


Mar 9-10 Quilt Show in Mount Dora quiltshow@gmail.com (#87)


Mar 11 Quilt Show in Bushnell steinhaus40@wmconnect.com    (#92)


Mar 13 Joan Shay Workshop in Leesburg www.aquiltersdream.biz (#91 and #93)


Mar 16-18 Quilt Show in Ft. Lauderdale http://www.onceuponaquilt.com


Mar 18-19 Quilt Show in Venice www.vaqg.com (#87)


Mar 18-20 Kristin Steiner Workshops in Sarasota  www.friendshipknotquiltersguild.com (#93)


Mar 24-25 Quilt Show in St. Petersburg sspdy@aol.com (#93)


March 30-April 2 Quilt Show in Bartow  ladiesofthelakes.com/ (#92)


April 7-8 Quilt Show in Sanford cmcquilt7@aol.com (#85)


April 21-22 Quilt Show in Melbourne www.s-piecemakers.com/ (#90)


June 9-12 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com  (##89)


June 10-Sept 4  Quilt Exhibit in Gainesville rg10001@bellsouth.net (#85)


June 11-15 Machine Quilting Conference in Colorado www.harriethargrave.com/celebration (#91)


Oct 6-7 Sue Benner Workshop in Ft. Myers 239-541-0226 (#92)


Mar 31-Apr 1 Judith Trager Workshop in Ft. Myers 239-541-0226 (#92)


Oct  27-30 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com (#92)


Nov 26 Quilt Cruise www.engelquilts.com (#93)




May 23-27 TAS National Quilt Show & Convention lbrooker@tampabay.rr.com (#89)






The Central Florida Quilters Guild “2006 Celestial Visions Quilt Show” will be held January 20-21, Friday and Saturday, 9 to 5pm both days at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. 

There will be 22 vendors, 250 judged quilts, exhibits of the PAQA Color Challenge and Journal Quilts from Florida art quilters.  We will have a donation quilt, Boutique, a Quilt Sale area, door prizes, etc.

SSQA has a Challenge to members to make 9 Journal Quilts by this time next year you can make more if you want.   If you do not know what a Journal Quilt is be sure to look at the exhibit of Journal Quilts all made by Florida Art Quilters.   These quilts have all hung at the Houston International Quilt Show.   You can find more information on this challenge on the SSQA web site.

You will also have time to meet up with old friends and see what other quilters are doing.   If you will be arriving via bus please let us know by e-mailing quiltshow@cfqg.com.     The deadline for entering a quilt in the show is December 17, 2005 with Take-in on January 7th, 2006.  

Quilts can be entered by anyone and can also be shipped to Artha Callinan, 1540 N. Leavitt Ave, Orange City, FL 32763.   If you’re shipping the quilt, we need receive it by January 5th, or walk-in with it on January 7th.   Art can make special arrangements for early receipt by e-mailing her at quiltshow@cfqg.com    


SSQA Invite:  Florida Cabin Fever Quilt Guild of Orlando would like to invite you to The Central Florida Quilters Guild “2006 Celestial Visions Quilt Show”.   Yeah, you read that right.  We are sister guilds and while Central Florida has their wonderful quilt show at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, we, (Florida Cabin Fever) will host the SSQA area meeting.  This will be a great trip for you to put on your calendars!  You'll get a 2-day admission to the Quilt Magic: Celestial Visions show January 20 and 21. 

Friday evening at 7:00 we will have the SSQA meeting to be held at the Best Western Mt. Vernon Inn, in Winter Park not too far from the fair grounds and you don’t even have to get on I-4 to get there.  There will be finger foods and many great desserts, Kathryn Stubbs Ward, a member and renowned quilt show judge, will give a program on "How a show is judged”, share your latest creation at show and tell, meet with fellow quilters and much, much more!       Be sure to bring your handwork so you can sit and stitch before and after the lecture/meeting. 

Did I mention that we will have door prizes?  We will also have a fat quarter giveaway!  All this for the unbelievable low cost of $20 for SSQA members, and even still a bargain at $30 for non-SSQA members....   Send in your registration forms with a LSASE so you can receive the meeting location and hotel information for your trip to Orlando. www.ssqa.org






Free Lecture:

January 12, 7 PM

Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas Street, New Smyrna Beach

“Behind the Pictures”

Pamela Allen received her BA in fine arts from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In the past three years, she has been creating art quilts that tell the stories of her childhood. Childlike figures ride on wagons with real wood wheels as they move from home to home, blue and red sisters fight for attention, mothers change, and all the while, clouds follow overhead raining beaded tears. From sadness to joy, Allen uses recycled fabrics to revisit her life and behind the immediate images are the stitched symbols that tell the whole story.


Adult Workshops

Workshops are presented seasonally to offer Central Floridians a chance to try new techniques and refine their skills. They are usually presented on weekends to allow working artists a chance to play within their craft. To register for classes, please contact Mary E. McBride at mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org, or phone 386-423-1753. Registration activation requires full payment. Classes are limited in size so please register early.


January 13 – 15      10 AM – 4 PM

“Elemental Design”

Pamela Allen

Working in black and white, white and black, and then color, artists will explore the elements of design, balance, line and form.  At the end of the workshop, students should have 3 small works which can become artworks or used as a basis for further development.

Tuition: $150 members, $200 non-members


January 16-17         10 AM – 4 PM

“Master Class in Design”

Pamela Allen

Continuing the work begun in Elemental Design, students will bring their works in color and composition.

Tuition: $100 members, $135 non-members


January 21-22         10 AM – 4 PM

“Assemblage of This and That”

Pamela Allen

The other side of Pamela Allen is a collection of stuff that other people throw away.  She makes it into art, often including a pun.

Tuition: $75 members, $100 non-members


Special Note: Pamela Allen, pamelart.homestead.com, will be in New Smyrna Beach for the month of January. If you would like to schedule private lessons or a special session with her, please contact Mary McBride at mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org or 386-423-1753.


January 24   10 AM – 2 PM

“Silk Screen Workshop”

Lauren Austin

Harris House League workshop open to the public. Students will learn to make silk screens using the Thermofax machine. These screens will be used to print on fabric, paper and other materials.

Tuition: free to members; $30 non-members (fee for additional supplies)


January 28   10 AM – 4 PM

“Watercolor on Fabrics”

Peggy Brown

Work with watercolors on various fabrics. Students will concentrate on painting on interfacing and will work on as many small samples as time allows.  Brown will bring completed examples of each technique, demonstrate the painting process used and show finished quilts using each technique. 

Tuition: $50 members, $75 non-members


Mary E. McBride

Programs & Operations Manager

Community Art Programs

Atlantic Center for the Arts

214 South Riverside Drive

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

386-423-1753    386-428-5008FAX






The West Pasco Quilters' Guild, Inc. is presenting "An Online Auction of Small Quilts".  You can participate by going to http://www.westpascoquilters.org  and clicking on the top button, Online Auction. Instructions on how it works are there now.  The auction began at noon EST on 12/1/05 and end at noon EST on 1/31/06.   All the quilts have been made and donated by our members and ALL funds from the auction go to the Friends of Veteran's Memorial Park, Hudson, FL.  The quilts involved are currently on display at the New Port Richey, FL City Hall, at Main St and Madison St in NPR.  They will remain on display until  January 17, 2006. Any questions, please email us at smallquiltauction@westpascoquilters.org.

Hope you have as much fun shopping as we have had quilting!!


Be sure and visit our quilt show being held February 10, 11 & 12, 2006 at

Veterans Memorial Park located at 14333 Hicks Rd. Hudson Fl. Hours are

9AM - 5PM Fri.& Sat. and 11AM - 4PM Sun.






Florida Cabin Fever Quilters Guild, Orlando, FL

Jan Krentz will be in Orlando February 4-6, 2006.  The Saturday-Sunday class is full, but there's still some room available in Monday's class, Colorwash Diamonds.  Non member cost is $40.  Please contact Lori Kalmeyer at (407) 657-9545 after 5 p.m. or by email at LSK418@aol.com for more information and registration.




February 10 & 11, 2006
"Stitches in Time" Quilt Show 2006 presented by the Naples Quilters Guild,
Location:  St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 625 111th Avenue N, Naples.  10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Each year the Naples Quilters Guild presents the exciting "Stitches in Time" Quilt Show.  There will be more than 200 judged traditional and contemporary quilts on display. The title of the 2006 raffle quilt is "Neapolitan Sunrise".  We are pleased to be able to offer workshops and lectures each day by the famous: LIBBY LEHMAN.  In addition to the beautiful quilts, there will be lots of vendors, food, prizes, appraisals, demos, and a small quilt/purses auction on the agenda. Come and join us for a great time in the sun.
Contact: Joan  danish10@msn.com
Website: www.naplesquiltersguild.com






FEBRUARY 10, 11 & 12

  Fri. & Sat. -9:00-5:00 & Sunday-12:00-5:00



*Visit 9 shops & qualify to win One of TWO Machines: Bernina 220 valued at $999   OR JEM Platinum 720 valued at $649


*Visit 1 or more & qualify to win: $25 Gift Certificates & Gift Baskets

Mystery Sale: Each shop will have a DIFFERENT SALE item at their store! So join the fun!


Participating Shops

Bernina Sewing Centre, 840-26 Saxon Blvd.,Orange City,32763 melsews@aol.com 386-774-9332

Busy Fingers 460 Ron. Reagan Blvd. #112,Longwood, 32750 ourbusyfingers@aol.com,  407-767-5123

Cornerstone Quilt Shop-5953 E. Colonial Dr. Ste.2,Orlando 32807 407-207-6500

Material Girl  319 A W. Main St.,Apopka,32712, materialgirl2523@yahoo.com,    407-884-0660

Queen Ann’s Lace 715 E. Vine St.,Kissimmee,34744,     QAL@IAG.net,     407-846-7998

Quilt Shop of DeLand,127 E. New York Ave. DeLand, 32724 quiltshopofdeland@hotmail.com 386-734-8782 

Quilting Friends  947 N. Donnelly,Mt. Dora32757, suz2426@aol.com    352-383-9990

Sewing Gallery 11921 E. Colonial Dr. Ste 7B,Orlando,32826 FLQuilts@aol.com 407-281-0446

The Good Home Quilt Co. 5600 W. Colonial Dr.Ste.309,Orlando32808 goodhomequiltco@aol.com  407-523-3612


Don’t miss out on the fun!  Sign up starts Jan. 2 at your local shop!








The Joan Shay date has been changed to March 13th 2005.


Cupids Run Shop Hop will take place on Feb 3rd and 4th 9-5 p.m.

Participating shops are A Quilter's Dream, Material Girl, The Red Barn and Whippoorwill Station.  Early sign up $5.00 last minute sign ups $6.00. More information contact A Quilter's Dream 352-728-1482


Connie Czernuch

A Quilter's Dream

703 W. Main Street

Leesburg, Fl 34748








AQU, Art Quilters Unlimited, regular bi-monthly meeting on January 14th, 1:00 PM, Alliance for the Arts, Ft. Myers, 10091 McGregor Blvd., Room 102.   Carol @ 239-541-02, or Thann @ 239-410-5093 for information. 


Also, AQU two day workshop with Jane Burch Cochran, February 10-11 Ft. Myers.   Carol @ 239-541-0226, or Thann @ 239-410-5093     Thank you.      Carol






Considering Quilts 2006 deadline is January 13, 2006! www.atlanticcenterforthearts.org






Quilting on the High Seas 2 -- Several Seaside Piecemakers and teacher Margie Engel will be cruising aboard Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas for seven days of quilting and touring the Eastern Caribbean.  Information for the event in November 2006 and pictures of our first quilting cruise are posted at www.engelquilts.com




Kudos to students at Melbourne High School who worked in teams to produce forty quilts which were given as Christmas gifts to abused or neglected children in Brevard County.  The students are in Marilyn Bollo's beginning sewing classes.  The project, named Threads of Love, was introduced and coordinated by EduQuilters' ongoing Kids Quilt Project. (www.eduquilters.org)  The Kids Quilt Project's quilting activities in the schools are funded through grants from Cabin Fever Quilters in Orlando, The Community Foundation of Brevard, Seaside Piecemakers in Satellite Beach, and The Warm Company.






7–8 p.m.— Evans Library Pavilion P133
Humanities Lecture Series—Free Admission
Cora Ginsburg: The Influence of a Pioneer Dealer in Historic Costumes and Textiles
Titi Halle will discuss the life of celebrated art collector, Cora Ginsburg, and her profound impact on textile collections in American museums such as The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.— Hartley Room, Denius Student Center
Luncheon Symposium—$50 per person
Join us for lunch, a champagne reception, displays of antique textiles and many fun surprises! Titi Halle will demonstrate her expertise by analyzing and appraising a variety of antique textiles. Ms. Halle will also discuss current trends in textile collecting and provide a general discussion of conservation methods used to preserve the beauty and value of antique textiles. As event souvenirs, all guests will be given beautiful, full-color catalogs from the Cora Ginsburg Gallery. Registration is limited.

Call Carla Funk at (321) 674-6129 or Cynthia Smith at (321) 674-8962 for tickets or further information.






Friendship Knot Quilters Guild, Sarasota, FL, is taking registrations for the following workshops:


    DOTTIE MOORE    www.dottiemoore.com

    Jan. 14        Intuitive Design 1-Day Wkshp    

    Jan 16-17    The Creative Source: Honoring the Imagination   2-Day Wkshp


    GAIL GARBER       www.gailgargerdesigns.com

    Feb. 18        The Goose Is loose   1-Day Wkshp

    Feb. 19-21    Spiral Migrations, Putting It All Together   2 1/2 Day Wkshp


    KRISTIN STEINER    www.kristinsteiner.com

    Mar. 18        Book of Whimsy, Fabric Memory Book   1-Day Wkshp

    Mar. 19        Giggle  Fusible Applique & Embellishment  1/2-Day Wkshp

    Mar. 20        Wisdom From My Garden, Hand Applique  1-Day Wkshp


Non-member fee per 1-Day is $50.00, and $35 per 1/2-Day.  Visit our website "Workshops" page for additional information and registration form: www.friendshipknotquiltersguild.com or contact Joy Abbott at joyabbott1@comcast.net






The Suncoast Quilting Circle cordially invites you to our 11th quilt show, Today’s Pleasures, Tomorrow’s Treasures XI, to be held Friday, March 24th from 10 am–5 pm and Saturday, March 25th, 2006 from 10 am-4 pm. 


We will have a vendors’ mall, a boutique, door prizes, and a children’s treasure hunt.  Our two raffle charity quilts are quite beautiful and can be viewed on the raffle quilt site of  http://www.ssqa.org/raffle.htm Our mini-quilt auction will offer a wide selection of techniques and styles.  Our members are also offering some fun and informative demonstrations.


We will be at St. Petersburg College, Gibbs Campus Gymnasium, 6605 5th Avenue North in St. Petersburg.  Sandwiches, salads and drinks will be available and there are many nearby restaurants where lunch can be purchased.


Jeannette Harrison

Publicity Chairperson

(727) 894-3135





Simply Quilts January, 2006 Schedule

HGTV: Eastern Standard Time


Jan 02, Monday             08:30 am        no show today

Jan 03, Tuesday                08:30 am        #1104 Casting Shadows With Discharge w/ Colleen Wise

Jan 04, Wednesday 08:30 am        #1105 Victoria and Albert Quilts w/ Kaffe Fassett

Jan 05, Thursday     08:30 am        #1106 Funny Little Houses w/ Lynda Poole Prioleau

Jan 06, Friday              08:30 am        #1107 Gourmet Fabric Painting w/ Sue Beevers

Jan 09, Monday              08:30 am        #1138 Egg Money Quilts w/ Eleanor Burns

Jan 10, Tuesday      08:30 am        #1109 Blending Photos with Fabric w/ Betty Alofs

Jan 11, Wednesday 08:30 am        #1110 Longarm Fashions w/ Marilyn Badgers

Jan 12, Thursday     08:30 am        #1111 Wave Topography w/ Tristan Blakeman and Dan Olfe

Jan 13, Friday              08:30 am        #1112 Shining Star Quilt w/ Debbie Maddy

Jan 16, Monday              08:30 am        #1113 Painted Faces Quilts w/ Bonnie Lyn McCaffery

Jan 17, Tuesday      08:30 am        #1114 Patchwork Puzzle Balls w/ Jinny Beyer

Jan 18, Wednesday 08:30 am        #1115 Star's Surrounded w/ Elizabeth Hamby Carlson

Jan 19, Thursday     08:30 am        #1116 Kameleon Quilts w/ Eldrid Royset Forde

Jan 20, Friday              08:30 am        #1117 3D Explosion w/ Cara Gulati

Jan 23, Monday              08:30 am        #1118 Trash To Treasure Quilt Challenge

Jan 24, Tuesday      08:30 am        #1119 Get Chopping! Sneaky Piecing Tricks w/ Beth Ferrier

Jan 25, Wednesday 08:30 am        #1120 Artist Trading Cards w/ Patricia Bolton

Jan 26, Thursday     08:30 am        #1121 Folk Quilts w/ Sue Spargo

Jan 27, Friday              08:30 am        #1122 Design Embroidery Software w/ Charlotte Warr Andersen

Jan 30, Monday              08:30 am        #1123 The Baby Show w/ Cindy Ramming

Jan 31, Tuesday      08:30 am        #1124 Fusing Fun: Fast, Fearless Art Quilts w/ Laura Wasilowski


Simply Quilts January, 2006 Schedule

DIY: Eastern Standard Time


Jan 02, Monday              01:30 pm        #901 Mechanical Magic with Diane Gaudynski

Jan 03, Tuesday      01:30 pm        #902 A Century Of Quilting pt. 11 with Nancy Kirk

Jan 04, Wednesday 01:30 pm        #903 Smooth As Silk with Jim Kankula

Jan 05, Thursday     01:30 pm        #904 Burmese Beauties with Aie Rossman

Jan 06, Friday              01:30 pm        #905 Clothes To The Heart with Karen Boutte

Jan 09, Monday              01:30 pm        #906 Quilt's That'll Floor Ya! With Christine Porter

Jan 10, Tuesday      01:30 pm        #907 Child's Play with Cindy Taylor Oates

Jan 11, Wednesday 01:30 pm        #908 Quilting in The 21st Century with Sharla Hicks & Susan Fears

Jan 12, Thursday     01:30 pm        #909 Traditionally Influenced Quilts w/ Nancy Raschka-Reeves

Jan 13, Friday              01:30 pm        #910 The Sound of Quilting with Ricky Tims

Jan 16, Monday              01:30 pm        #911 The Full Spectrum with Joen Wolfrom

Jan 17, Tuesday      01:30 pm        #912 Warm Fuzzies with Fran Morgan

Jan 18, Wednesday 01:30 pm        #913 The Big Winner with Jean Biddick

Jan 19, Thursday     01:30 pm        #914 The Hidden Block with Lerlene Nevaril

Jan 20, Friday              01:30 pm        #915 Hula Hut with Lisa Boyer

Jan 23, Monday              01:30 pm        #916 Hearts & Flowers with Kathy Delaney

Jan 24, Tuesday      01:30 pm        #917 Cubist Puzzle Quilts with Robbi Joy Eklow

Jan 25, Wednesday 01:30 pm        #918 Simply Seminole with Dorothy Hanisko

Jan 26, Thursday     01:30 pm        #919 Bead You To The Punch with Paula Reid

Jan 27, Friday              01:30 pm        #920 Tell Tale Quilt with Pauline Salzman

Jan 30, Monday              01:30 pm        #921 Two For One Quilts with Eileen Sullivan

Jan 31, Tuesday      01:30 pm        #922 History Repeating with Froncie Quinn