Florida Quilt Network - Newsletter #97


May 6, 2006


Quilting Friends,


I’m featuring a brand-new section of the newsletter this month.. “OPPORTUNITIES”.  What does that mean for you?  Maybe you’re looking for employment, or maybe quilt related services offered?  Stacy McEachern will be writing this column, and you can contact her at: fqn_ops@yahoo.com .  When Stacy approached me with this idea, it sounded like what we’re all about here, bringing information to you, the quilter, to open up your world just a little more.  I’ll let Stacy explain the concept below (just after the CALENDAR), but please read what she has to say and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities for you and those around you.  (Also, my website will have a new Opportunities button to keep all her info in one place.)


A while ago I brought to your attention a young lady who has taken it upon herself to make sure every Fallen Hero’s family is given a quilt to help them remember their loved one.  Well, Jessica Porter is still at it and she can still use your help with her “Operation Homefront Quilts” project.  Please take a look at her website: http://westpascoquilters.org/ohfq.htm


Have you noticed the number on this edition?  We’re getting close to the big 1-0-0!!  Any suggestions on how to celebrate the big event?


Computer tip: use F1 to get to HELP fast in just about every software program you use.


As always, if you have a new email address, please let me know at subscribe@FloridaQuiltNetwork.com.




CALENDAR OF EVENTS: (Newsletter number follows)




April 1 - May 13 Quilt Exhibit in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#96)


May 7 – Aug 12 Quilt Exhibit in Melbourne (#97)


May 12 Lecture in New Smyrna Beach mmcbride@atlanticcenterforthearts.org (#97)


May 12-13 Quilt Show in Coral Gables www.oceanwavesquilters.org (#97)


May 13 Dyeing Workshop in St. Pete Beach (#97)


June 9-12 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com  (#89)


June 10-Sept 4  Quilt Exhibit in Gainesville rg10001@bellsouth.net (#95)


June 11-15 Machine Quilting Conference in Colorado www.harriethargrave.com/celebration (#91)


July5 - August 4 Quilt Exhibit in Tallahassee (#96)


Aug 12 Textile Course in Melbourne cfunk@fit.edu (#97)


Sept 14 - Dec 3 Quilt Show in Tallahassee (#96)


Oct 6-7 Sue Benner Workshop in Ft. Myers 239-541-0226 (#92)


Mar 31-Apr 1 Judith Trager Workshop in Ft. Myers 239-541-0226 (#92)


Oct  27-30 Quilt Retreat in Leesburg Talacam@aol.com (#92)


Nov 26 Quilt Cruise www.engelquilts.com (#93)




Jan 19-20 Quilt Show in Orlando


Jan 26-27 Quilt Show in The Villiages charliefull@thevillages.net (#97)


Feb 23-24 Quilt Show in Punta Gorda quiltcozy@comcast.net  (#97)


May 23-27 TAS National Quilt Show & Convention  lbrooker@tampabay.rr.com (#89)  )






We’ve all heard it at least a time or two in our lives, in one version or another: “When one door closes, another one opens.” And it is surely no accident that I’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately since, let’s see -- how do I say this diplomatically, perhaps a quilting metaphor will be more delicate -- let’s just say that my thread of current employment hit an unexpected knot and then broke a few months ago.


Life gets knotted and broken in all kinds of ways and, as quilters, we do our best to make the best of difficult situations -- finding opportunities in the tiniest of scraps, somehow piecing together and patching up our days in spite of the yards of life’s challenges that come our way.


So, it dawned on me -- in between hearing the door closing and the doorbell ringing -- that perhaps there was a cozy little place in this wonderful Florida Quilt Network Newsletter for doors to open for others. Perhaps it could include opportunities for machine quilters or guild volunteer needs or things for sale or other services sought or available, a place for those seeking quilt-related jobs or shops and the like looking for employees, news of informal quilt groups that are starting up or fundraisers that are gearing up -- and lots of other door-opening possibilities for our quilting community.


I presented this to Mary-Jeanine and she liked the idea, believing that it would be of great interest and support to her readers and that is was, actually, what Florida Quilt Network is all about. And so, we birth our very first “Opportunities” column in this newsletter and look forward to many more in the months to come.


And, as a humorous aside, I did find out in researching the “when one door closes” quote that it was originally spoken by the famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bell. I had to laugh when I realized that maybe that explains why we’ve all, at one time or another, developed an unhealthy attachment to the telephone while waiting for that proverbial OTHER door to open -- like staring at the phone, hoping that it will ring, or constantly checking your cell phone for messages or picking up your telephone receiver at home to be sure that it is even working at all. Funny how it goes?


Give me a jingle:  Stacy McEachern at fqn_ops@yahoo.com




The Quilt Finder, a national, custom-quilting business based in Central Florida is seeking the best of the best to complete custom quilt projects ranging from traditional bed quilts to contemporary wall hangings. The Quilt Finder has been in business for over 15 years and has been featured on Simply Quilts and in major magazines and newspapers.


If you already have your own cottage-based business and are looking for a broader market or if you have what it takes to achieve the highest of standards within the specifications of an individual customer’s unique requests, then we want to hear from you.


Our greatest demand right now is for master appliqué quilters who feel comfortable working on, what we have affectionately named, our “Home Quiltrait” commissions -- requests from customers to have their very own home, sweet home intricately replicated in a quilted wall hanging. This work requires the ability to create a fully appliquéd pattern from scratch based upon the customer’s home photos, provide an artist’s sketch to be approved and then create the finished wall hanging.  The work is as fun as it is challenging.


We’d love to talk with you if you are excited about creating the Home Quiltraits, described above, or work on more typical commissions like baby quilts, bed quilts, quilt restoration or quilt finishing by hand or machine. The work is truly rewarding and the financial opportunities can be great -- all with the support of a national company.


We can be reached in the following ways: The Quilt Finder, P.O. Box 182, Mt. Dora, Florida, 32756. Phone: (800) 642-3312 or (352) 735-5118 or Email: thequiltfinder@yahoo.com





Are you a new quilt shop who may be looking for better ways to get your name out there?  Are you an established store that is always looking for unique opportunities to keep the loyal customers you have as well as get new customers to walk in the door every day?


I know firsthand how busy you are and how many things you may be trying to do at any given moment. Sometimes there isn’t the time or the energy to do anything above and beyond the status quo. But what if there was a new way of looking at things or someone to see something that maybe you were just too overworked to see for yourself?


With over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, advertising and market research, including owning and operating a quilt business and, most recently, four years as the store manager of a successful quilt shop, I can help you grow your business. From advertising copy to press releases and promotional ideas to customer surveys, I can offer you choices to get your business noticed.  And that’s critical in this changing marketplace.


For more information, please contact Stacy McEachern at (352) 735-5118 or by email at semceachern@yahoo.com






Quilt Fest 2006

19th Annual Quilt Competition and Exhibit


19th Annual Quilt Fest 2006 is scheduled for May 12-13, 2006.  Quilt Fest has the largest display of competition and exhibition quilts in South Florida.   The event will feature special exhibits, spotlight artist and the work of local quilters and students with a much-anticipated Auction, Saturday at 2:00 PM.  Our Vendors Alley will feature over twenty vendors from across the country, bringing to the show the latest in quilting.


Katharine Stubbs Ward, a NQA Certified Judge, from Riviera Beach, Florida will judge over 100 competition quilts. With competition and exhibition quilts we have the largest display of quilts in South Florida.


Spotlight artist, Bonnie Askowitz, a founding member of Ocean Waves Chapter will display a selection of her thought-provoking art quilts.


Susan Fiondella,  AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser since 1994, will be on site during the show to perform appraisals. Susan is currently a research associate for the Quilters Hall of Fame, she can appraise new and antique quilts for insurance purposes.


Special Exhibits:


Hoffman Challenge Quilts and Dolls, Women of Biblical Proportion Quilts and An Artful Deck. These outstanding traveling displays showcase the diversity of modern quilt making.  The Organ Donor Family Memorial Quilt that has been on displayed in the State Capitol. Additional exhibits will include quilts by students from Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Academy and an exhibit featuring cloth dolls made by our own Ocean Waves members. 


Also on display will be quilts made for “The Home of the Brave Quilt Project” by members of Ocean Waves Chapter.   Don Beld in California started this project, to make quilts with the Cross-X Block pattern, which was used during the Civil War for injured soldiers.  The quilts are presented to families of fallen military members who have died in our fight against terrorism.  Darleena Jones, Florida coordinator may be reached be e-mail ladigolfer2000@yahoo.com for more information.  Web Site www.FLHomeoftheBravequilts.com.


Quilt Fest is well known to the region as one of the finest quilt shows in South Florida.  The event is sponsored by Ocean Waves Chapter of the National Quilting Association and with the support of the Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, The Cultural Affairs Council, The Mayor and the Miami Dade County Board of Commissioners.


The exhibit will be held at the Coral Gables War Memorial Youth Center, 405 University Drive, Coral Gables, Fl., Admission $6.00, May 12th & 13th from 9:30AM to 4:30PM both days.


 For more information, call Rosa Brito at (305) 385-8063






Friday, 5/12/06 12:00 PM – New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County

Lecture: An Exploration of Small Art Quilts McBride discusses the works of 75 professional artists from Studio Art Quilt Associates in an exploration of what brings traditional quilters and fine artists into the fiber arts field.

Harris House Annex Gray Room, 123 Douglas St., New Smyrna Beach Presented by Mary E. McBride, Community Programs & Operations Manager For more information contact Mary E. McBride at 386-427-6975 Paid for by Florida Humanities Council






ArtsEtc, a surface design and fiber art group, meets on the 4th Saturday of every month except December, at 9:30 AM in Harris House Annex, 123 Douglas St., New Smyrna Beach. The group, which is a community program supported by Atlantic Center for the Arts, begins with a short business meeting, goes into show 'n tell, demos and then covered dish lunch. Afterwards there is a workshop, critique or play period. There are 54 paid members from Melbourne to Jacksonville to the Villages (Dues are $15). The programs are open to the pubic.






Ellen Lindner’s Quilts on Display: Starting May 7th, Ellen Lindner’s quilts will be on display at Pizza Gallery and Grill, in Melbourne.  Known for its strong contrasts and vivid colors, Ellen’s quilts have been shown throughout the United States, and beyond.  Her work consistently wins awards, and has been published in several magazines.  Included in the exhibit will be Mangolicious, which recently won a first place award in the Melbourne quilt show. 

Ellen’s quilts are very diverse, ranging from pictorial still lifes to modernist abstracts.  She uses raw edge collage as her primary assembly technique.

Pizza Gallery and Grill is an upscale “designer pizza” restaurant, planned, not only with good food in mind, but also, rotating displays of art.  It’s located at 2250 Town Center Avenue, in the Avenues shopping area.  Hours 11-9 Sun.–Th., 11-11 S/S, phone 321-633-0397.  Ellen’s quilts will be on display through August 12th, and may be viewed without dining at the restaurant.






New Humanities Course!

Fall Semester – Begins August 22, 2006


“History of World Textiles”

HUM 3185-E1/CRN 86964

Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00 – 6:15 p.m.

Location: P133 – Evans Library Pavilion

Professor: Dr. Lars R. Jones


This special topics course, “History of World Textiles,” examines the fabric of global society through a broad survey of history, technology, and art.


Weekly lectures will weave the historical and scholarly contexts in which textiles have literally shaped the course of world history from the Stone Age to the post-colonial era. Demonstrations, guest lecturers, and films will present topics ranging from materials and basic production techniques to more complex analytical methods and techniques of connoisseurship.


An Assistant Professor in Florida Tech’s Humanities and Communications Department, Dr. Lars Jones is an art historian with degrees from Harvard University (Ph.D.) and Arizona State University (B.A., M.A.).



Course is open to the community.

Special Tuition Rate: $300 (Audit Credit Only)

For registration information, call: (321) 674-8082



Carla L. Funk

Special Projects Assistant to

     the Sr. Vice President for Advancement

Florida Institute of Technology

150 West University Boulevard

Melbourne, FL 32901-6975

Tel: (321) 674-6129 Fax: (321) 674-6150







Want to Learn to Quilt?

Beginning Quilting Classes Offered by

Southern Stars Quilt Guild and Hollywood JoAnn Store


            Hollywood, Fla. – Calling all would-be quilters.  The Southern Stars Quilt Guild, in collaboration with the Hollywood JoAnn Store, will present Beginning Quilting, a six-week beginning quilting class taught BY quilters FOR those who want to learn.


            Classes will begin Saturday, June 10, and run each Saturday through July 15, 2006, 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the JoAnn classroom, 4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida.


            From selecting fabrics for quality, color and contrast, to cutting and constructing blocks,

to quilting and binding a completed throw-sized quilt, students will learn quilting basics in six weeks, and be prepared to move on to more complex projects.  All instructors and helpers are practiced quilters, so questions will be answered, needed skills will be taught, and there’ll be plenty of one-on-one attention.  Class size is limited.


            Quilting is fun, artistic, tension-relieving, creatively fulfilling . . . and FUN!  Go to the cutting table inside the JoAnn store to sign up.  For more information, call Bev, (954) 962-8111.



             Southern Stars Quilt Guild is one of five guilds that present Broward Quilt Expo.  Southern Stars meets the third Monday each month in the Great Hall of Hollywood Hills United Methodist Church, 400 North 35th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida, Thrift Store entrance, in back.  Socializing and refreshments 6:45 p.m., meeting 7 p.m., program immediately following.  Guests are always welcome, and there is no cost for first-time guests at most meetings. 






Villages Quilting Guild Showcase of Quilts 2007


It will be held January 26 and 27 at the Savannah Center in the Villages.  For info call Ginger Fullmer at 352-750-9492  and charliefull@thevillages.net or Jeanette Flint at  352-750-3055 and rflint5630@aol.com 


The Savannah Center is at 1545 Buena Vista Blvd. in the Villages.  We will have the usual and the unusual with free parking and a lunch area.    







Peace River Quilters' Guild of Punta Gorda, Florida proudly presents our 9th Biennial Quilt Festival - "Tropical Beauties".  The show takes place at the Harold Avenue Recreation Center, 23400 Harold Avenue, Port Charlotte, Florida on Friday, February 23, 2007 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM and Saturday, February 24, 2007  10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.   Contact -:Donna at 941-613-1606 or quiltcozy@comcast.net  






3 Hour Workshop: Dyeing the Easy Way with Marlene Glickman. No heat or steam needed as the dyes are instant setting on silk, linen, rayon or wool. Create your own colors and designs using these easy dyes and techniques. Make two silk scarves (great Mother's Day gifts) and and a silk greeting card. Saturday, May 13th, 10 am - 1 pm. Call 727-524-6962 or 738-8010 to reserve your place. $45 includes all supplies. Workshop

held at the newly renovated Don Vista Cultural Arts Center, 3300 Pass-A-Grille Way, St. Pete Beach, FL.


Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild monthly open meeting changes location in May. Monday 8 May from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Lighthouse/Watson Center just off Bryan Dairy Road and 69th Street between US 19 and Belcher, South of Ulmerton located at 6925 112th Circle North, Largo. See www.watsoncenter.org for directions and map. Call 727-524-6962 for questions. Bring a quilt in progress or completed for show and tell.

Membership not required to attend the meeting.




Simply Quilts May, 2006 Schedule

HGTV: Eastern Standard Time


May 01, Monday  08:30 am        #651 Fabric Manipulation w/ Jennie Rayment

May 02, Tuesday         08:30 am        #652 Borders with Carolyn Reese

May 03, Wednesday       08:30 am        #653 Smashing Sets for Sampler Blocks with Margaret Miller

May 04, Thursday        08:30 am        #654 Sliced Quilt Quilter with Kelly Simbirdi

May 05, Friday  08:30 am        #655 Picture Piecing with Cynthia England

May 08, Monday  08:30 am        #656 Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel

May 09, Tuesday         08:30 am        #657 Fairy Tale Quilts with Zylpha Siudara

May 10, Wednesday       08:30 am        #658 1930's Applique with Beverly Dunivent

May 11, Thursday        08:30 am        #659 Collage Curves with Lorraine Torrence

May 12, Friday  08:30 am        #765 Mother and Son Quilts with Sharon & Jason Yenter

May 15, Monday  08:30 am        #661 Celebrating Americana with Michael Buckingham and Bonnie Browning

May 16, Tuesday         08:30 am        #662 Easter Basket with Eleanor Burns

May 17, Wednesday       08:30 am        #663 Petal Play with Joan Shay

May 18, Thursday        08:30 am        #1123 The Baby Show w/ Cindy Ramming

May 19, Friday  08:30 am        #1124 Fusing Fun: Fast, Fearless Art Quilts w/ Laura Wasilowski

May 22, Monday  08:30 am        #1125 Dimensional Quilts w/ Linda Johansen

May 23, Tuesday         08:30 am        #1126 Diamond Quilts and Beyond w/ Jan Krentz

May 24, Wednesday       08:30 am        #1127 Cosmic Spiral w/ Barbara Olsen

        09:30 am        #912 Warm Fuzzies with Fran Morgan

May 25, Thursday        08:30 am        #1128 Impressionist Quilts of Japan w/ Noriko Endo

May 26, Friday  08:30 am        #1129 Make it Simpler Rotary Cutting w/ Anita Grossman

        09:30 am        #913 The Big Winner with Jean Biddick

May 29, Monday  08:30 am        #1130 Tree of Life Family Tree w/ Diana McClun

May 30, Tuesday         08:30 am        #1131 Landscape Quilt Challenge

May 31, Wednesday       08:30 am        #1132 Sunflower in a Square Jennie Rayment


Simply Quilts May, 2006 Schedule

DIY: Eastern Standard Time


May 01, Monday  09:30 am        #902 A Century Of Quilting pt. 11 with Nancy Kirk

May 02, Tuesday         09:30 am        no show today

May 03, Wednesday       09:30 am        #903 Smooth As Silk with Jim Kankula

May 04, Thursday        09:30 am        no show today

May 05, Friday  09:30 am        #904 Burmese Beauties with Aie Rossman

May 08, Monday  09:30 am        #905 Clothes To The Heart with Karen Boutte

May 10, Wednesday       09:30 am        #906 Quilt's That'll Floor Ya! With Christine Porter

May 12, Friday  09:30 am        #907 Child's Play with Cindy Taylor Oates

May 15, Monday  09:30 am        #908 Quilting in The 21st Century with Sharla Hicks & Susan Fears

May 17, Wednesday       09:30 am        #909 Traditionally Influenced Quilts w/ Nancy Raschka-Reeves

May 19, Friday  09:30 am        #910 The Sound of Quilting with Ricky Tims

May 22, Monday  09:30 am        #911 The Full Spectrum with Joen Wolfrom

May 29, Monday  08:30 am        #914 The Hidden Block with Lerlene Nevaril

May 31, Wednesday       08:30 am        #915 Hula Hut with Lisa Boyer